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Aggressive MoTW forward barracks

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Total Game Time: ~15 minues
Player 1's Name: [Rt]NeMeSiS
Player 1's Faction: Men of the West
Player 2's Name: DathTakeOver
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
Victor: [Rt]NeMeSiS
Please review.

Anyways, in this game, I faced an opponent who built a barracks near by base and knew how to use it well. He had me pressured very early on early game but was able to come back for the win.
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Official Reviewer
[Rt]NeMeSiS(angmar) v. Darth Takeover(MotW)on Fords of Isen II

Build Order: mill>>> mill >>> hall >>>mill >>>thrall(orc)

powers used: fell wind>>>summon orcs>>>war chant


[+]standard Angmar start, what is not to like =D
[+]good use of stances (almost never forgot)
[+]good builder save with the wall hub
[+]early hwalder
[+] two halls working to pump out more spam


[=]forgot to clump against the barracks
[=]my suggestion is to use Hwaldar's summon power on top of either the enemy hero or his archers, that also applies to when you used summon orcs next to his rangers rather than on top of them.
[=]??? at the end of the game you did not order your units to attack his last structure. could you tell me why?
[=] was the tower in the north really necessary?


[-]lost a catapult and had another one critically injured by wild wargs.
[-]lost a cavalry battalion to head on pikes (probably just forgot about them for a second)

Overall score: 4/5 Good recovery from the surprise BO of your opponent, but he was not that good with micro, so you devastated his troops.

Darth Takeover(MotW)

Build Order: farm>>>barracks at opponent side of river >>>farm >>>soldier>>>soldier


[+]nice build order, it caught your opponent off guard.
[+]porcupine formation to protect rangers
[+]quick rangers


[=]you got Boromir a little too late for him to save you.
[=]went for upgrades and cavalry at the same time, which is not a good idea since both are expensive. rather than building 1 battalion and losing it to the enemy, you could have gotten fire arrows sooner.
[=]attacked thrall master that had no thralls left


[-]no stances
[-]did not have a constant stream of soldiers coming out of the barracks.
[-]used cavalry even though you knew your opponent went heavy on pikes.
[-] did not expand even though you had most of the map defended.

Overall score: 3/5 You used a surprisingly effective starting build order, but failed to follow up with a strong econ. your unit needs swallowed all your money and you fell behind in terms of heroes (Boromir never leveled up). Your opponent outmicroed you, which clearly showed when he beat your swordsmen with pikes.

game score: 3.5/5, evilnemesis, you played well, but your opponent really did not have the skill you had. I wonder if such a build order would work for Angmar? ill try it online and I'll post my results. Not very exciting and once you got his rax down, you had it in the bag.

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