Trolls… with the Elves?

Have you ever wanted to use a troll, but still want to use the Elves? Now’s your chance (sort of šŸ˜‰ )!

First: Pick a map with a troll lair on it (Buckland and Rohan work the best); don’t pick a power until you think you’re going to need it.

Second: Make your two Mallorn trees (97%+) and then a barracks.

Third: Train Lorien archers and move one of your builders out near the troll cave, but not so near that the troll can attack the builder.

Fourth: Once your archers are out, let the builder get attacked by the troll and then start to hit the troll lair with your archers. Keep running around with the builder, making sure to avoid getting it killed by the troll. Make sure that your archers don’t get hit either.

Five: After destroying the troll lair completely, send the builder to the enemy’s base. The troll will follow it until the builder dies and will then attack anything that is near by.

Six: Collect the treasure from the lair with the archers and then purchase either Haldir or Arwen. Next, send your archers (and hero when he/she is out of the fortress) over to the enemy’s base and protect the troll while it demolishes your enemy’s base.

Seven: Good game.

A replay can be found here.