Guide to 1.06 Men by Blatant7

By Blatant7.

This guide focuses on the Men faction, and will hopefully teach you a lot about this familiar and hardy race.

Men is a fairly average faction with no gaping advantages or disadvantages. Because of this, Men is a very good faction for those just starting out with the game. Men has more heroes than any other faction, and each hero has its own purpose.

Heroes and their uses
Units and their uses
Elven Structures
Palantir Powers
Popular Strategies

Heroes and their Uses:

Boromir: an excellent early-game hero, Boromir can easily hold off an enemy rush until reinforcements arrive. He works best when paired with other infantry that can support him if he runs into trouble. His Horn of Gondor is his most famous power and can freeze enemy units in their tracks for a significant of time.

His level 3 Horn of Gondor stuns enemy units for a few crucial seconds. This power can prove useful when performing a cavalry flank or when retreating. Be warned however, this power does not affect heroes.

Boromir’s level 5 Leadership gives nearby allies a substantial buff. This makes him an excellent army leader whether attacking or defending.

His level 7 Captain of Gondor gives targeted units +50% experience. This basically eliminates the need for the Banner Carriers upgrade, and so is a very useful ability.

Theoden: Men’s other early-game hero, he excels at cavalry rushes. He has slightly less armor than Boromir, so he will need to be supported by allied units in order to be truly effective.

Theoden’s level 1 Mount/Dismount allows him to ride with Rohirrim or run with infantry. This is a fairly simple power with a very short recharge time of a few seconds.

His level 1 Leadership gives nearby allied units a boost in their abilities. This is particularly useful when Theoden is riding with Rohirrim.

His level 5 Glorious Charge is by far Theoden’s best ability. When used on Rohirrim, they become nearly unstoppable. This power alone makes Theoden the ultimate cavalry companion.

Theoden’s level 6 King’s Favor gives targeted units +50% experience. Use this on allied Rohirrim or Gondor Knights to make a cavalry rush that much more effective.

Eomer: usually an early to mid-game hero, Eomer mainly functions as a support hero. He has weak armor and so needs to be supported at all times.

Eomer’s level 1 Mount/Dismount ability allows him to reach places quickly when needed.

His level 1 Spear Throw deals a lot of damage to a single target. This is especially useful against monsters such as trolls.

His level 3 Horse Lord gives nearby allied cavalry a leadership bonus. Make sure to keep your cavalry near him at all times so they can benefit from this buff.

Eomer’s level 6 Outlaw Leadership grants resources for kills made nearby. This can be used for gaining a little extra cash during a raid.

Eowyn: also an early to mid-game hero, she has a bit more armor than Eomer and Theoden. She can function as a scout and spy on the enemy forces, or she can support your army.

Her level 1 Mount/Dismount allows her to get on her horse, increasing her speed significantly. Beware though; she is extremely vulnerable to pikemen while mounted.

Her level 1 Smite does a lot of damage to a single enemy. This can be used to take down enemy trolls or damage enemy heroes.

Eowyn’s level 4 Disguise allows her to appear as a normal Rohirrim to an enemy. This power is fairly useless, although it can be used to scout.

Her level 5 Shield Maiden grants her +65% armor for a short amount of time. This is particularly useful when facing an enemy hero or when retreating.

Faramir: Men’s only archer hero, he can also fight close-ranged for equal effect. Faramir is the perfect companion to Rangers, Tower Guards, or just about any othe unit.

Faramir’s level 1 Toggle Weapon allows him to switch between a sword and a longbow. Most players prefer to have him use his bow, but the sword can be useful when surrounded. His level 2 Wounding Arrow deals a significant amount of damage to a single target, and makes the affected unit flee. This is most commonly used on trolls.

Faramir’s level 3 Mount/Dismount makes him even more versatile, allowing him to ride with cavalry. This ability is also useful when retreating from combat.

His level 6 Leadership gives nearby allies +50% armor and +50% damage output, and a huge boost to their experience gain. When grouped with Rangers, Faramir makes them even more powerful with this ability.

Faramir’s level 7 Captain of Gondor is basically the same as Boromir’s Captain of Gondor, in that it gives targeted units +50% experience. This is most useful when used on Rangers or Rohirrim.

Aragorn: one of the most famous heroes from Middle-Earth, Aragorn is also one of its best. He can destroy units, buildings, and heroes with relative ease. He can work solo or with your army. Beware however, for he has trouble facing more than one hero at a time and therefore is a huge target.

His level 1 Athelas heals nearby heroes, including himself. This is extremely useful when used in the thick of battle, and can often be the difference between success or defeat in a charge.

His level 2 Blademaster gives Aragorn a huge boost to armor and damage output. Use this ability when fighting another hero or when attacking a fortress to greatly improve your chances of success.

Aragorn’s level 4 Leadership gives nearby allied units +50% armor, +50% damage, and a doubled experience gain rate. This makes Aragorn the perfect army leader in almost any situation.

His level 6 Elendil makes enemy units within a certain radius flee from him with terror. This ability is useful when Aragorn is surrounded and you want to retreat, or when you want to focus on an enemy hero rather than the units around him.

Aragorn’s level 10 ability, Oathbreakers, summons a small army of nearly indestructible ghosts that destroy enemy units in a matter of seconds. Always save this power for when you need it most, for you’ll find that it saves your life again and again. Combine this with another summon or even the Palantir Power Army of the Dead, and your opponents will tremble at your might.

Gandalf: the most expensive hero of Men, the wizard Gandalf packs quite a punch. He can wipe out enemy units with any of his powers, and is the perfect army leader for this reason. Keep him at the forefront of your troops, and he can annihilate most of the enemy, leaving the rest of your forces to mop up the survivors.

Gandalf’s level 1 Wizard Blast knocks enemy units in a radius in front of you into the air. Effective against all troops, but especially archers and cavalry, you’ll find yourself using this as soon as it recharges.

His level 2 Lightning Sword casts lightning upon everything in a selected radius. While not especially useful against units, this can destroy enemy buildings with ease, particularly resource structures.

Gandalf’s level 4 Mount/Dismount allows him to switch from being mounted to running on foot. Useful for retreating, especially as Gandalf is often a prime target for enemy archer fire.

His level 7 Istari Light shoots out a ray of light at the specified target. This is extremely effective against Fellbeasts and siege units such as catapults and ballistas.

Gandalf’s most powerful ability, and undoubtedly one of the strongest in the game, is his level 10 Word of Power. When used, all units within a large radius surrounding Gandalf will be blasted back for extreme damage. This one-hit kills most, if not all units, excluding heroes. Word of Power has a long recharge time because of its immense destructive potential, but it is definitely worth using whenever you can.

Units and their uses:

Gondor Soldiers: cheap, spammable soldiers of Gondor. These are the basic infantry of MOTW, and can function as distractions or fodder for enemy archers while your stronger units flank and destroy the enemy. Gondor Soldiers are fairly fast, but don’t expect them to last long against enemy arrows or cavalry. Gondor Soldiers are best when paired with Gondor Archers or Tower Guards.

Gondor Archers: the basic archers of Men, they are best when paired with Gondor Soldiers or Tower Guards. Although fairly weak, Gondor Archers can pack a punch when in large groups. Make sure to keep them protected from cavalry and other fast-moving threats.

Tower Guards: elite spearmen, they are extremely effective against enemy cavalry and monsters such as trolls. They can also destroy hostile buildings with ease, and can use the porcupine formation to defend narrow chokepoints.

Ithilien Rangers: the elite archers of MOTW, rangers can stealth in trees and ambush the enemy. Their arrows are very powerful, especially when upgraded with Fire Arrows. In addition, they possess a long-shot ability, which casts a volley of arrows in a selected area. Always keep them protected, as enemy cavalry will have no trouble wiping them out in a clean sweep.

Gondor Knights: basic cavalry, they are best when grouped with other Knights or Rohirrim. Gondor Knights can effectively distract and/or flank. Combine them with Eomer or Theoden to effectively double their usefulness.

Rohirrim: the elite cavalry of Men, they can switch between lances and bows. Combine them with Theoden and you have the ultimate harassing/destroying army. Just remember to avoid pikemen at all costs.

Trebuchet: the siege unit for MOTW, they are effective against enemy buildings. Make sure to protect your trebuchets at all times, because they’ll be easy targets for enemy cavalry.

MOTW Buildings:

Farm: the resource-providing structure for Men. It generates resources based on available terrain, and increases command point limit by 50. When a Farm reaches level 3, a defensive tower is added to it.

Barracks: the infantry provider of Men. It trains Gondor Soldiers and Tower Guards at level 1, the Banner Carriers upgrade at level 2, and can be upgraded to level 3 for a 25% faster build speed. A defensive tower is also added at level 3.

Archery Range: trains Gondor Archers at level 1, Ithilien Rangers at level 2, and the Fire Arrows upgrade at level 3. A defensive tower is also added at level 3.

Stables: trains Gondor Knights at level 1, Rohirrim at level 2, and can be upgraded to level 3 for a 25% faster build speed.

Siege Works: this trains trebuchets at level 1 and the Fire Stones upgrade at level 2. It can also be upgraded to level 3 for a 25% faster build speed.

Battle Tower: a defensive tower that can be garrisoned with units. These are most effective when garrisoned with Ithilien Rangers or Gondor Archers and placed at choke points.

Well: this serves the same function as a Mirror of Galadriel for Elves and a Hearth for Dwarves. Any allied units/heroes in its radius heal over time. It is a good idea to build several Wells so your retreating battalions can replenish fallen units.

Heroic Statue: this building grants allies within its radius a damage and armor bonus. They also gain experience twice as fast. Try to place these in easily defendable places, such as choke points or walls.

Blacksmith: researches unit upgrades. You can purchase Forged Blades at level 1, Heavy Armor at level 2, and Iron Ore at level 3.

Marketplace: grants economic upgrades, including Grand Harvest and Siege Materials. Due to its high cost, Marketplaces are not often seen, but when used they can greatly boost your economy.

Wall Hub: this allows for the expansion of walls to protect your base.

Fortress: this incredibly strong structure allows for the purchase of heroes, builders, and various fortress upgrades. They are expensive but very beneficial to have.

MOTW Palantir Powers:

5 Power Points:

Rallying Call: this power gives selected units +50% damage and +50% defense. This is most useful when attacking a fortress or other building.

Heal: this power heals the selected units and revives one dead unit per battalion. This is useful in any situation, though particularly when an important hero is in danger.

Elven Wood: this power gives allied units +50% armor when they are inside the selected radius. It also removes leadership buffs from enemy forces in the radius. This power briefly clears the shroud too, so it can and should be used to scout out the enemy.

10 Power Points:

Lone Tower: this summons a slightly modified Battle Tower to the specified area. Although not quite as strong as the regular Battle Tower, this can still be useful in protecting resource structures or other buildings.

Arrow Volley: this power calls down a powerful volley of arrows on units in a selected radius. This is most useful against heavily clumped armies.

Tom Bombadil: this power summons the mysterious hero known as Tom Bombadil. He is a very good crowd clearer and can blast enemies away. He lasts for a while, and is a perfect distraction.

Hobbit Allies: this power summons 3 battalions of Hobbits, plus Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin. These Hobbits can easily kill archers or cavalry from afar, and are also efficient at taking down enemy heroes. This power is most useful when used behind enemy lines or as a distraction.

15 Power Points:

Rohan Allies: this summons several battalions of Rohirrim to the battlefield. They are best used against enemy buildings or when your enemy has loads of archers. They also have a long summon time, so they can fight for you for a while.

Cloudbreak: this power casts rays of upon the battlefield, stunning enemy units for a short period of time. This can be used with Arrow Volley for great effect.

Dunedain Allies: this summons several battalions of Dunedain Rangers. They are effective against flying unit such as Fellbeasts, and enemy archers or infantry.

25 Power Points:

Army of the Dead: this power summons an immense army of ghosts that sweep across the battlefield, destroying all enemies in their path. This is extremely effective against any kind of enemy unit, although don’t expect this to take down buildings.

Earthquake: this power creates an earthquake at the selected location. Use this on an enemy’s base to eliminate everything except the fortress. This is good for finishing an enemy off or when you are about to charge.

Popular Strategies:

Gondor Soldier Spam: this strategy involves overwhelming your opponent with the cheap and fast Gondor Soldiers until you can follow up with Rohirrim or other stronger units.

Build Order: Farm, Barracks, Farm, Gondor Soldiers, Gondor Soldiers, Farm, Barracks, Gondor Soldiers, Gondor Soldiers, etc.

Gondor Knight Rush: this involves getting a fast unit of Gondor Knights, harassing the enemy economy, and following up with Gondor Soldiers or more Gondor Knights.

Build Order: Farm, Farm, Stables, Gondor Knights, Barracks (optional), Gondor Knights/Gondor Soldiers

Aragorn Charge: this strategy involves getting Aragorn fairly early in the game, and rushing straight to the enemy fortress. Use Blademaster and other abilities to destroy with ease.