A Look at Mini-Heroes

By Smeagolfan24.

Not much has been said here about the new mini-heroes, so I think we should have a guide on it. This is my take on these rejected dditions to the game.

Mini-heroes are, as the name implies, basically units that are heroes. They have powers, can regenerate health, but have multiple nits in them. Most are as expensive as heroes, so you’ll have to choose if they’re worth it, but we’ll get to that eventually.

I’ll look at each mini-hero, and then say what my strategy would be with them:

The Mini-heroes

Name: Knights of Dol Amroth

Faction: Men of the West

Cost: 1500

Command Points: 100

Required: Level 3 Stables

Strong vs.: All Normal Units except pikemen

Amount Allowed: 3 Units of Knights


  • Level 2: Inspiration — Mounted units near Knights gain +50% Damage and Armor; Passive
  • Level 7: Charge of Glory — Knights gain +50% Damage and Armor for a short time.

Name: Noldor Warriors

Faction: Elves

Cost: 1500

Command Points: 96

Required: Level 3 Barracks

Strong vs.: All Normal Units

Amount Allowed: 3 Units of Warriors


  • Level 7: Weapon Song — Warriors gain +50% Damage and Armor for a short time.

Note: The Noldor Warriors are fully upgraded, Silverthorn and all!

Name: Dwarven Zealots

Faction: Dwarves

Cost: 1500

Command Points: 120

Required: Level 3 Hall of Warriors

Strong vs.: All Normal Units

Amount Allowed: 3 Units of Zealots


  • Level 1: Axe Throw — You all know what this is.
  • Level 7: Beserkergang — Zealots gain +150% Damage and Attack Speed for a short time.

Name: Uruk Deathbringers

Faction: Isengard

Cost: 1000

Command Points: 75

Required: Level 3 Uruk Pit

Strong vs.: All Normal Units

Amount Allowed: 3 Units of Deathbringers


  • Level 2: Stonewall — Deathbringers become highly resistant to trample and knockback, and stop cavalry, but lose speed.
  • Level 7: Deathwish — Deathbringers gain +250% Damage but lose 25% of health for 20 seconds.

Name: The Black Riders

Faction: Mordor

Cost: 2000

Command Points: 150

Required: Level 3 Siege Works

Strong vs.: All Normal Units except pikemen

Amount Allowed: 1 Unit of Riders


  • Level 2: Dread Visage — Significantly reduces nearby enemy Damage and Armor
  • Level 4: Morgul Blade — Same as always
  • Level 10: Screech — Inspires fear

Name: Fire Drake Brood

Faction: Goblins

Cost: 1500

Command: 72

Required: Level 3 Fissure

Strong vs.: All Normal Units except pikemen and buildings

Amount Allowed: 2 Broods


  • Level 7: Inferno — Brood breathes fire over chosen area.

The Best Mini-hero

The Knights of Dol Amroth are the best choice in my opinion, although all the good factions got excellent heroes also. The best way o use the Knights is to join them with other units, have the others distact the enemy, and then take down their buildings one by one. hey are very good at what they do, whether it be a charge w/ Theoden, or the above strategy.

The Worst Mini-hero

Fire Drake Broods are horrible. They will never last long enough to get to level 3, let alone level 7 for Inferno. I had one drake die n two seconds after charging into an army, with units to support it! do not use these!


Mini-heroes can not survive on their own, as some of you have already said. There is a question as to whether they’re worth the arge amount of money. In my opinion, none of the Evil mini-heroes are worth it; they die too easily. Nazgul are way over-priced, so s ay away from them.

The main strategy I’ve found mini-heroes to be strong in is raiding resource building. Really, they have no other use in your army f destruction.