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Topic Subject: Kester vs ChronusDyre on Forlindon
posted 09-24-06 00:14 AM EDT (US)   
This was a fun match I played tonight. I don't know how good my opponent was, but he used a different tactic that made the game kind of unusual. And when I discovered what he was doing, I had to change what I was doing midstream.

Review please.

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posted 09-24-06 03:38 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5  
Going for it ! The first 1.05 replay I am reviewing

-- Revan--

u called down the thunder... reap the whirlwind !
posted 09-24-06 05:10 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5  
Kester(Mordor) vs ChronusDyre (Elves)

Played on Forlindon

Player : Kester

BO: Slaughter House (x2),Orcpits (x2),Orc Warriors (x2),Orc Archers.


[+]Early Creeping ! You got the point of the 1.05 patch very quickly
[+]Early Catapults.
[+]Captured the Outpost.
[+]Map Control ( duh ! )

[=]You improved your micromanaging this time ! You used stances this time.Keep improving !
[=]If you have sent a single Orc battalion against his unprotected base you could have destroyed his barracks & Mallorn Trees more earlier.


[-]You should built the first 2 Orcpits behind your fortress and not in the frontline !
[-]Spend money to transport ships. Fellbeasts and Bombards were enough to destroy him IMO.

Player Summary :

You were vastly improved this time ! Your micromanaging wasn't very good but it was way better than your previous matches ! Jus learn to switch stances (from defensive (hotkey "D") to aggressive ( hotkey "G") and vice-versa).
About the match . You faced an opponent who choose a completely (stupid IMO) tactic and so , you didn't face any serious problems with beating him.The only thing I didn't like is you building's locations (the 2 Orcpits) and the fact you played

with a weak opponent.

Rating : 3/5

Island siege !

Player : Chronus Dyre

BO:Mallorn Tree,Barracks,Mallorn Tree,Lorien Archers,Lorien Warriors,

[+]Lair creeping on the island.
[+]Sea control.


[-]Silly strategy at all ! And especially against Mordor !
[-]Stances ? Micromanaging ?
[-]No aggressive at all.
[-]At least while waiting for your first transport you should have sent someone to capture an Outpost.

Player Summary :

"Huh" ? That's what I thought when I see you landing on the island at the southwest corner and do creeping. I bet you were thinking to establish a base there and with the naval control Kester would have no way to beat you. That was a mistake of course.You should not do that thing against Mordor.

Rating : 1.5/5

Match Rating : 2.5/5

The Elven player didn't play well but this is a replay worth to watch. I bet most of you have thought ,when you are playing Forlindon ,to send a boat on the southwestern island and establish a base there. Check that replay. It will be useful to you .

-- Revan--

u called down the thunder... reap the whirlwind !

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posted 09-24-06 03:10 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5  
Thanks for the review! Maybe I should watch the replay. We were ranked about equal, so I didn't think I was that much better.

.--.- Kester -.--.
-.--.- deviations .--. flickr .--. gamertag -.--.-
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posted 09-25-06 11:11 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5  
This was my first replay Ive downloaded...THAT WORKED, heh. Was a good times, I wondered what the "island" dude was doing. There were times that NOTHING of his was moving or anything, happened more than once.

Had he realized that YOU had a dock by your camp just like he had one, he could have easily won this game by "maintaining" his sea wouldnt have been able to touch him with anything other than your flying heros. But, many times, his boats just sat there doing nothing. I would have at least, set them on a guard patrol going back and forth, just to keep them busy.

I cant seem to get any other replays to work, replays PRE-patch...I guess they changed too much and I can only get POST-patch replays to work...I would really like to see the Warg Rush replay...Can someone redu that one with the new patch so I can view it please

Just when you think you know what's going on, Life slaps you over the head and call's you a dumba%#.
posted 09-26-06 10:04 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5  
Chronus Dyre dug his own grave on this one. He, literally, got himself trapped in a corner. Not a very smart move.
Nice replay though...
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