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To losses with diff civs. (help)

Author File Description
Sir Snoopy
File Details
Total Game Time: ~15 mins each
Player 1's Name: Sir Snoopy
Player 1's Faction: Elves
Player 2's Name: ?
Player 2's Faction: Isengard
Victor: Not Sir Snoopy
Well, I did my best (at rushing and map control),but now I'm on a 7 game loosing streak. I recorded 2 of my games, and they can be found here.
If anyone could tell me what I'm doing wrong, or tell me What civ I should play judging by my play style, I'd really appreiciate it.

One is Me playing as dwarves against Agmar, and the other is Me as elves against Isengaurd. :( Please help
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majordima I saw several problems, first of all with the dwarves, you didn't use heroes, kept mine shafts filled from beginning when you could use some units to attack the enemy base, by the time you built the offensive fortress and garrisonned towers in the middle he already controlled almost the entire map, you should've attacked much earlier and taken over both outposts sooner.
basicly you were too defensive with the dwarves and gave him time to build up a strong base and lots of good units, while you were building axe throwers.

with the elves, I don't think you could do anything, with those beserkers built so early and a usefull hero to cover a powerfull infantry you basicly had no chance, specially with lorien archers as a defense against it, should have spent less money on archers, maybe didn't have to spend on the middle wall, and build some regular infantry, maybe a hero like haldir so he can provoid leadership, but still i think his forged blades + infantry and beserkers would have killed you.

I think you should change your entire gamestyle of building units and keeping almost all of your army to defend until its too late to attack, attack earlier.

* and one more important thing, you don't use stances, which are very important. archers should be offensive most of the time while tankers like infantry\pikemen can be used as defensive when covering archers or offensive against heroes\buildings ect.

[Edited on 07/06/07 @ 08:28 AM]

Official Reviewer
Rating: 4.5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:

[center][c=9966ff]1 v 1 on Rohan
SirSnoopy01 (Dwarves) vs. _ShareThaLoad_ (Angmar)[/center][/c]

[b][i]SirSnoopy01 (Dwarves)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Mine >>> Mine >>> Hall of Warriors >>> Phalanxes[/i]


[+] One of the best parts of your game is how you overcame the lack of speed that the Dwarves have by establishing a very nice system of mines early on. Excellent work. :D
[+]Good defences on the choke points
[+] The second base was interesting. I didn’t expect you to do such a move, and it could have made the game had


[=] Heavy Armor might have made some difference early on. *wink*
[=] Good defences on the choke points
[=] So-so use of the Summon Dale Archers power.
[=] The use of the mine system broke down late game.


[-] Lost your builder. You got close once, then lost him due to a surprise attack.
[-] For those raids on your mines, King Dain and the Rally power [i]really[/i] could have helped.
[-] You let your slow Axe Throwers attempt to chase down a wounded Rogash with fast enemies behind you, right into a trap.
[-] The reason you lost was because you didn’t attack. You overestimated your opponent early in the game, and could have won if you had pressed forward.
[-] You drove your counter army right into the thick of his buildings and towers, ensuring their (and your) death.
[-] Stances! :angry:

[b]Overall score: 3[/b] Really an excellent game. Don’t get down that you didn’t win; all you need to do is to attack, and sooner.

[b][i] _ShareThaLoad_ (Angmar)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Mill >>> Hall of the King’s Men >>> Mill >>> Thrall Master[/i]


[+] Did a nice job getting those nearby outposts quickly.
[+] Relatively quick Rogash
[+] You weren’t going to let anybody destroy your fortress. ;)
[+] Was an expert at rebuilding your army quickly.
[+] Very nice uses of the Fell Wind spell


[=] Lost Rogash and Hwaldar when you could have prevented it, but got them back quickly.
[=] The Summon Wights spell was okay, but Mountain Giants could have been more useful. *wink*


[-] The upgrades came rather late, and they could have ended the game a lot sooner.
[-] Not a really good use of the Shade of the Wolf.
[-] You waited WAY TOO LONG.

[b]Overall score: 3.5[/b] I feel as though you were holding back from wiping him out many times. Great Angmar game, though.

Overall Game Score:[b]4.5[/b]
A truly entertaining game, where you can see two great players perform different early game strategies for a showdown of will. A must see for Dwarven and Angmar players.
Official Reviewer
Rating: 2
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:

[center][c=9966ff]1 v 1 on Dunland
SirSnoopy01 (Elves) vs. lascar (Isengard)[/center][/c]

[b][i]SirSnoopy01 (Elves)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Mallorn >>> Mallorn >>> Barracks >>> Mallorn[/i]


[+] Interesting strategy with the wall. I’ve never seen someone do that before. :)
[+] Finally, a hero! Good choice of Glorfindel, although you should have used him in the early raids. *wink*


[=] It is possible to do two raids at once, you know. ;)
[=] I think what made you withdraw was when he drew his Uruks back, which made you think he was going to attack any minute.


[-] Must I say it? Stances! :angry:
[-] Why didn’t you prepare for an attack on both sides? He came right behind you!
[-] What lost you the game? Again, you played too defensively.

[b]Overall score: 2[/b] Not the best game for you. Learn to attack quicker, and to not give your enemy time to get that good of an army too early.

[b][i]lascar (Isengard)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Furnace >>> Uruk Pit >>> Furnace >>> Uruk-hai[/i]


[+] Quick Lurtz.
[+] Nice early resources.
[+] Excellent surprise attack, although it was pure luck. ;)
[+] The Berserkers made quick work of that fortress. :D


[=] The upgrade was risky, but it pulled out in the end.


[-] You had a really bad lack of creativity in your choosing of your first 5-10 units. Another Uruk, how surprising. *yawn*
[-] Did you fall asleep for a minute? It seemed so.
[-]Must I say it? Stances! :angry:

[b]Overall score: 3[/b] A risky move paid off, and your opponent didn’t attack, that’s why you won. Still, a good quick win.

Overall Game Score:[b]2[/b]
Not a really good game that you can learn from, but it has some interesting things, like the use of a wall to block a path that turned against him. Only if you have the time should you watch this.
Hey. If you want get good at the game you need to use varying tactics. One that has worked well for me is to make a scout hero with high vision health and speed. run into the enemy camp and see if they are sending forces to attack u. after that set up 2 flankes on either side of the direct route to your fortress where the enemy cant see u. then use your scout hero to lour the enemy between your two flankes and attack. once this happens and the enemy is defenceless destroy their camp. hope this works!

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