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Topic Subject: CAH hero mod!
posted 10-07-09 05:22 AM EDT (US)   
My friend has a mod on his BFME2 that makes your CAHs hit liek sauron does. I have trawled for hours and cannot find it. Does anyone have a link to where this is. Help would be appreciated.

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posted 10-07-09 09:55 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
i think this will work:
put this in to a worpad and save it as an ini file
then put it into this map C://Program files/Electronic arts/bfme2/data.

Weapon CreateAHeroBasicMeleeWeapon
LeechRangeWeapon = Yes
MeleeWeapon = Yes
FireFX = FX_GondorSwordHit
DelayBetweenShots = ARAGORN_DELAYBETWEENSHOTS // time between shots, msec
PreAttackDelay = ARAGORN_PREATTACKDELAY // 400 is sword swing delay time before contact with target.
PreAttackType = PER_SHOT // Do the delay each time we attack a new target
FiringDuration = ARAGORN_FIRINGDURATION // Duration of the sword swing
UseInnateAttributes = Yes

DamageNugget // A basic Nugget that just does damage
Radius = 40.0
DelayTime = 0
DamageType = HERO
DeathType = EXPLODED

MetaImpactNugget ; A Nugget that throws things back with force
;HeroResist= .75
ShockWaveAmount = 40.0
ShockWaveArc = 200
ShockWaveRadius = 25.0
ShockWaveTaperOff = 1.25
ShockWaveZMult = 1.0

I hope that is the way...
posted 10-10-09 09:24 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Thread closed, as the desired mod has been downloaded.

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