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Bendak (Mordor) vs Men

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Total Game Time: 1 hour
Player 1's Name: Scipio|Maior
Player 1's Faction: Mordor
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
Hey people

just had this hour-long game vs Men. I used a turtling strat, which is a nice addition to the common orc spam. Men got extremely fast Rohirrim. Maybe I should have attacked more in the beginning but I think I would have weakened my defence too much, because of soldiers > orcs.

Anyways, it went out to a long game, where he had much map control and I first made an uber defence, and after that heroes and attack trolls. MoS lvl10 + 3 Fellbeast + Attack Trolls + Powers = devastating. I destroyed whole armies of Rohirrim with those :D. I guessed I should have attacked more with catapults and soldiers of rhun, but I didn't want to take much risk and leave my base undefended because that would be catastrophical. The best part was when he attacked me and I did a counter attack - I lost some buildings, he lost his fortress ^_^ .

A review would be cool :).


ps: in the end my foe disconnected and told me I 'played girl style', 'noob' and 'i only use powers'.
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Official Reviewer

~Bendak (Mordor) vs LOA|AuRoN344 (MoTW)~
Played on Dunland


Player : Bendak(Mordor)
BO: SlaughterHouse,Orcpit,Slaughter House ,Orc Archers,Orc Warriors


[+]Your building's positions around the fortress were great. Especially in the beginning the one gate watcher you created could protect your whole base !
[+]Great defense (again).You could resist 3 attacks of a bunch of Rohs + Glorious Charge.(mainly because of your catas excellent position. Who said thet GC is a "GG" power ?
[+]GREAT MoS micro.I really haven't seen so good hero micromanaging for a long time.You used MoS for harassement and fight purposes.Your "Hit an' run" was perfect !
[+]Great use of powers, especially MoS' powers. The most lol moment (IMO) is when you used the evil Eye to finish Gundalf !
[+]In the End : Showtime ! Bendak used ----- to finish AuRoN ! I am not revealing the scene ! You must see that !

[=] Considering that he had the map's control and several Rohh battalions scouting all the map , I can say that your troll cage position wasn't the best. It's a bit surprising your enemy didn't find it.
[=]Nice "Turtling".(again).


[-]You could have finished him much earlier.---- (*spoiler* )in the end was more for the "show" I think.
[-]Why I have the feeling that you were afraid of your opponent much more than he deserved ?
[-]Forward Orcpit wasn't good idea after all !

~~~Player Summary :~~~

With one word: Great game from your part ! As I have already said the thing that impressed me the most was your superb hero(MoS) micro managing ! Also you proved once more that the catas turtling is nearly unbeatable. Resisting 3 attacks of fully upgraded + GC Rohhirim bats isn't a small thing !.Your building's position (exception : the risky Troll cage) were awesome as every top players. Fell Beasts, of course, turned the battle's tide.
Rating : 4.5/5


Player : LOA|AuRoN344 (MoTW)
BO:Farm (x2),Barracks, Gondor Soldier,Farm,Gondor Soldier (x3),stables.


[+]In general : nice beginning !
[+]Very good economy .Of course you had the ma's control and that helped a lot.
[+]Early Rohhirim .It's really amazing how quickly you made your first Roh bat.
[+]Early Theoden.OMG I didn't even realize how quickly your Theoden reached 6 lvl.
[+]Pretty quick research of Forged blades and Armor.

[=]I see you built an Ivory Tower and I am pretty sure you used it and you revealed all the map.Why didn't you attack his

Troll cage ? It was quite away from his fortress.


[-]Stances use ? You didn't used stances ! The defensive stance could have helped much !(even to win that game !)
[-]Why didn't captured an inn for cheap and quick Rangers ? If you had combined Rangers and Gondor soldiers you would had many chances to win the match in the begginning !
[-]Predictable attacks ! Your opponent predicted your game very easily ! GC+Rohhs all the time ! AT least you should have tried to attack from different directions !
[-]In the end you had 34 (!)power points ! Why didn't use any power (Rangers to counter fellbeasts) to help you ?
[-]You didn't use the powers so good ! If I were you I would have used the Earthquake Power and not the Army of the Dead. Earthquake (destroying the fortress addons and nearby units) and then Rohs+GC was the key to win that match !

~~~~~Player Summary :~~~~~

You lost the match but you played good ! I , as MoTW player,even learned some thing from you ! In the beginning you were pretty quick especially in building .The thing that dissapointed me a bit was that you didn't use stances. Your opponent had much better micro.
Also : you had great economy ,why don't built more stables and replace the fallen Roh battalions much quicker ?! Why don't attack his AT Cage ? It was a long game. You didn't expect that the Mordor player would eventually creatd fellbeasts ? How did you expect to counter them ? You are a very good player(#547) . Get better micro and you can be one of the top.
Rating : 4/5

~~~~Match Rating : 4.5/5~~~~
Great game ! One of the best I've ever seen. The tide of the battle turns many times and both players are using their faction's best in units in their full potential ! The winner is the player who had the better micro

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