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Downloads Home » Player Created Maps » The Great Walls Of Wosnor (By JBV3737)V2

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The Great Walls Of Wosnor (By JBV3737)V2

Author File Description
File Details
Number of Players: 4
One Ring: No
AI: No
Evil Forces Are Preparing To Invade The Great Walls Of Wosnor. Long Ago The Elves And Dwarves Built The Walls, And Now Men Defend Them And Are In Need Of Aid, From Both Elves And Dwarves.

The Evil Invading Forces Will Have Endless Reinforcement Waves When Their Army Is In Need Of It.
The Defenders Of Wosnor Will Have 2 Reinforcement Waves.

Attackers Win When All Enemy Buildings Are Destroyed.
The Defenders Must Survive For 30 Minutes To Win.

This is nonstop online action for 20-30 minutes!

Please do not rate the map if you played it offline,
It is designed for online!
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File Author
This map is effected greatly by lag and out of synch, please read below about out of synch and how to fix it.

Out of Synch is caused by players having different ini.files. ini.files are the part of the game that makes units have there abilities, attack and armor the images everything in the game that needs to be put in place. the ini.file puts it there.

It goes out of synch because 2 or more players don’t match each others ini.files, how is this? By playing a game like ringwars, or even my map gladaitor underworld, or any map that changes and has a ini.file

How do you fix it?
You must restart your bfme2 game, anyone that has a bad ini.file, and if you don’t restart Every game you play will be at risk of going out of synch unless the person(s) your playing with has the same changed ini.file as you do

so in summary, after playing this map and then you want to play another map you must restart your bfme2 game or else it There is a High Risk of it going out of synch and ending the game.

If you have clean ini.file but others don't that join your game, ask them questions like what maps did you play before this? Or Did you go out of synch last game?
if they say none, or just a few normal maps, then they are clean, and kick the ones that aren’t clean.

Aswell out of synch can be from maga lag also, so if you want to lower the risk kick the laggers is strongly recomended.

thank you and enjoy.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
-As you have now mentioned, it does lag a little.. i didn't have much problem with lag though, and I got lucky with no Out Of Syncs. I give it a 3 due to the difficulty of being an attacker..

Balance: 1.5
-Balance is way off for attackers. I understand that they get unlimited reinforcements, however, they get no Ring Powers.. which would be fine, but the defenders do.. and with all those upgraded archers on the walls.. it is nearly impossible to do any damage.

Creativity: 5
-Creatively, this map is fantastic. This was actually an idea I had, but never implemented. (not exactly, but same idea). The idea behind the map is fantastic.. just need to work out some balance issues.

Map Design: 5
-Map Design.. very good.. I do have only 1 complaint.. the mountains blocking certain walls. With all the defenses.. you make it very difficult for the attackers, by funneling them into certain areas. Overall though, your use of cameras and introductions.. are impeckable!! I downloaded this map right away, because you are one of the few map makers out there that I truly respect. You don't just throw an idea together.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
-Overall, your use of cameras and introductions.. are impeckable!! I downloaded this map right away, because you are one of the few map makers out there that I truly respect. You don't just throw an idea together. As far as the instructions.. this is where you lacked a little.. you should make a note that the bottom most attacker should be Mordor, the other Isengard. Also, you should make note that it is a 2vs2.. I misunderstood this, and had everyone go to team 1 the first time.. which ended up being a do-over.. lol.. not too big of a deal though.

Additional Comments:
-All in all, you are, as I mentioned, a very good map designer. You inspired me to make the maps I do.. And I strive to make better and better maps each and every time I play. Good map.. just needs a little balance help.. Get rid of those mountains!! :)
File Author
Thank you for rating it thou in an answer to the balance issue: I have tested it over 50 times 25 as defenders 25 as attackers, i won 27 times, 13 at defenders 14 as attackers. i do not beleave it is unbalanced. i rather beleave attackers have the uper hand, have you tryed a sea invasion? the inlet toi the north, they have no gate there and if u send wargs, they get up on the walls and run down all the archers, which inturns lets you rush the gates.
this map "balance" depends on how you work your troops, if 1 gate falls the tide of the battle can change fast.
also anything u kil may not come back, such as archers on the walls, your archer can easly shoot them.

also have you tried a troll rush? the southern gate is the weakest and attack trolls own it.
WKDClown01 I am not trying to be harsh.. but.. I played it with 3 other people, all of which agreed that the attackers were at a disadvantage.. and I actually tried a couple of your tactics.. with no luck. I was mordor.. so, I couldn't use the wargs.. but..

Oh well.. it isn't a horrible map, it just wasn't as fun as I hoped.
File Author
i agree it is over well made wich makes lag, and maybe you just suck really bad :P jk lol it is not that fun because of lag and oos but if i ever make another walls map again im gona make it bases like normal lol.
blablabla9009 i cant get it work
devilhunterred hey jv nice concept, but could u make ai for it? sometimes i can't play online and wish i can play it offline vs computers
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
It has alot of lagg due 2 waves of attacks

Balance: 4
for some reason the person in the fortress might have trouble

Creativity: 5
A defend your castle map, and a really good 1

Map Design: 5
Well what can i say, ur 2 good at mapping

Story/Instructions: 4.5
why are mordor forces joined with isengard?
sauron wouldnt join with saruman because sauron knew he is one of the istari and he could betray mordor any time

Additional Comments:
Great map.... all i can say here
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5

Balance: 1
Defence OP give possibility to buid also for who assault

Creativity: 4.5

Map Design: 4.5

Story/Instructions: 5

Additional Comments:

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Map Design4.8
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