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Downloads Home » 1v1 Replays » Isen vs Mordor on Cair Andros

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Isen vs Mordor on Cair Andros

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Total Game Time: 1 hourish
Player 1's Name: SoA|Nomad
Player 1's Faction: Isengard
Player 2's Name: JR|Miguel
Player 2's Faction: Mordor
I know I know, Uruk rushing mordor is very very silly. I knew that before the game and I still know it now so why I decided to try it is pretty well beyond me.

After screwing up the rush I manage to get my fort killed and am in real danger of defeat, however...somehow, I turn the tables and start a pretty much unending attack on his base area.

In short, I slowly lose.

A few questions I'd appreciate answering.

-If you buy a 25pp power whilst ur fort is dead, then build a fort, how come you are unable to cast that power? (In this case, Dragon Strike but I've had it happen before).

-What in the hell does Isen have for decent seige, Ballistae are godawful so I didn't bother this game but that aside...wha?

Finally a comment of my own, when playing Isen, do not allow the game to go on late...rush, rush well and kill him early.
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Official Reviewer
~~SoA|Nomad(Isengard) vsJR|Miguel(Mordor)~~
--Played on Cair Adros--

~~Player : SoA|Nomad
BO: Furnace,Uruk Pit ,Furnace, Uruk Warriors (x4)


[+]Excellent beginning despite you didn't use the classic Warg Rush.
[+]You kept being agressive even without fortress.
[+]You had he map control for most time of the game.
[+]You purchased upgrades first.
[+]Good micromanagement.

[=]Uruk Spam is a good idea but (IMO) you should have used Warg Rush.
[=]If you have made Siege weapons perhaps you could have won your enemy.


[-]You should have made crossbowmen after 4 Uruk bats.They could have give you an advantage in the beginning.
[-]Your first 2 Zerks almost destroy Mordor fortress.Imo if you had kept the pressure upon the enemy for the next minute and

destroy his fortress the game would be very different.
[-]After you rebuilt your fortress you should have create Lurtz.A hero(anti-hero to be precise) was what you needed.

~~Player Summary :
I really can't believe you lost this match !Surprisingly the Uruk spam worked great at the beginning .As I said you just needed some crossbows to counter his orc Archers and you would have been the winner.You also had a great chance in the mid game when 2 Zerks of you nearly destroyed his fort (and Mordor without fort means no turtling).If you have kept the pressure and destroy his fort (even if that means you would have many units sacrificed) I think the result of the match would be different.However that Fellbeast changed all.Your enemy use it to destroy your fortress. You were caught under total surprise cause you didn't have any crossbowmen nearby !
With your fort down you weren't able to use powers and that was a great disadvantage. But you didn't give up ! You continued to be agressive and you didn't loose the map control ! You destroyed all his military buildings (bar his fort) and for some minutes he was defending only with his fort catas and his heroes ! You also re-built your fortress and you have a great chance to get Lurtz (an anti-hero was what you needed)But in the end WK and his 2 Fellbeast managed to destroy your fort and military buildings forcing you to surrender. You've played great but you were one more victim of Mordor's turtling. Well done !

~Rating : 4/5


~~Player : JR|Miguel
BO:SlaughterHouse,Orpit (x2),Slaughter House , Orc Warriors (spam)


[+]Very quick hero ! (Nazgul)
[+]OMFG ! Very quick fellbeast ! You destroyed his fort very quickly !
[+]Great economy .You were keeping building farms all over the map especially in the city ruins. Despite the fact your enemy

had the map control you had most of your farms well placed !
[+]Great micromanagement ! Especially your MoS !
[+]The replay's highlight was the way you used Gorgoroth's fire ! (Unreal Tournament's "Ultra kill-Godlike") !

[=]Soon after you destroyed his fort you should have find and kill his remaining worker.
[=]Siege works ? Some more (moveable) catapults are always making your life better !


[-]Ha ! You should have been more aggressive. It was a long game mostly cause you have a great defense but at the same time

you were waiting to create fellbeasts before you attack.
[-]Your Troll cage position wasn't the best.

~~Player Summary :
Congratulations for the victory.It was a great game and you played pretty well ! You performed the Mordor turtling (catanaccio) very good and you destroyed his base (after 2 hours of battle) using Powers,Fellbeast and ATs.That was classic mordor play.Well done !

~Rating : 4/5


Match Rating : 4/5
I is a superb game ! It's 2 hours of battle but it is very interesting and the most important : very unpredictable !
Both players did their best and they offered us a great replay.Is a must-watch ! Well done guys !


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