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Blatant and Nacht vs 2 Brutals

Author File Description
File Details
Total Game Time: I don't keep track
Player 1's Name: Jaeger
Player 1's Faction: Men of the West
Player 2's Name: Blatant
Player 2's Faction: Dwarves
Player 3's Name: Brutal
Player 3's Faction: Isengard
Player 4's Name: Brutal
Player 4's Faction: Goblins
Victor: Blatant and Jaeger
Here Blatant7 and I face off against two fearsome (although somewhat artificial) opponents.
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Official Reviewer
fearsome you say? why were you guys playing against brutals? Ill check into this replay by next weekend.
File Author
We usually warm up with a match against brutals. I'll upload some of our 1v1's soon.
Official Reviewer
overall Rating: 1

Faction: MotW
BO:farm>>>farm>>>rax>>>farm>>>SoG (soldeirs of Gondor)
Powers: RC>>>Tom Bombidel>>>summon Rohirrim>>>earthquake

[+]early Boromir
[+]forward barracks made once you gained an advantage over your opponent.

[=] occasionally forgot about stances, but that happens to most of us.
[=]you could have bought heal to get Boromir back into the fight earlier
[=]Don't use RC (rallying call) on units that are under leadership, RC is considered leadership, thus it did nothing.
[=]don't summon rohirrim until RC has recharged, that way you get the most out of your rohirrim.
[=]don't be afraid to attack enemy swordsmen with your archers as long as you have an advantage (I saw 3 FU (Fully upgraded) ranger bats run from a single uruk pike bat)

cons (please pay attention to these)
[-] Don't build your first unit producer so far from your base (especially if playing against other players), if an enemy player had crushed your rush, you would have lost
[-]didn't micro boromir well, let him walk into an enemy army before attacking it.

[-]don't let enemy units kite your units, pay more attention. (you had boromir and a SoG drawn off by a pike bat going to Blatant's base)
[-]your army was far too archer based after your initial rush failed, that is very dangerous, an enemy player would go all in with warg riders
[-]no shield wall, this would have made your SoGs stay alive for a lot longer, use it when attacking enemy units.
[-]very little clumping with melee units.

player score: 1.5-2.0
additional comments. One main thing is to buy those extra powers if they will allow you to keep an advantage, don't sacrifice advantage and wait for the next tier of PP unless you are waiting for the 25 PP. You

Faction: Dwarves
BO:mine>>>HoW (hall of warriors)>>>mine>>>guardian
Powers: heal>>>lone tower

[=]no forward mine?
[=] Berserkers take very minimal trample damage in 2.01, don't trample berserkers
[=] never directly attack enemy units with BWs (battle wagons) they exchange direct damage for the ability to trample a lot of units.
[=] played very defensively (not a good idea)

[-]no use of the mine system to either attack your enemy, or defend your own base.
[-]no stances
[-]did not try to expand (build more mines)
[-]lots of floating cash: you could have at least gotten the OP Dain with the cash you had
[-]mixed up priorities: when playing goblins, you get BW before archers
[-]the Lone Tower power is useless in 2.01, don't get it if you can help it (even if it means starting another PP trail)
[-]why did you get heal instead of RC early game? RC is more useful and leads to better 10PP powers

player score:1
additional comments:
not a very good game on your part. You may not like my criticism, but you have to keep these things in mind as you play.

closing comments: I'll try to upload some 1v1s for you two to look at.

blatant7 No worries, I'm terrible at ROTWK anyway.

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