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BFME2 360 Community Summit - Final Evening

Tony (wearing Godfree's hat) and his birthday ice cream!

After the tournament, it was time to say goodbye to the Microsoft Xbox campus and head back to the hotel. From there we walked to the Desert Fire restaurant. Dinner was a loooong affair, as apparently someone at the other end of the table kept telling the waitress that he wasn't ready to order, so we were on our 2nd drinks before even placing our orders! It was also Tony Hynes's birthday, and he was surprised with a huge ice cream dish for dessert.

The plan had been to go bowling, but it was 10 by the time we got back to the hotel, and the bowling alley closed at 11:00. So we hung out in the lobby instead, which turned into a great time to hold a roundtable discussion with all our thoughts on the new game. Some of the discussion centered on the lack of replays from the 360 version, and the concern that players new to the RTS genre might have a difficult time understanding some of the basics of gameplay. Players of the PC version regularly save and watch replays in order to learn from their mistakes and to watch how other players play. Ideas were kicked around for how EA could provide support for new RTS players, that might otherwise have been learned through watching replays. It will be interesting to see which of the ideas EA implements in the coming months! The general consensus was that Electronic Arts has done an amazing job in creating an RTS for the console, and carrying over all the features and gameplay from the PC version. Now to sit back and see if this opens a new genre of gameplay for the console!

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