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BFME2 360 Community Summit - 2v2 Tournament!

Team PC at the top

The last event of the day at the Xbox campus was a tournament, which we had all been eagerly anticipating. As Nate "Arctic Aurora" and I were the only ones from BFME2 fansites, all day long the others had been saying that we'd have to play on opposite teams. We had the game knowledge, whereas everyone else had the 360 console knowledge. Nate had rarely played any console, and never the 360; I had experience with the PS2, but my previous time on a 360 was about 2 hours. As luck would have it, when Raj pulled names out of a hat to make up teams for the tourney, Nate and I were paired together! We called our team Team PC.

Team PC won the first game in about 4.5 minutes, then we had to wait for the other 2v2 game to end. We played another non-tourney game in the meanwhile, with a 2 minute 'hands-off' time for Nate and I. We sat back as our opponents started preparing for war… only to win again about 5 minutes after we were allowed to pick up our controllers.

Team PC won the tournament. Even though we were still having to get used to the controller and look at our cheat cards to find the right buttons to use for things, we found that game knowledge truly did trump console knowledge, and all the strategies developed for the PC version carry over to the 360 one. That's great news for our sites and for all the players of the PC BFME2 game!

Kester and Arctic Aurora, Team PC

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