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Topic Subject: All my units die out of the blue at the same time at around 5 minutes into the game
posted 09-26-06 02:46 PM EDT (US)   
I bought the game around a month ago and everytime i play in about 5-10 mins all my units, buildings and heroes die simutaineously out of the blue.

WTF is going on?

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posted 09-26-06 02:56 PM EDT (US)     1 / 7  
That same thing happend to me in the first bfme but I never figured out why it happend so im no help.
posted 09-26-06 02:58 PM EDT (US)     2 / 7  
Does your computer meet the minimum specs?

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posted 09-26-06 04:25 PM EDT (US)     3 / 7  
There's a safety measure in the game to prevent piracy that causes this instant death that I encountered in the first game, so presumably it's in the second. As in my case, it may not always be piracy involved. The only answer I know of is to reinstall the game. It came back once later, but has not persisted after reinstalling.

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posted 09-26-06 08:16 PM EDT (US)     4 / 7  
EA implements this type of piracy detection and self destruction methods into few games, including C&C Generals and LOTR BFME series.

The best way to prevent such method (if you were using original games, but the game thought you were pirate) is to first uninstall the game, then REMOVE the whole game folder, then setup again.

If not mistaken, this also can happen for people who upgraded their PC, or move the game folder to the other drive. I remember that there is a .dat file that stores the hash of the harddrive used during initial installation, and the game has a routine to check this against the current drive the game is being played on. So for the case that you've moved the game folder, or ghost (norton ghost) your game to a new harddisk, this scenario might happen.

posted 09-28-06 05:04 PM EDT (US)     5 / 7  
i am having the same problem. i'm in the middle of the battle all of a sudden all my guys die and it says "_____(Hero) was slain" and i die. even though i'm absolutely killing the computer. i never had this problem before, it just started occuring.
posted 09-29-06 11:40 PM EDT (US)     6 / 7  
I had this whenever I tried to play multiplayer (over LAN). But I reinstalled and everything was fine . I didn't (and don't) have any pirate software etc. on my computer... Not quite sure what it was, oh and my game died every 3 mins 50 seconds, I'm not sure if that's relevant though...

Edit: Oh and yes I legally own the game .


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posted 10-08-06 07:21 AM EDT (US)     7 / 7  
can you guys who have this problem (but with original CD/DVD), try to remove totally the game, then remove the folder as well (<path>:\Program Files\EA Games\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II)

after that, install the game again (without having to update first) and try to play any games (skirmish would be fine) and see if the game can last for more than 10 minutes.

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