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Chandomai (Isengard) versus rebel_yell_FTW (Elves) on Fords of Isen II

rebel_yell_FTW - Elves

Build Order: Mallorn Tree >>> Mallorn Tree >>> Elven Barracks >>> Lorien Archers >>> Lorien Warriors

Powers: Rallying Call >>> Arrow Volley >>> Heal >>> Ent Allies

[+]You kept your high level units alive.
[+]You put your archers in the tree so they stealthed.
[+]Good use of the Arrow Volley power.

[=]You countered his wargs by making some Mithlond Sentries but took to long to do it. You could have had your Sentries out much earlier.
[=]Finally purchased a hero (Glorfindel) but it took you too long. You hada lot of excess resources.

[-]You let one of you builders get killed by his Uruk-Hai.
[-]No stances.
[-]You had way too much excess resources. You could have built more Mallorn Trees, or heroes, or more units, could have pruchased upgrades, or made more troop production buildings.
[-]You let him build up after you attacked him, you should have kept the pressure on.
[-]You should have built a more forward base after your first few skirmishes.
[-]After Glorfindel destroyed the Cave Troll lair he should have captured the inn.
[-]Really bad resource managment, you had so much excess resources that you should have out to use. This game went on for five times as long as it should have. You could have finished it much earlier.
[-]You let his Wildmen of Dunland ransack your base.
[-]You took way to long to get cavalry.
[-]At one point you had 4 Mallorn Trees, 1 Elven Barracks, 1 Green Pasture (stable), 1 Fotress, 1 Builder, Glorfindel and Arwen, 1 Battalion of Lancers, 2 Battalions of Lorien Warriors, 1 Battalion of Mithlond Sentries, 1 Battalion of Lorien Archers, and 5000 resources. You weren't building anything!
[-]You could have purchased many powers much earlier.
[-]Arwen died. You could have saved her by using heal.
[-]You could have used Glorfindel's Blade of Purity power. He would have had half health instead of one fifth health after skirmishing the Uruk Pikemen and Wargs.
[-]Horrible, absolutely horrible resource management. At the end of the game you had 10,000 resources with no fotress or armory upgrades, no upgrades to your troop production buildings and only 2 heroes.

Score: 1/5

Chandomai - Isengard

Build Order: Furnace >>> Uruk Pit >>> Furnace >>> Uruk-Hai >>> Uruk Crossbowmen

Powers: Vision of the Palantir >>> Wildmen of Dunland

[+]You killed his bulder early on.
[+]You made wargs early on to counter his units.
[+]Good creeping.
[+]Good job on countering his Ents with your Uruk Pikeman.
[+]You did a good job with your Wildmen of Dunland. You used them effectively.
[+]Lurtz was a good hero choice.

[=]Killed his resource buildings, but at the expense of having your troops get slaughtered.

[-]No Stances.
[-]There were multiple times where you had excess resources that you should have used.
[-]You should have built more Furnaces.
[-]Vision of the Palantir is a bad first power. You should have purchased War Cry. The 50%+ Attack and 50%+ Armor is a much better choice.

Score: 2/5

Overall game score: 1.5/5

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