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Topic Subject: BFME2 and Halo Wars related questions
posted 02-11-09 03:09 PM EDT (US)   
I played the Halo Wars demo and loved it. I have seen many people comparing BFME2 to Halo Wars on other message boards. Since I like LOTR's lore/medieval fantasy more than Halo's lore/Sci-fi fantasy (I still like Halo's lore though), I'm considering to buy BFME2 (being an old game makes it cheap too [used for $20 or so], so it is a plus imo). I read there was a demo for BFME2 on XBL on EA's site but I couldn't find it. So a few questions:

1. How are the controls? Do you use the joystick clicks (I can't do them due to weak hands; health issue)?
2. How complex/deep it is?
3. How long do matches/skirmishes last?
4. How good is the DLC?
5. Do many people play it online now?
6. Is framerate a big issue? I heard it is to some people. Is it fixed/patched?
7. How does it compare to Halo Wars overall? (Optional)
posted 02-12-09 09:43 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I am not familiar with Halo Wars(dont have a 360) but i really want to play it. I dont have the game for 360 but i love the PC version.

1. Cant answer dont have a 360, The UI is fairly simple and effective so i think it would translate fairly well to a 360.
2. It is a fairly complex game. About average complexity for RTS.
It has a much more uniqye reasource and tech structuring. There arent any other games that play out like it.
3. Skirmishes last between 8 to 20 minutes, usually around 10 minutes long. I have had a few online matches that lasted a half hour.
4. Dont know what that is, probably cause i dont have a 360
5. Lots on PC dont know about 360
6. It isnt for PC dont know about 360
7. Dont know for sure but from what i have seen of halo wars, i would think that there is more variety in BFMEII because you have 6 factions with 8-12 UNIQUE units and 3-7 different heros.

If i were you and if you have a PC that can run it, I would pick up the Anothology, It includes BFME, BFMEII, and ROTWK(expasion) as well as some bonus content. You could probably get it for between 20-50$. That is great value if your PC can run it.
This link has the minimum system requirements for PC and a system tester that could show how well of if your PC will run it. (click can you run it)There is also a downloadable PC demo there.

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