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Forum Guidelines (Link)
Please make sure you have read and understood the information posted here before participating in these forums.
Gondor (Strategy)
[ ]
Argonath (General Discussions)
General discussions about Battle for Middle Earth II and Rise of the Witch King
1484 topics
9450 posts
[ ]
The Innsider (Strategies)
Game strategies for all the factions, including Angmar
347 topics
3804 posts
[ ]
Dagorlad (Multiplayer)
Connect with others to play online.
208 topics
2063 posts
[ ]
Link to your replay in the download section, and discuss your game here!
157 topics
1290 posts
[ ]
360 Zone
A forum for players of BFME2 on the Xbox 360
19 topics
117 posts
[ ]
Create a Hero
Discuss your heroes and strategies for them.
139 topics
1116 posts
Rohan (Design & Mods)
[ ]
Grey Havens (World Builder & Game Mods)
Discuss your plans for maps and mods in here!
1009 topics
6062 posts
Bree (Community)
[ ]
The Prancing Pony
While not quite as good as the Green Dragon, this friendly place is where you can sit back and relax, and perhaps visit 'Prince' the Pony in the stables.
1497 topics
118233 posts
[ ]
The Library of Minas Tirith (LOTR Discussions)
A place to discuss all things LOTR from the movies or books.
205 topics
6138 posts
[ ]
Fan Fiction and Art
Share your fantasy fiction and LOTR art here!
90 topics
5832 posts
[ ]
49 topics
611 posts
Mount Doom (Link)
Moderation Announcements - Issues concerning Member bannings and warnings are posted in here.
Outside Discussions (Link)
The place to meet up with others from all over HG. If you have a burning issue you need to discuss, a forum game you want to play or if you just want to catch up with your friends, come inside.
If you are new, please read the Forum Guide before you post.
The Library (Link)
Discuss politics, issues, existence, whatever. We won't judge on what is smart or not, but please put thought into your posts. Please refrain from sidetracking.
HG Main (Link)
HeavenGames main forums. Here you can find forums such as Gaming Discussions, the History forum and HTML and Websites, as well as OD and the Library.
[ ]
Reviewers' Retreat
A forum for replay reviewers and staff
37 topics
338 posts
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