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Cheap Elf Hero Rush (ROTWK)

By Catabre.

The equivalent of a cheap troll hero for the Forces of Light is a cheap elf hero. The cheap elf hero is a cost effective archer that can often help turn the tide of a game winning battle.


  • Will often surprise your opponet.
  • Can kill a battalion or significantly deplete that battalion's soldiers before it engages in combat with your battalions.
  • Can outrange your opponets archers and help kill enemy heroes.
  • Is cheap and can be summoned quickly.
  • Great for creeping.
  • You can resummon your elf hero cheaply.
  • Disadvantages:

  • Vulnerable to cavalry.
  • No powers.
  • Low heal rate.
  • Wanna make your hero? Well which type of elf is more effective; male or female?

    There is a small difference between the male elven archer and the female elven archer. Here is how their stats play out when you max out health, then power, and put the rest of the points on armor.

    Male Elven Archer 8 Armor, 13 Power, 20 Health, 3 Heal Rate and 6 Vision.

    Female Elven Archer 9 Armor, 12 Power, 20 Health, 3 Heal Rate and 6 Vision.

    So you can choose the male elven archer and have 1 more power and 1 less armor, or you could choose the female elven archer and have 1 less power and 1 more armor. It boils down to personal preference; which do you prefer, male or female? :p

    Steps for creating:

  • Max out Health.
  • Max out Power.
  • Put the rest of your points on Armor.
  • Give your hero no powers.*
  • *If you don't mind raising the cost to 600 instead of 500 you can add cripple shot to help kill enemy heroes early game, or you can add leadership to help you win battles early on.