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Downloads Home » 2v2 ROTWK Replays » Ludson244&Cinnis vs SexyPistol& DIAsbestGO part 1

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Ludson244&Cinnis vs SexyPistol& DIAsbestGO part 1

Author File Description
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Player 1's Name: Ludson244
Player 1's Faction: Dwarves
Player 2's Name: Cinnis
Player 2's Faction: Elves
Player 3's Name: SexyPistol
Player 3's Faction: Men of the West
Player 4's Name: DIAsbestGOD
Player 4's Faction: Isengard
Victor: Ludson244&Cinnis
So we had two battles against these punks and this is the part one.
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Official Reviewer
[center][c=9966ff]2 v 2 on Minhiriath
Ludson224 (Dwarves) and Cinnis (Elves) vs. SexyPistol (MOTW) and DIASbestGOD (Isengard)[/center][/c]

[b][i]Ludson224 (Dwarves)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Mine >>> Mine >>> Hall of Warriors >>> Mine[/i]


[+] Hooray for stances!
[+] You established a firm handhold early on with a steady stream of units and plenty of mines, allowing you to get an early Forge and two heroes. :)
[+] Bombard FTW! *happy*


[=]This goes for both you and Cinnis, although mostly you: Why didn’t you expand in the space where the Isengard player was? It was wide open for the taking! *wink*
[=] Your Forge was mainly inactive.
[=] It’s always a good idea to send a builder over to your partner’s base, just in case. *wink*


[-] You didn’t seem to use the Mine System as much, which would have helped to defeat the weaker Isengard player quicker. The mines are the Dwarves’ best defense.
[-] Your flow of units wasn’t as strong as the other games for some reason. You didn’t seem to have enough units to deal with your enemies’. *sad*
[-] Why did you leave the Isengard player’s resource buildings up? They were helping him return!

[b]Overall score: 2.5[/b]

Not as good a game for you, mainly because of the lack of the mine system and some other things you were doing in your other games. You did have some more teamwork, but

[b][i]Cinnis (Elves)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Mallorn >>> Mallorn >>> Green Pasture >>> Lancers[/i]


[+] Hooray for stances!
[+] A nice Lancer rush there, although (purely as a suggestion) you might want to try to build a forward stables. It’s really up to you, but it would allow you to do rushes faster. *wink*
[+] Good awareness of his unit choice (Knights) by building more Sentries.


[=]More Lancers would have been a good shock troop to destroy his buildings quickly. *wink*
[=] Don’t waste your time attacking non-important buildings like those Warg Sentries. Try and focus on taking out his unit buildings first in an attack.


[-] Summon Hobbits is not a very good power and should not be used, normally.
[-] I really don’t think Mirkwood were the best choice of units, mainly because he still had a lot of Knights on the field.
[-]As well, don’t try and kill a hero unless you know you can beat him easily. When he’s running right back through his base and you’re still attacking him, you’re giving up a free ticket to destroy.

[b]Overall score: 3[/b]

A much better game from you. I can see you’re improving rapidly, but don’t forget to help your friend out. ;) Some things to work on: Getting rid of your Mirkwood obsession (;)), more heroes and upgrades.

[b][i]SexyPistol (MOTW)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Farm >>> Stables >>> Farm >>> Farm[/i]


[+] Hooray for stances!
[+] Another strong, early economy that could keep up the stream of Knights and three heroes.
[+] You seem to know how to progress into late game strategies very well, shown by your invincible army and base when everyone else still had small bands to raid.
[+] A very, very nice base defense! *surprised*


[=] I didn’t think you used enough Cavalry. An upgraded army of Rohirrim, Théoden, Eomer, and Knights of Dol Amroth would have easily destroyed both of your enemies.
[=] You didn’t even use Rohirrim later in the game. *sad*
[=] Forgotten units, anyone?


[-] Lost Théoden as soon as you got him.
[-] You didn’t attack as much as you could have. Maybe a little overcautioning?
[-] You gave up when things looked a little shaky, leaving your teammate to die. Where’s your pride?

[b]Overall score: 3.5[/b]

I thought you played a very nice game, and I can tell you’re a good player. The thing is, you gave up. When you could have come back. That’s not good. *sad*

[b][i]DIASbestGOD (Isengard)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Furnace >>> Clan Standing >>> Furnace >>> Wildmen of Dunland[/i]


[+] Good relocation, especially since you built the right units to counter his army: Wargs. :D
[+] Good placement of building in both bases, especially when you were protected with your partner’s mighty fortress!
[+] Nice rush force of three Wildmen. His units had no chance.


[=]Excellent uses of Crebain.
[=] Some more could have been happening at your fortress; you had almost no defences, and then you realized you needed to protect yourself more when you have to relocate.


[-] No stances. :angry:
[-] You really had no choice but to quit, but you definitely were not defeated.
[-] You didn’t assist your partner much at all. *sad*

[b]Overall score: 2[/b]

I think the main reason you lost was because you didn’t put much faith in your original base. Of course, it’s your own strategy, but I think that you could have helped a little more in this match; it was mainly your friend doing the work.

Overall Game Score:[b]4[/b]

I thought this game was very interesting to see a full-fledged 2v2 game, with action all around and little time to react. You can see four decent players battle it out with different strategies, to a final battle that will decide the outcome.

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