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1vs1 Gap of Rohan

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Total Game Time: 37:02
Player 1's Name: KitsoPanos
Player 1's Faction: Men of the West
Player 2's Name: Arenander
Player 2's Faction: Dwarves
Me fighting as the dwarves against KitsoPanos' Men of the West. I'd really like a review so that I can become a better player.
Hope you enjoy the replay..
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Official Reviewer
I'll Review it now
Official Reviewer
Arenander vs KitsoPanos

Arenander (Dwarves)

Starting Strat: Mine, Hall, Forward Mine, Mine


[+]Gimli as First Hero
[+]Excellent Economy
[+]Stances used to best of ability
[+]Got upgrades first


[=]Meh, your attacking was one-sided, more angles is better
[=]Rushing could have been better executed
[=]you let your cash float sometimes


[-]Long periods where you didn't attack
[-]you could have finished him off a lot sooner
[-]you Started with 4000 resources (Yep, thats a negative)

Player Summary:

Good job, you won. I suppose there's not much to tell you this early in 1.05, but it is a good idea to attack earlier, keeping up pressure is always a good idea. More to the point, you had large amounts of upgraded dwarven soldiers that you left idle, which could have made short work of your opponent. It was a lesson for me too, because now I see that guardians are even more powerful then they were before!

Rating: 3/5

KitsoPano (Men)

Starting Strat: Farm, Farm, Stables, Farm, Barracks


[+]Excellent knight usage
[+]Got Boromir first
[+]Got Rangers at a reasonable time in the game
[+]captured both inns
[+]A Valiant defense


[=]Got aragorn, but you never used him to his full potential
[=]you got upgrades, but frequently forgot about them
[=]Got Rohirrim, but it was forgotten most of the time


[-]You let a lot of cash float
[-]you left Rohirrim on the side of the battle when your fortress went down!
[-]You wasted your heros
[-]you never attacked
[-]you never finished Gimli off
[-]you bought no fortress upgrades, a crucial disadvantage
[-]You didn't buy banners or upgrade half your troops

Player Summary:

Words cannot express the brutal stick men was whipped by in this game. You need to solidify your strategy some more and use stances! Though reduced, they are a game winner. I believe your are new right? Because I noticed a lot of flaws in your strategy, and opportunities you missed that could have won you the game.

Rating: 2/5

Match Rating: 2/5
Not much to look at, but you're new and handled the game pretty well. I can say right now I am NOT a fan of this new miss-ratio concept the archers and artillery now have to suffer. Watch it if you have spare time, but don't prioritize it.

[Edited on 09/27/06 @ 08:01 PM]

scrat master
Official Reviewer
Arenander(Dwarves) vs Kitsopanos(MOTW)
Played on Gap of Rohan

Player : Arenander

BO: Mine, HOW, Forward mine, mine


[+]Early Hero (Gimli)
[+]Leveled up hero quickly
[+]Good economy
[+]Stances used well
[+]Got upgrades towards the end

[=]First attack was not so great
[=]You only attacked from one side


[-]No early game rush. Be more agressive at the start
[-]Sending Gimli to attack on his own. Not a very good idea
[-]You didn't build any battle wagons. How did you expact to counter his rangers?

Player Summary :

First of all, congrats for winning!
Ok, first of all you did well to get a large army at the start. You took a lot of time before you attacked. You got Gimli quickly and leveled him up in no time. You did well towards the end. You got upgrades, such as the flaming shot upgrade, which helped a lot to finish your opponent's base off. You also got three fortresses towards the end! You, unlike your opponent used stances which worked quite effectively.
You should be more agressive at the start, make your opponent struggle more. Also, try to flank the enemy. Use tactics like these to crush your enemy earlier on. Work on this and your micro more to win games a lot quicker.

Rating : 2.5/5

Player : KitsoPanos

BO: Farm(x2), Stables, Farm


[+]Scouted well with knights
[+]Captured both inns
[+]Defended well
[+]Got rangers with fire arrows mid game

[=]OK micro, although you charged your knights into pikes a few times
[=]You got rohirim, but it was near the end of the game


[-]You had many chances to kill Gimli off easily
[-]You didn't attack - only once towards the end when you destroyed one of his mines

Player Summary :

You defended well troughout the game. I just think that you forgot that the objective of the game is to destroy his base. You never attacked his base! Don't let it be you who is the defending all the time. Play more offensive! Having that said, you did well with capturing the inns and completely destroying his large army of archers with your Gondor knights. Your rangers did very well against your opponents units - you made a good choice in getting them and uprading them with fire arrows. They were very effective. Next time, get roh earlier and attack your opponent.

Rating : 2/5

Match Rating : 2/5

This is a long game that's quite boring at times. In the end, it was clear who would become the winner. Only download this replay if you have the time and the patience.
Juicy how do i view?

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