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BFME2 360 Community Summit - Lunch at Microsoft

Laura and Doug from

Lunch may not seem newsworthy, but lunch at Microsoft is kind of different. We split up in the cafeteria to find food then met up at the tables. Walking into the dining area, I was struck by how young most everyone was - not just people in their 20s (which I was expecting) - but also a lot who looked to be in their teens. There was a ping pong table and a pool table (if memory serves me correctly), and several refrigerated cases of free soft drinks. We'd been forewarned by someone leaving the cafeteria that the pizza was bad, and sure enough, when we got inside we saw that was the only station without a long line. I stood awhile in one line without having any idea what was at the end of it. I ended up changing lines for a shorter one, which turned out to be very fortunate, as the first one ended up being for chicken and bratwurst (a vegetarian's nightmare!).

During lunch Laura and Doug from pulled everyone aside individually for an interview. I dread seeing mine (if it's used) as I'm sure I looked like a dork - not knowing whether to look at Laura, the camera, off in space…

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