1.06 Elves, by Blatant7

By Blatant7.

This guide focuses on the Elves faction, and will hopefully help you master this ancient woodland race.

Elves in general are lightly armored but fast, and specialize in hit-and-run attacks. Their many heroes can serve a variety of purposes, and are trained fairly cheaply. Their Mirkwood Archers are the best archers in the game, and when equipped with Silverthorn arrows can destroy a battalion in seconds. Ents remain the strongest unit for the Elves, and are slow but immensely powerful. Even the toughest building will fall quickly beneath the mighty blows of an Ent.

Heroes and their uses
Units and their uses
Elven Structures
Palantir Powers
Popular Strategies

Heroes and their uses

Arwen: one of the cheapest heroes of the Elves, she can pack quite a punch when used correctly. She is mainly a unit supporter, though she can clear a large crowd of enemies with her Flood power. Remember never to let her charge out on her own, as she will fall quickly. Arwen is often purchased as a first hero, and can assist cavalry.

Arwen’s level 1 Mount/Dismount is useful when you want to get somewhere fast or if you encounter pikemen. Arwen is also very useful when mounted and accompanied by Rivendell Lancers. Add Glorfindel to this equation for a truly formidable army.

Her level 4 Flood can dish out a ton of damage in a relatively small area. You only need to get to level 4 to use the power, but unfortunately its recharge time is 6 minutes. This power accompanied with a cavalry charge will usually decimate the enemy.

Arwen’s level 8 Athelas is useful, as it heals nearby allies. This is the reason why she can support units so well. A strategy I like to use involves this power. After a cavalry rush with Arwen, I fake a retreat and split up my forces. I send one force to flank the enemy from behind, while healing the other with Athelas. The enemy is crushed in the middle, while I am free to continue my charge.

Haldir: one of the cheapest heroes of the Elves, he is often purchased early game. He can buff friendly units and deplete an enemy battalion before it gets to your forces. At close range, he also has a chance of dealing AoE damage with every blow.

His level 1 Alternate Weapon is useful throughout the entire game. At close range, he can devastate enemy forces with his AoE damage. He can also hold enemy forces at bay until help arrives. Just be careful not to leave him on his own for too long, as he has moderately low defense.

Haldir’s level 4 Leadership buffs friendly units, giving them a 50% damage and armor boost. They also gain experience twice as fast. This is quite obviously a very useful power, as it gives your units a huge advantage in battle. I like grouping Haldir with Mirkwoods when he reaches level 4, as his Leadership makes them even better.

His level 9 Golden Arrow does a lot of damage to an enemy and also stuns them for 15 seconds. This is useful against trolls and other monsters, as well as heroes. Personally I don’t use this power much, but mainly only because you need to reach level 9 to use it.

Glorfindel: a very useful all-around hero, he can perform a variety of tasks. Assisted by Arwen and Rivendell Lancers, he can provide the perfect cavalry rush. He can also assist your ground troops and is good at taking down enemy resource structures. Basically, if you’ve got the money, get Glorfindel.

His level 1 Mount/Dismount ability allows him to ride with cavalry or run with foot soldiers. Basically the same advantages/disadvantages as Arwen.

His level 3 Blade of Purity is very useful in battle. When facing a hero, it can be the difference between life and death for Glorfindel. It provides 10 precious seconds of invincibility from everything. Useful in almost every situation, it has an unfortunately long recharge time of 145 seconds.

Glorfindel’s level 6 Wind Rider is another extremely useful power. It grants him +60% speed and +200% armor when mounted. This is useful for hit-and-run attacks, or when retreating.

His level 10 Starlight gives nearby allied units +50% armor and +50% damage. They also heal for 30 seconds. This is useful when on the move or when resting at your base.

Legolas: a very efficient archer hero, he is often purchased mid to late game. When paired with Mirkwood or Lorien archers, he can destroy the enemy with ease. He can also take out most of an enemy battalion before it even reaches your forces.

Legolas’s level 1 Hawk Strike is a very useful power, especially against trolls. This can also be used against enemy heroes with good effect.

His level 4 Train Archers is best used on Mirkwood archers. This power basically eliminates the need for banner carriers, at least for archers. Use this power when defending a fortress such as Helm’s Deep or when about to charge.

His level 6 Knife Fighter gives him +125% speed and +20% armor. This powerful is useful when caught behind enemy lines or when surrounded. Unfortunately it has a long recharge time of 600 seconds, so I don’t use this power very often.

Legolas’s level 10 Arrow Wind is his best power. When used, most enemies within the radius will die. This is a good crowd-clearing power, and sadly has a recharge time of 4 minutes.

Thranduil: a very powerful archer hero, he is usually purchased late-game due to his high resource cost. He is a master of stealth, and is excellent at springing ambushes or taking down enemy monsters/heroes.

His level 1 Elven Cloak allows him to be invisible when standing still. This makes him an efficient scout, as you can stand right next to an enemy base without them noticing. This also allows him to turn invisible with Mirkwoods to create an elite ambushing force.

Thranduil’s level 4 Dead Eye gives him an increased rate of fire and increased damage output. This power is useful against basically anything, but especially against enemy heroes and towers.

His level 6 Wild Walk gives him the ability to shoot while invisible. This greatly improves his stealth abilities, as he can kill enemy units with being noticed.

His level 7 Move Unseen is another stealth ability that camoflauges friendly units for 30 seconds. Unfortunately they cannot attack without losing their invisibility. I like using this on my army and moving to the enemy base without being attacked.

Thranduil’s level 10 Thorn of Vengeance is an extremely powerful attack that is best used against enemy heroes or strong monsters. When used, it can take out a large chunk of an enemy hero’s health.

Elrond: an expensive but useful hero who can assist allied units/heroes and also decimate enemy forces with his Whirlwind.

Elrond’s level 1 Farsight is an invaluable scouting power. This is basically the same thing as the Palantir power, so it saves you 5 power points. Use this on the enemy base to see everything going on.

Elrond’s level 1 Athelas heals him. A very straightforward power, this can come in handy when facing another hero.

His level 3 Leadership gives nearby allies +50% armor and +25% damage. They also gain experience twice as fast. This power is obviously useful as it gives your army a huge advantage in a battle.

Elrond’s level 7 Restoration heals nearby allies and restores their special ability timers. This power is basically the opposite of the Witch-King’s Hour of the Witch-King. Restoration is useful when you’ve just used a super-powerful ability such as Arwen’s Flood or Thranduil’s Thorn of Vengeance.

His level 10 Whirlwind summons a destructive tornado to the field that can easily destroy enemy units. Use this when overwhelmed or when in the enemy’s base.

Treebeard: a very powerful Ent hero that has to be trained at an Ent Moot instead of the Fortress. He is basically a “super Ent” and is extremely useful when accompanied by his brethren. He gives leadership to allied Ents and otherwise is the same as them but much stronger.

Units and their uses:

Lorien Warriors: basic, fast infantry that are strong against enemy resource buildings and pikemen. They are fairly expensive compared to other infantry, but make up for it with their speed and damage output. Unfortunately they have relatively low defense. Lorien Warriors work well when assisted by Lorien Archers or Mithlond Sentries.

Lorien Archers: the basic archer unit for the Elves. They have high damage output and are fast but lack a strong defense. Often paired with Lorien Warriors or Mithlond Sentries.

Mithlond Sentries: the basic pike unit for the Elves. They are often used to creep or guard key locations. Mithlond Sentries are also efficient at taking down enemy monsters such as trolls. They can be grouped with Lorien Warriors or Lorien Archers for increased effect.

Rivendell Lancers: the basic cavalry for the Elves. They are very fast but lightly armored. When paired with Arwen or Glorfindel, they can own enemy units and buildings. Make sure to always flank with them, and watch out for pikemen!

Mirkwood Archers: the best archers in the game. They are expensive but are well worth the cost, as they can change the tide of almost any battle. When equipped with Silverthorn Arrows, they can eliminate an enemy battalion in mere seconds. They can also turn invisible when standing still to create the perfect ambush. Just make sure to always defend Mirkwoods with pikemen, as cavalry can destroy them easily.

Ents: the siege unit of the Elves. Ents are slow but powerful and can absolutely own buildings. They can throw rocks from long distance or move in for the kill at close-range. Extremely efficient at taking down the enemy fortress, Ents are a must for any army.

Elven Structures:

Mallorn Tree: the resource-providing structure of the Elves. Generates resources based on available terrain, and increases command point limit by 50. When a Mallorn Tree reaches level 3, a defensive tower is added to it.

Elven Barracks: this trains Lorien Warriors, Lorien Archers, and Mithlond Sentries at level 1. The Elven Barracks can be upgraded to level 2 to enable the training of Mirkwood Archers. It can be upgraded a third time for +25% build speed and a defensive arrow tower.

Green Pasture: this building trains Rivendell Lancers at level 1. It can be upgraded twice for faster build speed.

Ent Moot: this building trains the super-powerful Ents and the Ent hero Treebeard.

Heroic Statue: this small building gives allies within its radius a damage and armor bonus. They also gain experience twice as fast.

Battle Tower: this decorated tower fires at any hostile objects within a large radius. It can be garrisoned with archers for increased damage. Silverthorn Arrows can also be purchased to raise the tower’s damage output.

Mirror of Galadriel: this serves the same function as a well for Men and a Hearth for Dwarves. Any allied units/heroes in its radius heal over time. It is a good idea to build several Mirror of Galadriels so your retreating battalions can replenish fallen units.

Eregion Forge: this allows the research of several Elven upgrades. At level 1, Banner Carriers and Elven Armor can be purchased. When upgraded to level 2, this structure offers Forged Blades. Finally, at level 3, the incredibly powerful Silverthorn Arrows can be researched.

Wall Hub: this allows for the expansion of walls to protect your base. Not much else to it.

Fortress: this structure allows for the purchase of heroes, builders, and various fortress upgrades. A Giant Eagle can also be trained here.

Elven Palantir Powers:

5 Power Points:

Rallying Call: this power gives selected units +50% damage and +50% defense. This is most useful when attacking a fortress or other building.

Heal: this power heals the selected units and revives one dead unit per battalion. This is useful in any situation, though particularly when your hero is in danger.

Farsight: this power makes camoflauged units visible and reveals the shroud within a radius. Useful for figuring out what faction an enemy is if they are Random, and for general scouting purposes.

10 Power Points:

Arrow Volley: this power calls down a powerful volley of arrows on units in a selected radius. This is most useful against heavily clumped armies.

Enshrouding Mist: this power hides allied units from enemy sight. It also reduces enemy damage and armor by 25%

Tom Bombadil: this power summons the mysterious hero known as Tom Bombadil. He is a very good crowd clearer and can blast enemies away. His speech phrases are also very entertaining.

Elven Wood: this power gives allied units +50% armor when they are inside the selected radius. It also removes leadership buffs from enemy forces in the radius. This power briefly clears the shroud too, so it can be used to scout.

15 Power Points:

Summon Ent Allies: this power summons three Ents in a selected area. The Ents can wreck havoc in your enemy’s base, and are especially adept at taking down fortresses. At the very least, this power can be used as a distraction while your army sneaks into the enemy base.

Cloudbreak: this power creates rays of light that spread across the battlefield, stunning enemy units for a short period of time. This can be used with Arrow Volley or Flood for great effect.

Summon Eagle Allies: this power summons two Giant Eagles under your command. They are very useful at taking down clumped units and enemy builders. Just be wary of enemy archers, as they will turn the Eagles into mincemeat in no time.

25 Power Points:

Flood: this power creates a flood in the selected radius. Most enemy units and buildings within the radius will die, so this is very useful.

Sunflare: this power creates a sun flare that scorches the battlefield. Basically every enemy within the radius dies, with the exception of heroes and a few very powerful monsters. This power is also effective at destroying buildings.

Popular Strategies:

Creep and Kill: this strategy involves building Mithlond Sentries, creeping to get resources, and using the resources to obliterate your opponent. This is a fairly basic strategy that isn’t too hard to pull off.

Build Order: Mallorn Tree, Mallorn Tree, Elven Barracks, Mithlond Sentries, Mallorn Tree, Elven Stables, Lorien Archers, and more Mallorn Trees.

Rivendell Lancer Rush: a personal favorite, this strategy involves pumping out Rivendell Lancers and harassing the enemy’s economy. Arwen or Glorfindel can greatly aid your cavalry, and so are valuable in this strategy. Make sure to always avoid Pikes, flanking them if necessary.

Build Order: Mallorn Tree, Mallorn Tree, Elven Stables, Mallorn Tree, Rivendell Lancers, Mallorn Tree, Rivendell Lancers, Elven Barracks, Mallorn Tree

Lorien Warrior Rush: this strategy involves getting a lot of Lorien Warriors and also Lorien Archers/Mithlond Sentries for support. Haldir is also a good idea here, as he can provide leadership for your forces. Send your Lorien Warriors at the enemy as soon as they come out of the Barracks, and don’t give the enemy a chance to recover. You want to constantly pressure the enemy until they make a mistake or succumb to your might.

Build Order: Mallorn Tree, Elven Barracks, Mallorn Tree, Mallorn Tree, Lorien Warriors, Lorien Warriors, Mallorn Tree, Haldir (optional), and Lorien Archers/Mithlond Sentries