This section contains information, guidelines and rules on reviews and ratings submitted to the Battle for Middle Earth 2 Heaven Downloads section. When you submit a rating or review it will be assumed you have read and agreed with these guidelines.

Within the comments section of the downloads you can upload either comments with no scores or a full review with rated scores. Comments can be brief but should be constructive and not insulting, and profanity of any kind is strictly prohibited. Reviews with scores should be written according to the guidelines below and as minimum there should be a brief reason given for each score. If you post a scored Review without adequate reasons you will be contacted and asked to explain it more clearly, if you do not respond within about a week the review will be removed

Reviewing your own maps is definitely not allowed



Let’s start with explaining some basic premises.

What are Reviews?

Reviews are a way of voicing your opinion on someone’s work. Reviews serve two purposes. The first purpose is to help the author improve his/her designing. The other purpose of reviews is to help others decide whether or not to download the scenario.

What does the reviewer get out of this?

Reviewers review so as to help other people. By reviewing a person’s map you give them a chance of further improving their work or making a better piece of work next time around. Reviewing different people’s work is also a great way to improve your own designs; seeing what works and what doesn’t will help you refine your own designing and ensure you don’t make the same mistakes.

What does the designer get out of this?

The designer should get other people’s views on their work; this will help them to improve. Knowing people have taken time to comment on your work is inspiring and makes you want to make a better design next time around.

Review Guidelines