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BFME2 360 Community Summit - The Gaming Room

Hands on the 360 BFME2
Finally the moment we had all been waiting for - we were escorted into a conference room with a table set up with 10 Xbox 360s and large flat screen monitors, all networked for multiplayer play! Fresh drinks at the ready, we each claimed a spot and began with the single player campaign. We spent an hour or hour and a half on the single player campaigns. The campaigns are the same as in the PC version, which was great for the two of us who had experience with the game. We knew what to expect and were able to concentrate on learning the interface and the changes from the PC version.

Gaming room setup, with Doug filming Laura as she gives it a try

During the afternoon we each had the opportunity to go to another room to interview Louis Castle. I asked him several questions, and got the chance to follow it up with a second written interview following the Summit. My interview with Castle can be read here!

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