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BFME2 360 Community Summit - Multiplayer

New Multiplayer Games in the 360 Version
The 360 version of BFME2 offers four new types of multiplayer games in addition to the usual 'versus' mode: King of the Hill, Capture and Hold, Resource Race, and Hero versus Hero. These have timed elements which can be specified when the game is created, i.e. capture the center beacon and hold it for 4 minutes to achieve victory. Having the timer going makes you rethink your usual multiplayer strategy as you try to strike a balance of how many resources & battalions are needed to take the goal. My first game of King of the Hill I wasn't particularly aware of the timer and spent too much time building up forces. These four new types of game should prove a welcome addition to the regular versus game.

Screens showing the map selection screen inside Xbox Live

Continuing my account of the day, after the single player campaign we switched over to multiplayer, using Xbox Live. Xbox Live uses VOIP, which would be really great in the real world. You just plug the headset into the controller and you're all set to talk to the other players. We found we didn't need it in our room, as we were sitting just a few feet away from each other.

Unlike the PC version, the 360 game doesn't offer AI competitors in multiplayer games. This was done in part to prevent falsely inflated ladder scores from players, in order to keep the ladder a truer representation of a player's ability.

BFME2 allows 4 players at a time. It would be great to have up to 8 players, but I can't really say I miss it. I pretty much stick to 2v2 games on the PC anyway, due to lag issues that can arise in 4v4 games.

We played another hour or two, 1v1 and 2v2 games. After that practice, we were ready for the tournament!

Next - 2v2 Tournament!