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Downloads Home » 1v1 ROTWK Replays » [Rt]Nemesis[Isengard] vs Crazy|Daemon[Mordor]

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[Rt]Nemesis[Isengard] vs Crazy|Daemon[Mordor]

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Total Game Time: ~20 Min
Player 1's Name: [Rt]NeMeSiS
Player 1's Faction: Isengard
Player 2's Name: Crazy|DaEmOn
Player 2's Faction: Mordor
Victor: Crazy|DaEmOn
Requesting another review just for kicks. This is a pretty good, fast paced game.

This video shows why Mordor is one of the hardest match ups for Isengard. And at the end, his bombard pp, I kinda forgot Mordor had that power so I didnt bother with the fortress upgrade. That was my mistake and it caused me the game =/
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Official Reviewer
I'll get on it this weekend.
J0nNy It's a really hard Matchup, because the Archers of Mordor are still op.
I liked your Build Order until you built the Uruk Pit. Next time you should build a 2nd clan steading or (just against mordor) a warg pit.
Anyway id have gone for wargs in this Matchup, he had no pikes and the wargs can trample the archers while wildmen attack them.
another thing you have to improve is your clumping, which helps you to get down buildings much faster.
What made you the game lose (btw your opponent wasnt that good) wasnt the barrage, it was that he had 2 fellbeast and u still made no archers...i think i dont have to say anything more about that..
Last thing is, that you should try to have a look more often at the flanks of the map, your opponent built there some farmy which you can destroy easily.
something positive: your stances, pp-path and lurtz usage was very good ;)

If you want better balancing i maybe have a tip for you. There is an unofficial 2.02-patch available, which is played at clanwars (probably the "highest" bfme-league) and sometimes at forum partys managed by gamereplays.org.
the next forum party is this saturday (8th march)---> http://www.gamereplays.org/rotwkunofficial202/portals.php?show=news&news_id=346999
you cant download the patch on this page, too. ( it has a special starting-programm which allows you to switch between official 2.01 and unofficial 2.02)
would be nice if u'd have a look at this version ;) (balancing has become much better there)

[Edited on 03/06/08 @ 05:04 AM]

File Author
Yea, I play CW so I already have 2.02 but Im still not that good at it.
J0nNy practise helps ;)
if you want you can post some u2.02-replays here and ill have a look on it...i think im not that bad there =)
Official Reviewer
map: fords of Isen II
[Rt]NeMeSiS (Isengard) vs. CrAzY|DaEmOn (Mordor)

[Rt]NeMeSiS (Isengard)
BO>>>Furnace>>>furnace>>>clan steading>>>furnace>>> wildmen

powers: Crebain>>>industry>>>summon watcher

Pros [+]
[+] good starting build order
[+]cripple shot used well
[+]went for enemy production (best way to kill spam)
[+]got Lurtz early
[+] got pikes in response to MoS (Mouth of Sauron)

average [=]
[=]clumping occasionally forgotten
[=]stances, sometimes forgot to switch stances from default
[=]I suggest getting cavalry to combat his orc archers and warrors.
[=] second steading? that is what i suggest against spam
[=] sharku came a little late

cons [-]
[-] lost idle builder, try moving your builders back to base after finishing with building structures in opponent's half

overall: 4/5
This is a hard match up because Isengard does not have good archers to combat flying units. Wildmen are also harder to spam then orcs. when he got nazgul, you were finished; There was nothing much you could have done to prevent it unless you invested in fire arrows early.

CrAzY|DaEmOn (Mordor)
BO>>>SH>>>orc pit>>>SH>>>orc>>>SH

powers>>>eye of sauron>>>industry>>>barrage

Pros [+]
[+]early Gothmog
[+]Mouth of Sauron
[+]went for enemy production structures
[+]bombard clincher
[+]good use of fear (catapults) for defense

average [=]
[=]clumping, sometimes not very well done
[=]forgot stances sometimes
[=]expand in your terretory

cons [-]
[-]if you had used the Eye of Sauron, your archers would have been buffed enough to kill Lurtz (early game)

overall 4/5
You had an easier match up because of your ability to outspam and produce more heroes. you could have expanded a little more on the norther half of the map, but other than that, good game.

Game was average, nothing special and nothing outrageously wrong.
J0nNy no clumping is for sure a con and fire wouldnt have helped him.
and noone of them played like a 4/5 (what should be very good imo)...it was maybe 3/5 by both, but mordor did nothing really good, he just did a 2-pit-spam (if i am right...watched it 1 week ago), whats noth enough and spammed heroes then.

Isengart should have used, like we both said 2nd inn and wargs, what is very important, cause it probably what have made him the winner of this game...so its no 4/5 (another reason is, that he lost ;) )

but not a bad review

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