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Trying out Isengard

Author File Description
scrat master
File Details
Player 1's Name: Scrat Master
Player 1's Faction: Isengard
Player 2's Name: westbow
Player 2's Faction: Dwarves
Player 3's Name: [NGF]killex
Player 3's Faction: Isengard
Player 4's Name: DonRipper
Player 4's Faction: Goblins
Victor: Team 2
Last week I started playing bfme2 again. I wanted to use a faction other than MOTW. So recently, I've been playing as isengard in skirmish vs com on hard difficulty. I wanted to put my skills to the test in an online match vs other players. So this is my first online match in a looooooooooooooooong time. I tried the warg rush and the zerk rush, but in the end we lost :(
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Official Reviewer
scratmaster(Isengard) - Westbow (Dwarves)
[NFG]KilleX (Isengard) - DonRipper (Goblins)
Played on Minhiriath as a 2v2 Game.


~~Player : Scratmaster
BO: Furnace(x2),Warg Pit,Warg Riders,Uruk Pit.


[+]You captured one of the signal fires first.
[+]You destroyed your enemy Uruk Pit very quickly.
[+]You covered your friends base during his Guardian rush pretty well.

[=]Not very good Warg Rush.You should have put Wargs in defensive stance as long they are moving and not sacrifice them after you destroyed his Uruk Pit.
[=]Not very good micro in overall.


[-]IMO you should have spammed more Crossbowmen or Uruk Warriors and not spend your money with those Berserkers at the end.
[-]Why didn't captured one outpost.
[-]Map control lost ? You should have built more furnaces by the way.You've built only 3 If I remember well. Kinda forgot your "economy"

~~Player : Westbow
BO: Hall of Warriors,Mine (x2)(neither forward),Dwarven Guardians (x2)

[+]You also helped your mate sometimes.

=Not forward mine at the beginning ?


[-]You didn't use stances ! You had a bad micro in overall.
[-]You should have built the Archery Range much more earrlier.Guardian "spam" is good at the beginning but when the game comes to a middle stage you need more variety in units.
[-]Forgot your economy.You did need more farms.

TEAM Summary :
If I would review your game in a 1vs1 match the rate would be lower.Both you (scratmaster) and your mate play pretty bad.Your Warg Rush was a failure even if you had a great chance of winning upon the enemy Isen player (he made pikes as his first unit).Pikes means there's no danger from your opponent to counter strike quickly.You simply need good micro , destroy his Uruk pits , one of his furnaces and bring your Crossbowmen to finish the job.For Westbow I also think he played too bad.First of all he didn't follow the classic but successful Guardian rush. The first mine made should be the forward one.He also played almost the whole game using only Guardians.He built the Archery Range too late Imo.The only reason I am put you 2 and not something lower is because you had a nice cooperation You worked better as a team than the other players.You both choose to attack the same opponent and you tried to protect each other's base during the game.If you have a better personal play I believe you would have been the winners.

Rating : 2/5

---------TEAM 2-------
~~Player : [NFG]KillerX

BO:Furnace (x2),Uruk Pit,Uruk Pikemen (x2),Uruk Crossbowmen (x2)


[+]Great furnace placement ! -> Great economy !
[+]You have the best micro.
[+]I loved how you performed your last attack.
[+]You were the only one who bought upgrades !

[=]No good cooperation with your mate.
[=]You didn't need to buy armor and weapon upgrades.


[-]No stances used.
[-]Not Wargs as a beginning unit ? That surprised me a bit.You started playing defensive. If your opponent was someone more skilled you would have had a bad time with his Warg Rush.

~~Player : DonRipper

BO:Tunnel,Goblin Cave,Tunnel,Goblin Warriors (x3)

[+]Nice use of poisoned blade!
[+]Very quick HT Marauders.
[+]Quick hero (Shelob)
[+]You captured the outpost first.


[-]Stances ? None used stances in this match !
[-]Why most of the Gob players are waiting until they are having 4 battalions before they start attacking ? You should be more aggressive at the beginning.

TEAM Summary :
Congratulations for the victory.It wasn't an easy again.I was a bit surprised from [NFG]KillerX at the beginning.Well it's preferable to use Warg Riders when you are playing Isen mirror.And with the single farm BO.For the goblin player DonRipper , I would suggest him being a bit more aggressive right after he is making his first battalion of Gob Warriors.One thing I spotted is that you didn't have good cooperation.Every player was attacking only his closest opponent.The enemy team had a better cooperation but you manage to win cause you are better players.

Rating : 3/5

~~Match Rating : 2.5/5~~
Pretty good match.Yeah , the replay deserves a download.

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