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Downloads Home » Misc Replays » HelmsDeep 3v1 [Isen defends; steals two level 10 witchkings]

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HelmsDeep 3v1 [Isen defends; steals two level 10 witchkings]

Author File Description
SSF Czaech
File Details
# of Players: 4
Game Type: Multiplayer
Total Game Time: 2.5h
Victor: Isengard
A surprisingly long and fun 3v1. Ends with lvl 10 saruman and lvl 10 witchking and yet another lvl 10 witchking all fighting together in the Isen player's army(very poetic). The defender playing Isengard wins. [And yes this is the standard 'helms deep' map.]

Isengard Highlights: how to survive army of the dead(3-4 times); how to use power points effectively to keep the enemy army at bay; how to use mines; how to stay rich but win poor; how to attack the enemy without putting defense at risk with only 1000cp when each enemy has 4000+cp and morgoth spheres and lions and tigers and bears oh my!

Remember: on the standard vanilla helms deep map (like every other standard 'defense map'...minas tirith, minas morgu, black gate...etc) the defender is limited to 1000cp max regardless of the cp rules— but once a player is defeated the defender's cp is unlocked to normal. Defenders also start with 2.5k resources regardless of what the starting resources are set to. This means you might be rushed by fellbeasts or eagles...thus the rush to get crossbows spammed in this case(two early fellbeasts coulda ended the game against an unprepared isengard). In general the key to any good defense is getting powerpoints and more importantly MONEY, while limiting the enemy's powerpoint collection and leveling your heroes. This is why you need to defend the wall and your inns for as long as you can, while the attackers need to take them from you as soon as they can. In this match's case, the inns were held long enough that it was perfectly fine to abandon everything left of hornburg when the wall was finally breached.

Things that shoulda been done by the defender: the xbows inside the towers will not fire at enemies below the wall unless you manually direct them to. Isen basically had two xbow units sitting in a tower doing nothing but wasting precious cp for most of the game cause they didn't remember this fact. Second, the towers built by the inns shoulda been deleted before the enemy even touched them, as the enemy gained alot of power points just from having their attack trolls hit those towers (the towers had served their purpose of preventing fellbeast rushes and shoulda been dismantled even without firing a shot); the defender let the enemy harvest $$$ from the inns for FAR too long before trying to destroy them...destroying the inns left of the wall should have been done way sooner and more frequently similar to how the mordor player was constantly recapturing and rebuilding them (note that destroying and THEN capturing the destroyed inns is the best method to deny the enemy).

Things that shoulda been done by the attackers: they shoulda spread their units out when they were preparing to attack so isen couldn't easily dragonstrike and watcher them; they shoulda sent attack trolls in behind their army rather than infront of it; they shoulda 'all' upgraded their forts with towers to defend against dragonstrike; the attackers' late game attacks were by far the most deadly, but they ultimately failed because by that time they had gotten lax at coordination (the attack troll army was on the other side of the map fighting isen's heroes while the other armies were mounting the attack).

Overall: There are alot of others things you can nitpick at for both defender and attackers, but considering everyone was a very different skill-level(like most gameranger-era games are) everyone did a good job! A memorable game comparable to what you'd regularly get from the now long-dead community of the official servers(always missed and never forgotten). GG!

Favourite moment: there are many to choose from (many double-witchking shenanigans, mines blowing attack-trolls into the air), but hands-down the first dragon strike wins! The isengard player spawned wildmen on the far-right attacker's fort in other to lure the giant 2000cp army of the nearby mordor player to assist them...once that giant army took the bait Isen dropped the first and best dragon strike of the game on them. 1500cp GONE...haradrim burning for what seemed like an eternity...the whole game seemed to stop just to sitback and watch them burn....and oh did they burn for a long long time. It was a very beautiful sight.
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