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Topic Subject: Dawn of Myth...
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posted 08-09-07 08:25 PM EDT (US)   
Warning: Please don't attempt to read all the contents of this thread in one sitting... Thank you...

(This is the story thread for the Dawn of Myth. Do not post in this thread keep all comments to the discussion thread Here...)

Dawn of Myth

Written by: by'Kyr Nelenar'/'DarkServant'/Chris Lohmann
All text copyright 2007 by'Kyr Nelenar'/'DarkServant'/Chris Lohmann
All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part,
or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form
or by any means without the prior written consent of the author.
This story and copyright notice is posted here with permission of and by agreement with HeavenGames LLC.

All characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

DOM Thread
Table of Contents

  • Arunmarslar-DOM main post
  • Characters-DOM main post
  • Music-DOM main post
  • ldrn, lmarn, larn, and rgn Version 1-DOM post 20
  • kthaelor Lhnorcaiī [A Gathering or Grammatics]-DOM post 32
  • Bonus Sub-Chapter: The Dark Savior-DOM post 37
  • Old Arunian Pronoun Chart-DOM post 39
  • Heilorn Pronoun Chart-DOM post 42
  • Bonus Sub-Chapter: The First Xerunī-DOM post 50
  • ldrn, lmarn, larn, and rgn Version 2 + Arunmlar and Heilorn-DOM post 53
  • Sub-Chapter 1-DOM post 68
  • Chapter 1-DOM post 69
  • Chapter 2-DOM post 70
  • Chapter 3-DOM post 71
  • Chapter 4-DOM post 72
  • Chapter 5-DOM post 73
  • Chapter 6-DOM post 81
  • Chapter 7-DOM post 88...
  • Story Listing-DOM post 75
  • ldrn, lmarn, larn, rgn, Arunmlar and Heilorn Updates-DOM post 77
  • Hellish Runes-DOM post 79
  • Arunian Alphabet-DOM post 87...

  • Lgora Iina
    Book One
    Trials of the Pendant

    'Back Cover' Summery:

    Aramil Glandl was a 16-year-old half Elf who lived with his parents in the city of Lona. He thought he would live a normal life as an instrument maker, but one afternoon he befriended a young dragon. Upon his fathers return home, he discovers that war has broken out between Nelmara kingdom and the zgarn Empire. All thoughts of a normal life shattered as he found a mysterious pendant hidden in a mountains snow. However, his adventures only just begin as he leaves his home to live and train with his Elvin uncle, a well-known demon slayer, on a far off island.

    Table of Contents (no page numbers, and most chapters the story is known, but is just unwritten (6-the rest))
  • Notes for the Reader
  • Act I: The Pendant of the Forgotten
  • Sub-Chapter 1: The Dawn
  • Chapter 1: The Children of Fate
  • Chapter 2: Summit of the Eagles
  • Chapter 3: The Pendant
  • Chapter 4: The Tower Beyond the Sea
  • Chapter 5: Arlem of the Sun
  • Chapter 6: Training
  • Chapter 7: Sword of the Successor
  • Sub-Chapter 2: Fall of a Legend
  • Chapter 8: Night of Memories
  • Act II: The Avilaunī
  • Chapter 9: Doctor's Orders
  • Chapter 10: Cruelty of the Sea
  • Chapter 11: Slay or be Slain
  • Sub-Chapter 3: The Red Sun of War
  • Chapter 12: CarnthVl
  • Sub-Chapter 4: Demon Slayer
  • Chapter 13: Trade Off
  • Chapter 14: Keeper of the Forest
  • Chapter 15: The Siege of Highstone
  • Sub-Chapter 5: Hala & Nacra
  • Chapter 16: Through Mt. Yalin
  • Chapter 17: The Assassin
  • Sub-Chapter 6: Nlnar
  • Chapter 18: Juku of the Sky & Ngaru of the Ghost
  • Chapter 19: Nelmara Castle
  • Chapter 20: The Raven of Fear
  • Chapter 21: Midnight Chase
  • Sub-Chapter 7: Brothers No More
  • Chapter 22: The Tournament-Quarter Finals
  • Chapter 23: Plague of the East
  • Chapter 24: Kn the Elder
  • Sub-Chapter 8: War of the Eldar
  • Chapter 25: The Tournament-Semi Finals
  • Chapter 26: The Tournament-Finals
  • Sub-Chapter 9: The Way of the Demon Slayer
  • Chapter 27: The High Council
  • Chapter 28: The Twilight Warriors and the Avilaunī
  • Act III: th
  • Chapter 29: The zgarn Spy
  • Chapter 30: The Setting of the Sun
  • Sub-Chapter 10: Love Rekindled
  • Chapter 31: The Parting
  • Chapter 32: To the Western Region
  • Chapter 33: Night in Kenath
  • Chapter 34: Arnedan
  • Chapter 35: Foundation Day
  • Chapter 36: The Burning City
  • Chapter 37: The Forest Sprite
  • Chapter 38: The th Scroll
  • Sub-Chapter 11: The Heart of a Demon Slayer
  • Chapter 39: Gateway to the City of Earth
  • Chapter 40: The Tnughada
  • Chapter 41: Demon of the Deep
  • Chapter 42: Crow and Arachnid
  • Sub-Chapter 12: Treachery of Twilight
  • Chapter 43: Web of the Ibakani
  • Chapter 44: Syrus Whitewater
  • Chapter 45: A Change of Heart
  • Chapter 46: The City of sae
  • Chapter 47: Onward to Beskaan
  • Sub-Chapter 13: Funeral

    The scripts that follow are events that occurred in the process of the Second War of the Eldar and mainly follows the path of the Avilaunī. This book is written in memory of the Humans, Crunī, Berunī, Arunī, Elves, Dwarves and others who died in the War; namely King Aduran [durn] Nelmara, Arlm Glandl, Bcjul, Nati Ohren [Nt rn], Geta [Gta] Whitewater, and thlu.


    Since many names and places that have been named by the race of men often lack the symbols used in the Arunian language (such as , , , and ,) which often aid in the words pronunciation, the word will be shown in brackets after the original word with Arunian symbols; for example: Lona [Lna]. Disregard these notes otherwise, for they are only in the text to help with pronunciation. Please refer to the list of symbols and letter combinations (some from other languages) below.


    - (father) (auh) or (uh) / - (auh) / - (a not at the end of a word) / Ei- (a) / - (a at the beginning or end of a word) / I- (e) / - (apple) or (, usually when before and s) / - (antidote) / - (e) / - (e) (Used only for pronunciation) / - (eh) / Ia- (yams) (At the beginning of a word) / - (oh) / - (hoot) / U- (hoot) / - (uh) / - (oeh) () / - (oeh) (sound similar to start of ew, and is pronounced with a light grunt) / - (u) / - (ih) / Lr- (rolled r) / Zh- (vision) / Cz- (vision) / Ch- (Beach) / Th- (Bath) / Thv- (This) / J*- (Joy) / Jj- (speech) / Ĵ- (youth) / Ĵj- (pleasure) / G*- (ground) / Ts/Tz- (Hats) / Q (no u) - (thick) / Qw- (Quick) / ī- (e) or (i) for Plural. / Sh- (shell) / Sj- (shj) / H- H is sometimes considered silent when with certain consinents, as in bh, dh, fh, gh, jh, kh, lh, mh, nh, rh, wh, and yh. / - (er) / - (er) / - (er).

    *Although J & G do not constantly hold a hard or soft sound for reference the J shall represent a soft g sound and G will represent a hard g sound.


    For those who are unfamiliar with our lands customs it will be that on any page a word or phrase that is numbered than it will be reviewed in this section; for example: Avilaunī1.


    1.Avilaunī The name of the group of warriors that were to succeed the Twilight warriors (the group of unique warriors who went about maintaining the balance of power).
    2.U.H. An abbreviation for the Arunian term for Second Age.
    3.Xenazhkhads angels took wing Xenazhkhad is the high deity of prophecy and fate. The term means that his under angels, Angels of fate, have done an act to set fate in motion.
    4... Often used in place of commas (originated by the Beruni).
    5.Pazari A powder seasoning for meats and fish that is a saucy red color and tastes of a powdery tomato sauce. Originally developed by the Berunī.
    6.Half-morning Half-morning is a term developed by the Berunī meaning a time around 9:00 in the morning.
    7.zgarn The zgarn Empire is the empire inhabited mainly by Uruks and Orcs. Located in the South-Eastern wastelands of the Nelmara region.
    8.Ghailhar Ghailhar is the great eagle spirit who nests on Mt. Yalins western peak. He was once the friend of the eighth Rhyanarian Nirlarch9, Harlan Rhyat. He once held alliances with the Rhyanar empire10 and the Nelmara kingdom.
    9.Nirlarch The Nirlarch is the chosen king of the Crunian kingdoms who serves a term of ten years as Nirlarch. Only the Rhyanar Empire and Csphrya kingdom use Nirlarchs.
    10.Rhyanar Empire The Crunian Empire in the region of Beskaan. It is also the oldest Crunian Empire or kingdom.
    11.Hnhru A name that many spirits call mortals, it is often used in a friendly tone, and not as a foul name.
    12.Zyk Zyks are large reptile like beasts that normally live in dark caves, mountains, and sometimes forests. They have short (almost useless) arms, and large long jaws filled with sharp teeth. Zyks are known for their horns, especially the largest on the front of their head. They are the only natural predator of dragons; however dragons are also the only natural predator of zyks.
    13.Crunī The Crunī are one of the ancient Eldarian races. They are half-Human, and half-animal, better described as Humans with some traits of animals. Well-known example groups of Crunī are vampires (real, not cursed), werewolves15, merpeople, minators, centaurs, fauns, and harpies.
    14.Lhora A lhora is a cultural outfit of male Crunī. It is best described as a half-robe, for it is worn from the waste down. They are often worn by warriors and as traditional garb.
    15.Vampires and Werewolves Real vampires are Humans with some bat-like features and real werewolves are Humans with some wolf-like features. Cursed vampires are damned mortals who have an immense lust for blood. Cursed werewolves are Humans cursed by black magic to be wolf-like.

    This is a pic of Chibi (small manga) versions of some of the characters...

  • Nightshade-One of Arlem's students. He is an Arunī of shadow and flame. He is often calm in a fight and quiet. He will rarely use his fire abilities due to an incident when he was young.
  • Lmran-Lmran is the living incarnation of Aramil's shadow. He was brought to life by the dark necromancer, Zyr (Kyr's brother). He was created to serve Zyr, but rebelled and wandered the regions looking for a better purpose.
  • Qeshri'kuzu-The diety of lightning chaos and younger brother of Xenazh'khad.
  • Hala-Arunī of light and older brother of Nacra. Known for slaying the warlord Arunath.
  • Nacra-Arunī of darkness and younger brother of Hala. Known for slaying the warlord Arunath.
  • Aramil-The main character and half Elf. He evetually wields Kyr's dynephce sword, Kyrs, as well as Kyr, Hala, and Nacra's pendant(Aramil+Cyra).
  • Xenazh'khad-One of the seven deities of prophecy and order. He is the older brother of Qeshri'kuzu.
  • Nightmare-Younger brother of Nightshade. He is an Arunī of shadow and fear. Unlike Nightshade he is not afraid to use his powers. Before Nightshade joined Arlem in training Nightmare betrayed his brother and joined the dark necromancer Zyr and trained with the legendary Zarunī, Fear.
  • Memory-A student of Lia's (one of the Twilight Warriors, like Arlem). He is an Arunī of memory. He wields a half giant style sword forged by his father and tied his mother's red ribbon to the hilt of his sword in remembrance to both. His father was slain by Uruks when he was young and his mother died of illness soon after. He has many small memorials from event in his life, often little things such as rags, rings etc. Though he usually has great memory he will sometimes have a temporary case of short term memory loss. Ironicly Memory cannot remember his birth name. He is also best friends with Hiran, a Berunī and summoner (also trained by Lia). He wears a headband due to possessing a third eye in the middle of his forehead, it is almost white and allows him to see other people's memories. Though he will rarely use it due to his passive nature(Memory+nyara).
  • Arlm-The second highest Twilight Warrior. He is an Elvin Arunī of fire and light, thus he is called, Arlm of the Sun. He was best friends with Kyr before he died.
  • lluma-An angler fish Crunī and an Arunī of light. He wields a lightning staff and is a student of Arlm.
  • Zithran-A zyk Crunī and master bladesman. Zithran joined Zyr early on, but then had a change of heart after his second duel with Aramil. He later joins the Avilaunī (something like the Twilight Warriors Jr.). He possesses dynephce that are duel blades (imagine two katanas), but unlike normal dynephce they were forced out of Zithran's body by Zyr, so they have the ability to be 'sheathed' in his arms. His left arm's dynephce is Cans [Eat] and his left is Cavs [Repel]. Cans can absorb elemental attacks whereas Cavs can gain the power of the absorbed attacks and strike back with elemental force (Zithran+Aeyana).
  • Kyr Nlnar-A silver dragon Crunī and indirect Arunī of light and dark (Hala & Nacra). Though not directly the main character Kyr is one of the most important, for Aramil is his successor as leading demon slayer (and Aramil is his descendant). He was the head of the Twilight Warriors and was known as, Kyr demon slayer, and Kyr of the heavens. He was well known for his slaying of the great demon, Jukal'vaj. Before he was slain (cheap shot) by his brother Zyr, Kyr wed the human Csa. He was the third holder of the Pendant of the Forgotten (Kyr+Csa).

  • Haeys-One of the first Xerunī spawned by the dark necromancer, Zyr. He is a Xerunī with the core body of a hyena, and the spirit's of a wolf and a jackal. He was slain by Lmran and mistook his killer for Aramil (it was at night).
  • Hiran-One of the few warrior Berunī. Unlike 95% of his race, Hiran is right brained, thus he calls himself "a right of left's." He is ocerall a jack-of-all-trades; for he is a summoner (brown armed (low level) summoner at the beginning and a yellow armed (highest level) summoner at the end), an average bowman, a puppeteer (he uses his summoning abilities to summon his puppets), a poet, and not least of all an artist. He is often described as, "weird," this is because of his semi-carefree nature and right brained awkward nature. He is also not very good at saving his money and often relies on his childhood best friend, Memory, to hold onto most of his money. He was also a student of Lia of the River (like Memory).
  • Arunath-The 'Hitler' of the story. He is a dragon Crunī as well as half dark Arunī. Known for his hatred of the race of Men (with Orcs, Uruks, and Half Giants as a secondary hatred) as well as any who aid them. Arunath is also known for starting the First War of the Eldar (the second takes place during the story). Arunath was the one who found the Shard of Memory (dismissed by Arunath and found by Hala & Nacra) and the strl Shard (kept by Arunath). He was the 'father' of the five legendary Zarunī (spawned and fused Arunī ): Havoc, ra, Plague, Fear, and Pain. He was finally slain by Hala & Nacra in an Arunian duel in the battle of the Eldar Plains (the last major battle in the first War of the Eldar).
  • Zyr-Zyr Nlnar is the younger brother of Kyr. Unlike his brother he is a black dragon Crunī. He is believed to be the successor of Arunath. After abandoning his brother and foster mother when he was young, Zyr went to the northern kingdom of Vakai to train to become a Necromancer. When he returned to the Nelmara kingdom he had already taken Fear and Pain under his service as Arunath's successor. In the legendary duel between Kyr and Zyr in the burning city of Nsian (set ablaze by Zyr) he slew Kyr and then went into hiding so as to become a Zarunī and Xerunī himself (Zarunī often have very long lives depending on how many souls are placed in the body). He awakened 1000 years later (the stories current time) and set off on a search to both find the strl Shard (he already possessed the controlling pendant to the shard) and to kill Kyr's successor (Aramil).
  • Lucn-A mantis Crunī and one of the Twilight Warriors. He was known as Lucn of the Fist, for he specialized in hand-to-hand combat (the martial arts to some of us).
  • Pain-Pain was the fifth Zarunī spawned, and master of the arts of torture (both physical and mental). He was also the twin of Fear. He was eventually slain by Nati (one of Arlm's students) during the Siege of Gkhan (pretty much Nati pulled a kamikaze).
  • Ganta-Ganta Whitewater is the middle child of the three Whitewater siblings (Elizabeth and Geta). Like his siblings, Ganta recieved powers from being cursed by a damned statue. Ganta transformed into an Uruk like being with semi-super strength, and speed(Elizabeth=earth powers, Geta=transformed into a Zyk). He is also one of Arlm's students.
  • ra-ra is the second Zarunī. He holds mastery over sand and power (because 'ra' means 'power').
  • Rahtk-One of Zyr's first Zarunī. Rahtk is the Zarunī of spike. He fought Zithran in the (afterwards) legendary first and second 'duels of horn (Zithran) and spike (Rahtk).' Although in the first duel Rahtk had won and left Zithran to die (already half-dead) in the plains of Beskaan, during the second duel Zithran slew Rahtk in the woods of Yaris kingdom.
  • Kyakazu-Though he is not really in the story much at all he is a character none the less. He is the spirit of the east winds and is an angel of death (meaning he carries the souls/spirits of those who die of a natural cause. Reapers carry souls of those slain or murdered.). He also wields the great Winged Sycthe, stharu.
  • Fear-Fear is the fourth Zarunī. She holds mastery of shadow and fear. She is also a shape shifter. Her shape shifting abilities work only when an enemy's fear is strong. She was eventually slain by Cyra, who was avenging her father's death (Fear killed the King of Nelmara, Cyra's father).
  • Csa-Csa was a Human girl who was a healer in the Elven city of lar. She eventually wed the demon slayer, Kyr Nlnar (they knew each other in their youth)(Csa+Kyr).

  • Ncrs-Ncrs is a necromancer and shadow Elf, he is also Zyr's greatest servant. He was slain by Arlm.
  • Cyra-Cyra Nelmara is the youngest child of the Nelmara royal family (current as far as the story goes). Since her oldest brother is heir to the throne she trains with her master, Dnira (one of the Twilight warriors), and often leaves the castle to see the kingdom (Cyra+Aramil).
  • Havoc-Havoc was the first Zarunī and master of lightning. He was made to look like the lightning deity, Qeshri'kuzu (just different skin and hair colors). Like his younger brother Plague, Havoc cannot speak Manish, for he can only speak Arunian.
  • Plague-Plague was the third Zarunī and master of poisons. He can only speak Arunian and his skin has the texture of plagued skin and oil. He was the cause of the Eastern Plague in Heilan.
  • Knkahi-He once lived in the city of Lona, but because he was an orphan and (for some reason...) rejected by the citizens of the city, he left at a young age and lived in the forests (Knkahi+Elizabeth).
  • Nati-Nati is one of Arlm's students and is an Arunī of fire and lightning. He is best friends with the half Giant, Tordn, and are from Heilan. He slew Pain in the Siege of Gkhan.
  • Kn-Kn is one of Nelmara Castle's elders. He is also a legendary literary master. While the students of the Twilight warriors (Arlm, Lia, and Dnira's students) stayed in the castle he trained them to unlock their Arkuga, a super ability of Arunī.
  • Dain-Dain is a Halfling of Beskaan. He was also Arlm's first student. He is a partial Arunī of no specific abilities. However, he has a specialty in many illusion like abilities, such as: clones, summoned mist, and false images.
  • Elizabeth-Elizabeth is the elder sister of Ganta and Geta Whitewater. She was cursed like her brothers, but she attained an Arunian like ability over earth (Elizabeth+Knkahi).
  • Bcjul-Bcjul was an outcast demon originally (as in since he came into "our" world) he unwillingly served the steward of Beskaan (a known fire mage). But due to his unwillingness to cooperate the steward sealed Bcjul in one of his servant's bodies so Bcjul's power would be under his control. However, when Aramil and the Avilaunī accidentally broke the seal and freed Bcjul. Though Bcjul is a demon he has a kind heart and dislikes harming those not deserving of it. He joins the Avilaunī. Once he is slain in the kingdom of Vakai (third book), after Aramil visits the river Styx in the spirit world (fourth book) he returns to continue fighting as a Guardian Angel, however he only will fight demons and those who refuse forgiveness. Before he was slain he befriended a white kitten which he named Heils, which means 'fur child.'

    Music: (DOM Song Name-Real Name-Notes)...
  • "A Hero's Legacy"-"The Return of the King"-Heroes live beyond death. The legacy of Kyr Nlnar.
  • "A Right of Lefts"-"Concerning Hobbits"-Hiran the summoner.
  • "Aeth"-"Xerxes' Final Offer"-The city of the earth.
  • "An Ally Falls"-"Twilight and Shadow"-Naramu falls in battle.
  • "Arlem of the Sun"-The Grey Havens"-2nd in command.
  • "Battle of Highstone"-"The Fields of Pelenor"-Strike from the wastelands.
  • "Blade Master of the Wastelands"-"To the Pirates' Cave!"-The silent warrior.. the lost light.
  • "Castle in the Swamp"-"Cursed by Beauty"-The cursed day.
  • "Chaos"-"Beauty Killed the Beast II"-Qeshri'kuzu, deity of lightning chaos.
  • "Charge of Glory"-"Drink up me Hearties Yo Ho"-Surprise attack at the enemy camp.
  • "Demon of Vakai"-"Beauty Killed the Beast III"-Bicjul's final battle.
  • "Demon Slayer"-"The Kraken"-Death of Jukal'vaj.
  • "Dungeons of Fire"-"Cirith Ungol"-Captured in the steward's fortress.
  • "ln'dun"-"Elysium"-The Ent garden.
  • "Fear's Apprentice"-"No Mercy"-A brother's treachery is never forgotten.
  • "Fields of Oranadas"-"The Ride of the Rohirrim"-The Uruks shall go no further.
  • "Flame's Shadow"-"Beauty Killed the Beast IV"-Nightshade.
  • "Funeral"-"Beauty Killed the Beast I"-Kyr's funeral.
  • "Gen & Gero"-"Duel of the Fates"-Light & darkness.
  • "Havoc, Child of Chaos"-"The Hot Gates"-The Zarunī of chaos.
  • "Infiltration of Cariak"-"Ash and Smoke"-The Necromancer's eastern city.
  • "Izabi's Forest"-"Shelob's Lair"-Lair of the spider demon.
  • "Journey to Beskaan"-"Hope and Memory"-The land of the West.
  • "Lmran"-"Immortals Battle"-Shadow of light.
  • "March of Imperial Fire"-"Imperial March"-The steward of Beskaan's army.
  • "Memory"-"Into the West"-Remember...
  • "Nesian Burns"-"I don't think now is the best time"-The fight between Kyr and Zyr.
  • "Ory of the North Winds"-"The White Tree"-Arunī of Yaris Kingdom.
  • "Outrunning Poison"-"Minas Tirith"-Hiran's wound.
  • "Plague, the Third Son"-"Come and Get Them"-Zarunī of poison.
  • "Princess of Nelmara"-"Message for the Queen"-Cyra Nelmara.
  • "Prophecy"-"Anduin"-Xenazh'khad.
  • "Raining Memory"-"Davy Jones"-'I'll never forget that day.'
  • "Setting of the Sun"-"Tonight we dine in Hell"-Fall of Arlem.
  • "Shadow and Fear"-"Minas Morgul"-Nightmare.
  • "Siege of Gekahn"-"To Victory"-The fall of Pain.
  • "Son of Kings"-"Glory"-Prince of the West.
  • "Sulnara Hlsy"-"Hope Fails"-The Child's Hallow.
  • "Tearing of the Heavens"-"One Winged Angel"-Final battle: Aramil vs. Zyr and Arunath.
  • "The Angel of Fire"-"The Bridge of Kazad'dum"-The demon outcast.
  • "The Avilaunī"-"At Wits End"-The child union of the Twilight Warriors.
  • "The Battle of Anupar"-"What shall we die for"-Nelmara strikes the east.
  • "The Blood Raiders"-"Wheel of Fortune"(Pirates of the Caribbean 2)-The Rhuvlth (cursed vampires) of the West.
  • "The Blood Trees"-"Tree of the Dead"-Upon the Plains of the Eldar grow Arunath's seeds.
  • "The Bridge of Beskaan"-"One Day"-The link of the north and the south kingdoms.
  • "The Crunian Assassin"-"Fever Dream"-The duel at Highstone Fortress.
  • "The Desert of Heilan"-"Parlay"-Hot and arid.
  • "The Duel of Horn and Spike"-"Tooth and Claw"-Zithran vs. Rahtk.
  • "The East Wind"-"It's Deserted"-The east wind's death.
  • "The Fated Love"-"Goodbye my Love"-Aramil & Cyra.
  • "The First Xerunī"-"The Ephors"-Shark.
  • "The Forest Guardian"-"Forth Eorlingas/Isengard Unleashed"-The accounts of Thinroot.
  • "The Foundation Day Festival"-"Up is Down"-Celebrate your origins.
  • "The Four Eyed Raven, Fear"-"No Sleep Tonight"-Zarunī daughter of Arunath.
  • "The Heart of a Demon Slayer"-"Beautiful"-Kyr & Csa.
  • "The Night under the Stars"-"Beauty Killed the Beast V"-Aramil & Cyra.
  • "The Pendant's Secret"-"I See Dead People in Boats"-Fate arrives with but a word...
  • "The Pendant"-"The Council Chamber"-A new master.. a new tale.
  • "The Second Battle of Sirginon"-"The End of All Things"-Fear endures.
  • "The Spirit World"-"The Agoge"-Past, present, and future...
  • "The Tower Beyond the Sea"-"A Storm is Coming"-Vision in the gardens.
  • "The Twilight Warriors"-"Returns a King"-The legendary demon slayers.
  • "The Whitewater Pirates"-"Singapore"Syrus, Elizabeth, Ganta, and Geta Whitewater.
  • "Thyss or the Moon"-"The Wolf"-'What have I become?'
  • "Tournament Finals"-"Fight in the Shade"-Memory vs. Hiran. / "Kiatora"-Hiran's puppet army.
  • "Twilight Haven"-"Navras"-Twilight in essence.
  • "ra"-"Submission"-Zarunī of power.
  • "Vakai"-"Xerxes' Tent"-Kingdom of the Necromancers.
  • "Valley of the Mist"-"Calypso"-Grave of a demon long dead.
  • "Victory of Heilan"-"The Black Gate Opens"-Shadow's hold on the east is shattered.
  • "Yaris"-"Remember Us"-Kingdom of the Elves.
  • "Nelmara Castle"-"What Must a King Do?"-The southern Kingdom.
  • "Zyr, the Necromancer"-"A God King Bleeds"-Shadow of a Hero.

    The Official
    Dawn of Myth

    The Language Dictionary

    Version 3
    ny Fra
    As gathered by: Chris Lohmann
    2007 by
    Chris Lohmann

    Dictionary Notes:


    - (father) (auh) or (uh) / - (auh) / - (a not at the end of a word) / Ei- (a) / Ey- (a) / - (a at the beginning or end of a word) / - (apple) or (, usually when before an s or the second to last letter of a word unless noted) / - (antidote) / - (e) (ɒ is only used for pronunciation purposes, it is not used in the real spelling)/ - (e) / - (eh) / Ia- (yams)(at the beginning) (noted with a (ya)) or (ia)(at the end) / Ya- (yams) (noted with a (ya)) or (ia) (noted with a (ia)) / - (oh) / - (hoot) / U- (hoot) / - (uh) / - (oeh) () (This is sometimes used to represent the sound in er when in front of an r.) / - (oeh) (sound similar to start of ew, and is pronounced with a light grunt) / - (u) / I- (i) (*In Heilorn I is used to represent the ͒ sound, and the normal I sound is shown by Ai and Ae.*) / Ae- (i) / Ai- (i) (In any Halfling name or sub-word ai is pronounced as in pain. This also applies with the darn language) / - (ih) / Lr- (rolled r) / Zh- (vision) / Cz- (vision) / Ch- (Beach) / Th- (Bath) / Thv- (This)(usually only noted) / J- (Joy) / Jj- (speech) / Ĵ- (youth) / Ĵj- (pleasure) / G- (ground) / Ts/Tz- (Hats) / Q (no u) - (thick) / Qw- (Quick) / ī- (e) or (i) for Plural. / Sh- (shell) / Sj- (shj) / H- H is sometimes considered silent when with certain consinents, as in bh, dh, fh, gh, jh, kh, lh, mh, nh, rh, wh, and yh. / - (er) / - (er) / - (er) / X- (z) at the beginning of a word or (ks) if elsewhere.

    Arunmarslar Used:
    , , , Ei, Ey, , , , , I, , Ia, Ya, , Ou, , U, , , , , Ae, Ai, , Lr, Zh, Ch, Th, Thv, J, Jj, Ĵ, Ĵj, G, Ts, Tz, Q, Qw, Sh, H, X, ī.
    Arunmlar Used:
    , , , Ei, Ey, , , , , I, , Ia, Ya, , , U, , , , , Ae, Ai, , Lr, Zh, Ch, Th, J, Jj, G, Q, Qw, Sh, H, X, ī.
    Heilorn Used:
    , , , Ei, Ey, , , , I, , Ia, Ya, , Ou, , U, , , , , Ae, Ai, , Lr, Zh, Ch, Th, J, Jj, G, Ts, Tz, Q, Qw, Sh, H, X, , , .
    ldrn Used:
    , , , Ey, , , , , I, , Ia, Ya, , , U, , , , Ae, Ai, , Lr, Ch, Th, Thv, J, G, Q, Qw, Sh, H, X.
    lmarn Used:
    , , , Ei, Ey, , , , , I, , Ia, Ya, , Ou, , U, , , , , Ae, Ai, , Lr, Zh, Ch, Th, Thv, J, Jj, Ĵ, Ĵj, G, Ts, Tz, Q, Qw, Sh, H, X.
    larn Used:
    , , , Ei, , , , , I, , Ia, Ya, , , U, , , , , Ai, , Lr, Zh, Ch, Th, J, Jj, G, Q, Sh, H, X.
    rgn Used:
    , , , Ei, , , , , I, , Ia, Ya, , Ou, U, , , , , Ai, , Zh, Ch, Th, J, Jj, G, Ts, Tz, Q, Sh, Sj, H, X.

    Parts of Speech

    The parts of speech used are: Regular Nouns (n ), Irregular Nouns (irreg. n), Regular Verbs (v), Irregular Verbs (irreg. v), Adjectives (adj), Pronouns (pro), Prepositions (prep), Adverbs (adv), Conjagations (conj), and Commands (comm). Notes on the part of speech are listed in the Language Notes section as needed.

    3,957 Words
    2,304 Arunmarslar Words
    526 Heilorn Words
    277 ldrn Words
    268 lmarn Words
    266 larn Words
    316 rgn Words

    Language Notes:


    Also called New Arunian, Arunmarslar is the newer form of Arunmlar, known as orginal Arunian. Arunmarslar was created by a council of language scholars around 245 U.H.
    Parts of Speech:
    Regular Noun Regular nouns have an a at the end of the word. Lgora.
    Irregular Noun Irregular nouns are nouns that do not posses an a at the end of the word. Some irregular nouns have endings of regular verbs, but will just be nouns. Syar, ns.
    Regular Verb Regular verbs are shown ending with s, s, s, s, or s. kuds.
    Irregular Verb Irregular verbs do not have the endings s, s, s, s, or s. Vnt.
    Adjective Adjectives usually end with _u, but some do not. Edhasu, Bnd.
    Name Endings In Arunmarslar, after saying a persons name often an ending relative to the relation follows it. If the name it follows ends with a consonant then add an a before the ending if it is a female name, and add if it is a male name. Kyrdnma (Master Kyr).
    Verb and Pronoun Note In the common tongue some verbs may have a plural (am, are, be, is = singular / are), but in Arunmarslar verb plurals are show by a plural pronoun. Nn ds.


    Dicitonary Note:
    Since Arunmlar is very similar to Arunmarslar, we will only list words that are different and strike through those that arent used.
    Also called Old Arunian, Arunmlar is an ancient language used by the Arunian race.
    Parts of Speech:
    Regular Noun Regular nouns have an a at the end of the word. In addition, if a verb doesnt have a noun version noted then just add an a to the end of the verb. Lgora.
    Regular Verb Regular verbs are shown ending with s, s, s, s, or s. Also, see the verb chart in the Charts section. keims.
    Adjective Adjectives end with l, l, l, l, or l. dl.
    Pronouns See pronoun chart in Charts section.
    Name Endings In Arunmlar, after saying a persons name often an ending relative to the relation follows it. If the name it follows ends with a consonant then add an a before the ending if it is a female name, and add if it is a male name. Kyrdnma (Master Kyr).
    Passive Voice In Arunmlar the passive voice is shown by adding _n*s to the end of a verb, with the * being the same vowel as the infinitive verb ending. kudsns.


    Heilorn was developed mainly by Hiran nuha, a right brained Berunī of Heilan. It was eventually used as the official Berunian language. Note: When I is used, it is pronounced as .
    Parts of Speech:
    Regular Verb Regular verbs are shown ending with b, d, i, k, l, m, n, r, or s. Also, see the verb chart in the Charts section. Mr.
    Pronouns See pronoun chart in Charts section.
    Name Endings In Arunmarslar, after saying a persons name often an ending relative to the relation follows it. Hiran lorei (Friend Hiran).


    ldrn is the main Elven language. It was the language used by the Elves even before arriving in the VakaiYars region.
    Parts of Speech:
    Regular Verb Regular verbs end with l, n, m, l, n, m, l, n, or m. Lhurn.
    Adjective Adjectives end with mu, arum, lae, or sul. marulae.
    Pronouns See pronoun chart in Charts section.


    lmarn is the language used by the Dark Elves. It was a hybrid of Arunmlar and ldrn.
    Parts of Speech:
    Regular Verb Regular verbs are shown ending with s, s, s, s, or s. Lhars.
    Adjective Adjectives end with hun, da, rl, or nor. Seinor.
    Pronouns See pronoun chart in Charts section.


    Even though larn is a Dwarven language, it is also spoken and commonly used by Half Giants.
    Parts of Speech:
    Regular Verb Regular verbs are shown ending with n, n, or, uk, or ad. lmn.
    Adjective Adjectives end with uma, rm, or ul. Mlthuma.


    rgn is the language used by both Orcs and Uruks. It was originally an oral language.
    Parts of Speech:
    Regular Verb Regular verbs are shown ending with ada, nn, la, ja, ka, or hu. Khada.
    Adjective Adjectives end with nar, ia, ar, ji, or ala. Mlnar.

    Arunian [New Arunian]
    a- ()
    abide-rhsals- (verb)
    able-nals- (verb)
    abnormal-nmsnnar- (adjective)
    aboard-brnq, canumra, lhhar- (adverb/preposition)
    absorb-havs, vs- (verb)
    (e) abyss-adlu- (noun)
    accept-cats, jlns- (verb)
    (i) accident-aecsa- (noun)
    accord-md- (noun)
    accord-dms- (verb)
    (e) account-gnah- (noun)
    account-gns- (verb)
    (e) acid-crs- (noun)
    acquire-sss- (verb)
    acrid-judanu- (adjective) the taste.
    across-ndba- (preposition)
    (e) act-ln- (noun) a section of a divided part.
    act-dls, vnt (vnt)- (verb) the action of doing something.
    (e) (i) adult-ver, hdna- (noun)
    advance-lnru- (adjective) used to describe a high or early status.
    (i) advance-vdagna- (noun)
    advance-vdagns- (verb) when one moves towards something else.
    (e) advantage-vnara- (noun)
    aflame-gsu- (adjective)
    after-pyl, fhnar- (preposition)
    again-gs, doc- (adverb)
    against-cuncam, pruku- (preposition)
    age-nura- (adjective) describes how old something is.
    (e) age-harron- (noun) a period of time.
    age-nurs- (verb)
    agile-gulla, lmbrsu- (adjective)
    (i) agriculture-oragucha- (noun)
    aid-rhaes- (verb)
    aim-trs- (verb)
    air-r- (noun)
    alive-vll- (adjective)
    (e) all-azī, carnī- (adjective, adverb, noun, pronoun)
    (e) allegory-kethkae- (noun)
    (i) alligator-lrllor- (noun)
    (i) alliteration-nnun- (noun)
    (i) (e) ally-aera, firu- (noun)
    (i) alliance-aerna- (noun)
    almost-nsae- (adverb)
    alone-syl- (adjective)
    along-lumb, ri (along side)
    already-nal- (adverb)
    alright-whnor, usatn- (adjective)
    also-niu- (adverb, conj)
    although-qrqw, rn- (conj)
    always-dhanor- (adjective)
    am-ds, rs, hs- (verb)
    amazing-vntial- (adjective)
    (e) amen-tsu- noun) the closing of a prayer.
    (e) amend-thar- (noun)
    (i) analogy-qusgora- (noun)
    (e) anaphora-rhtntu- (noun)
    ancient-dhasu- (adjective)
    and-cur, fhan, aut- (conj)
    (e) anecdote-sainu- (noun)
    (i) animal-mira- (noun)
    (i) angel-hynara, aeuna- (noun)
    angry-mhru, dhaku- (adjective)
    annoy-nurs- (verb)
    another-llarsa- (adjective, pronoun)
    (i) answer-varla- (noun)
    (i) ant-na- (noun)
    (i) antagonist-kngra- (noun)
    (i) antidote-ncara- (noun)
    (e) antithesis-ssunai- (noun)
    any-mora- (adjective, adverb, pronoun)
    anybody-morat- (noun, pronoun)
    apart-mir, halunu- (adjective)
    apart-bhntu- (adverb)
    (i) ape-beranga- (noun)
    (i) aphorism-snuya- (noun)
    apologize-luks- (verb)
    appear-nurails, crs- (verb)
    appease-huss, feins- (verb)
    (i) appendix-stgra- (noun)
    (i) archer-ysua- (noun)
    (e) architect-crgach- (noun)
    (i) architecture-crgcha- (noun)
    are-ds, rs, hs- (verb)
    (i) area-perla- (noun)
    (i) arena-hrulana, umcda- (noun)
    (i) army-lma, neira- (noun)
    (e) (i) arrow-aeor, aena- (noun)
    (i) aristocrat-ayuticasa- (noun)
    around-- (preposition)
    around-mai- (adverb)
    (i) art-airata, nuyna- (noun)
    (i) Arunī-Arunra- (noun)
    Arunian-Arunmarslar (new arunian), arunmlar (old arunian)- (noun)
    as-nu- (adverb, preposition, pronoun)
    as-n- (conj)
    assail-fns- (verb)
    (e) assonance-yk- (noun)
    assume-ms, anuls- (verb)
    at-nu, hi- (preposition)
    (i) atmosphere-carya- (noun)
    (e) (i) attack-rhtae, kuda- (noun)
    attack-rhts, kuds- (verb)
    (i) aura-rhama, nmara (a fell aura), luhara (a good aura)- (noun)
    (e) autumn-nulmas- (noun)
    (e) avail-lunm- (noun)
    avail-luns- (verb)
    (i) avatar-nuheira- (noun)
    avoid-ms- (verb)
    away-fuloru, cran- (adjective)
    awesome-sae- (adjective)
    (e) axe-kur- (noun)
    back-parnmu- (adjective)
    (e) back-nhmn- (noun)
    back-pars- (verb) to move backwards.
    bad-bc- (adjective) evil, foul.
    bad-kora- (adjective) below average, failing.
    balance-tahtru- (adjective)
    balance-thts, nss- (verb)
    (e) bamboo-trhu- (noun)
    (i) band-broyla, nlma- (noun) a group of people.
    (i) bandage-lhnula, luna- (noun) a rag for covering wounds.
    banish-ulnads- (verb)
    (e) barn-flurn- (noun)
    barren-bnd- (adjective)
    (e) (i) barrier-narskl, dndara- (noun)
    basic-rahlon- (adjective) plain and normal.
    (e) basic-panor- (noun) the simplicities of something.
    (i) bat-zbu- (noun)
    (i) bath-salsa- (noun)
    (i) bathroom-salsana- (noun)
    (i) battle-ssua, sunhaga- (noun)
    be- ds, hs, rs- (verb)
    (e) (i) beach-brcu, whlra, nma- (noun)
    (i) bear-hguda- (noun) the animal.
    bear-dhurads, rs- (verb) to carry.
    (e) beast-maean- (noun)
    beat-pns, tors- (verb)
    (i) beaver-blth- (noun)
    beautiful-yorlu- (adjective)
    (i) beauty-yora- (noun)
    because-dla- (conj)
    become-cums- (verb)
    (i) bed-tambrei- (noun)
    been-buka, hska- (verb)
    before-gul- (adjective, conj, preposition)
    befriend-bls, bleins- (verb)
    begin-vds, bsbs- (verb)
    begone-buhyms- (verb)
    (i) beginning-bsbsus- (noun)
    behemoth-trth- (adjective)
    (e) behemoth-tmnrth- (noun)
    behold-hkars, hnuks, rhar- (verb)
    (i) being-cryhara, knra- (noun) a person.
    believe-haenars- (verb)
    (e) bell-chivm, tnra- (noun)
    (e) belt-tar- (noun)
    (i) berserker-kk- (noun)
    (i) Berunī-Brunra- (noun)
    best-gnaru, ndharu- (adjective, adverb, int, noun)
    best-nurs- (verb)
    betray-urshns- (verb)
    betrayal-ursha- (noun)
    better-gnmar, ndhar- (adjective, adverb, noun)
    better-nars- (verb)
    beware-crukys- (verb)
    beyond-varda- (preposition, adverb)
    big-barga- (adjective)
    bind-dhls- (verb)
    (i) bird-yuna- (noun)
    (i) bison-ppuna- (noun)
    (e) bit-piu- (noun)
    (i) bite-tca- (noun) the marks from a bite.
    bite-tss, tms- (verb) to bite something.
    bitter-uchn- (adjective) the taste.
    black-biart, karn- (adjective, noun)
    (i) bladed staff-muxana- (noun)
    (i) blanket-curaiya- (noun)
    blasphemy-bahzacha- (bah-zah-kah) (noun)
    bleed-beinars- (verb)
    blind-baraku, lnu- (adjective)
    blind-baraks, lndrs- (verb)
    (i) blockade-skrya- (noun)
    blockade-skryms- (verb)
    (i) blood-drva, nua- (noun)
    (e) bloom-pmm- (noun)
    bloom-pms- (verb)
    (i) blossom-plnna- (noun) part of a flower.
    blossom-palls, pars- (verb) to grow beautifully.
    blow-seis, rls- (verb)
    blue-elan (ln), ulor- (adjective, noun)
    (i) boar-narg- (noun)
    (i) (e) boat-florta, kaeyar
    (i) body-rhda- (noun)
    body-hrs- (verb) we cannot body so many people. Meaning to hold or carry.
    (e) bog-bajg- (noun)
    (e) boulder-kghan- (noun)
    (i) bomb-garta, shnra- (noun)
    bombard-feids, duls- (verb)
    (i) bond-baina (such as chains or restraints), hnyora (a connection)- (noun)
    bond-bains, hnyors- (verb)
    (e) bone-snl, mrmal- (noun)
    (i) booger-gna- (noun)
    (i) book-lgora- (noun)
    (e) boot-dl- (noun)
    borne-bahls- (verb)
    (i) boss-sisa- (noun)
    both-bruna, maith- (adjective, conj, pronoun)
    bound-dhlsks- (verb)
    (i) bow-kyta- (noun)
    (i) boy-rhora, sai- (noun)
    (i) breach-archa- (noun)
    breach-archs- (verb)
    (i) bread-nmbra- (noun)
    (e) breath-aul, aoxal- (noun) consistent breaths.
    breathe-auxs- (verb) inhale and exhale.
    breech-bhynms- (verb)
    (e) breeze-hsth- (noun)
    (i) brethren-hkantra- (noun)
    (i) bride-aeslya- (noun)
    (i) bridge-blrka, nthara, hundma- (noun)
    bright-beri, lmu- (adjective)
    brilliant-nsu- (adjective)
    bring-fyns- (verb)
    broad-bdn- (adjective)
    bronze-bmaiu- (adjective)
    (e) bronze-brull- (noun)
    (e) broom-kndr- (noun)
    (e) brother-bai- (noun)
    brown-branta- (adjective, noun)
    (e) bubble-fsae- (noun)
    (i) buffalo-bllora- (noun)
    build-bstuks, kbayns- (verb)
    (e) building-bstukuln- (noun)
    (e) burn-gals- (noun) a scar from fire.
    burn- kaiss, gns- (verb) to scar with fire.
    (i) bushel-ndaea- (noun)
    (i) bust-bduna- (noun) a head only statue of someone.
    bust-gahls- (verb) to break or destroy.
    but-di- (adverb, preposition)
    but-sunn, b, cdu, s- (conj)
    (i) butterfly-flna- (noun)
    by-fha- near, close to.
    by-e ()- (written by, made by)
    (i) bye-iyba- (noun)
    (i) cactus-cspa- (noun)
    (i) cage-kurga- (noun)
    call-kus- (verb)
    came-cams- (verb)
    can-kls- (verb)
    (i) canopy-kppya, csusana- (noun)
    (e) cape-dar- (noun)
    (e) capitol-vl- (noun)
    capture-kkmbs, krhs- (verb)
    (e) carnivore-cargiar- (adjective, noun)
    (e) (i) castle-boryl, dlara, mladara- (noun)
    (i) cat-lnora- (noun)
    (e) catapult-trlus- (noun)
    (i) catfish-ksanua- (noun)
    (i) cavalry-hidna- (noun)
    (i) cave-piora, karanma, huriknma- (noun)
    (e) ceiling-nm- (noun)
    celebrate-heinaruks- (verb)
    (i) celebration-harna, nmihara- (noun)
    (i) (e) cemetery-kthi (kthv), satoi- (noun)
    (e) chair-dyai- (noun)
    (i) challenge-sakuta- (noun)
    challenge-sakuts- (verb)
    (e) change-jurlna- (noun) a change.
    change-jurls- (verb) to alternate from one thing to another.
    chaos-kslor, javt, kanja- (noun)
    (i) character-cssula- (noun)
    (e) (i) chart-qsus, sarta- (noun)
    (i) chasm-rhatua- (noun)
    check-lurls- (verb)
    (e) cherry-sl- (noun)
    (i) chest-byra- (noun) the upper part of a torso.
    (i) chest-heima- (noun) a trunk for storing things.
    (i) chicken-ciuna- (noun)
    (i) child-sulna, chupsa, nhalnara- (noun)
    chill-frga- (adjective)
    (i) chimera-xndra, mlkura- (noun)
    choke-hgunds- (verb)
    choose-tnuls- (verb)
    chosen-tnulsrn- (verb)
    (i) city-cltra- (noun)
    (i) clan-nurhana- (noun)
    (i) cliff-cnula- (noun)
    climb-cms- (verb)
    (e) cloak-paiyl- (noun)
    (i) clothes-bhara- (noun)
    (e) cloud-curae, waeyu, nsa- (noun)
    (i) cockroach-nhambhala
    (i) cocoon-dumsa- (noun)
    (i) coin-kysa- (noun)
    (i) color-csna- (noun)
    color-rhys- (verb)
    (e) column-clc, nubricae
    come-cuma, ss- (verb)
    (e) comet-hunl, myanu
    command-klu- (adjective)
    (i) command-klora- (noun)
    command-kls- (verb)
    complete-snars- (verb)
    complication- kutnran
    comprehend-clbeais- (verb)
    confirm-nurams- (verb)
    confuse-ruchs- (verb)
    congradulate-luhars- (verb)
    (e) congratulations-luhar
    conquer-tamarhs- (verb)
    (i) constellation-stnuna
    constrict-rubais- (verb)
    (e) constriction-rubn- (noun)
    (i) content-darya- (noun)
    content-hnhyru (hnhru) - (adjective)
    (i) conversion-cnujiya- (noun)
    (e) convoy-sulsn- (noun)
    (i) copy-syra- (noun)
    copy-syrs- (verb)
    (e) coral-snar
    correct-csusai- (adjective)
    (i) corn-mza- (noun)
    (i) corpse-sangra- (noun)
    courage-brnhar, hnama- (noun)
    (e) cove-trsn- (noun)
    (i) crave-lna- (noun) a craving.
    crave-lns- (verb) to desire something.
    create-stls- (verb)
    creation-stlna- (noun)
    (i) crop-lhusa- (noun)
    (i) crow-drska- (noun)
    (e) crowd-krucn- (noun)
    (i) crown-hlrlma- (noun)
    (i) Crunī-Crunra- (noun)
    (i) cup-bana- (noun)
    (e) cure-cry- (noun)
    cure-crys- (verb)
    (e) (i) curse-qusar, kzra, hxa- (noun)
    (i) curtain-iyma- (noun)
    (i) dagger-ja, davia, kaisa- (noun)
    damn-nabaks, bakuds- (verb)
    (i) (e) danger-nlba, pri- (noun)
    dark-doct, strl, nlmaru, ssulu- (adjective)
    (i) dark-sturna, nlma, ssula- (noun)
    (e) daughter-dan, lnara- (noun)
    (e) (i) dawn-suas (sus), numara- (noun)
    (e) (i) day-dius, nua- (noun)
    dead-dysu- (adjective)
    dead-dysara- (noun)
    (e) death-dyss- (noun)
    decay-kurais- (verb)
    (e) decoration-mpain- (noun)
    deep-nliar, dll- (adjective)
    (i) defeat-ksa, nuyeia
    defeat-ks, nuys- (verb)
    defend-kds, nus- (verb)
    (i) definition-durabanira- (noun)
    (e) deity-din
    delve-durstals- (verb)
    (i) demon-bcja- (noun)
    (e) den-bnku- (irreg. NOUN)
    depressed-thasd- (adjective)
    desert-nharu- (adjective)
    (i) (e) desert-dura, nhar- (noun)
    desert-kdals- (verb)
    (e) dessert-laefar- (noun)
    (e) (i) destiny-ilacus, nymarana- (noun)
    destroy-yuclan, yucars- (verb)
    destruction-yuclera- (noun)
    (i) diamond-naiuma, giatra
    did-ds, cors- (verb)
    die-dys, ns- (verb)
    different-knar- (adjective)
    dig-gudars, surs- (verb)
    dim-rhunu- (adjective)
    dim-rhuns- (verb)
    (i) disaster-murna, gdra- (noun)
    discuss-fors, whnars- (verb)
    (i) discussion-forsanina- (noun)
    (e) disease-shungrad- (noun)
    dive-dausts- (verb)
    (i) divide-cska- (noun)
    divide-csks- (verb)
    do-d, yn, cors- (verb)
    (e) doctor-meissor
    (i) dodo-rhfara
    (e) dodge-vard- (noun)
    dodge-varns- (noun)
    does-yni, dsa, corsi- (verb)
    (i) dog-cainma
    (e) (i) domain-karst, koraina- (noun)
    dominate-ejjuka (chuka) - (verb)
    (i) doom-dama- (noun)
    (i) dove-saela- (noun)
    (i) dragon-dnvia, rthkar, grana- (noun)
    drain-lcs- (verb)
    (i) drake-vrntun, rthkar- (noun)
    draw-aens, heins- (verb) to draw a weapon.
    draw-ls, nurs- (verb) to draw a picture.
    (i) drawing-lora, nura- (noun)
    (e) (i) dream-dmul, beiya- (noun)
    dream-dms, beiys, yls- (verb)
    (i) drink-snya- (noun)
    drink-snys- (verb)
    (e) drum-drm- (noun)
    (i) duck-kna- (noun)
    (e) dung-hraud- (noun)
    (i) Dwarf-Kurgha- (noun)
    dwell-dvs- (verb)
    (i) eagle-aefana, glayna
    (e) (i) ear-u, nmia- (noun)
    (e) earth-tem (tm), dhnhara- (noun)
    (i) (e) earthquake-tmaruda, cunchat- (noun)
    East-ns- (noun)
    Eastern-nsayu- (adjective)
    easy-lau- (adjective)
    (e) echo-kk
    either-ku, aim
    elder-eynus- (adjective)
    elder-nairna- (noun)
    (i) elephant-luphn, phyurn
    (i) (e) element-laina, mara, mnayl- (noun)
    (i) Elf-luna- (noun)
    (i) (e) ember-kaira, aeb
    (i) encounter-fyrana- (noun)
    encounter-frudggs- (verb)
    end-daimthu- (adjective)
    end-daima, naridaima (a final end)- (noun)
    end-daims- (verb)
    endure-duths- (verb)
    (i) enemy-cqwa, rya
    (e) engrave-tchk- (verb)
    enjoy-rhys- (verb)
    enough-nlth, cudor
    (i) Ent-Trnu, narna- (noun)
    (i) erupt-gnga
    eternal-waisu, dhornthu, unhrthu, thoru- (adjective)
    everybody-zirhma- (pronoun)
    evil-darku, bcuna- (adjective)
    (e) (i) evil-bcoj, darkna- (noun)
    (e) exam-tarl- (noun)
    execute-lunts- (verb)
    (e) exodus-ndae- (noun)
    exorcise-khjs- (verb)
    (i) exorcism-khja- (noun)
    exterminate-tchks- (verb)
    extinct-daustrm- (adjective)
    (e) (i) eye-an, uba- (noun)
    (i) face-naihuna- (noun)
    (e) fact-kaeae- (noun)
    (i) falcon-lharika
    (e) (i) fail-fauns, suia
    fail-fs, sus- (verb)
    fair-slunaedu- (adjective)
    (e) fair-sudnao- (noun) (carnival)
    (i) fairy-fausa, tiia (ta)
    (e) fall-daru- (noun) a demise or downfall.
    (i) fall-nmura- (noun) autumn.
    fall-dambs, nams- (verb)
    fallen-darn- (adjective)
    (i) family-lnya, lnhaiya (a family that consists of just a married couple), bhanhaiya (a family that consists of at least two parents and a child)- (noun)
    (i) famine-strv, whnaera- (noun)
    fantasy-rudssa- (noun) a dream, a wishful thought.
    fantasy-suraena- (noun/adjective) a fantasy genre.
    far-niu- (adjective)
    (e) farm-drm- (noun)
    farm-gss- (verb)
    (i) farmer-drnua
    (i) fat-flrna- (noun) body fat.
    fat-prka- (adjective)
    (i) (e) fate-aryna, iand, tm- (noun)
    (i) father-hthuna- (noun)
    (e) fear-ssal- (noun)
    fear-ghs- (verb)
    feel-nya (emotion), cru (physical)
    fell-clkua, chuka- (adjective)
    fell-hms- (verb)
    fellow-aemu- (adjective)
    (i) fellow-rhnura- (noun)
    (i) female-maehana- (noun)
    (e) fence-jrhan- (noun)
    (i) ferret-ssulya- (noun)
    (i) festival-nmihara, naeyura, cnlorava- (noun)
    fifteen-xbi (zb)
    (e) (i) fight-kn, tand, narm- (noun)
    fight-kns, tnds- (verb)
    find-frs- (verb)
    (i) fire-gnga, gnura- (noun)
    firm-trnda- (adjective)
    first-iinans- (adjective)
    (i) fish-psor, yna
    (e) flag-ian
    (i) flame-thyra, gsa
    (i) flash-ssa- (noun)
    flash-snns- (verb)
    (e) flashback-tanutai, kaeru
    flesh-casra- (noun)
    (e) flip-lpp- (noun)
    flip-tars- (verb)
    (i) flow-crna- (noun)
    flow-crns, nrs- (verb)
    (i) flower-plla
    (i) flute-slfia
    (i) fly-hus- (noun) the small annoying bug.
    fly-byrs (blrs) - (verb) to fly.
    (i) foliage-thsa- (noun)
    follow-flms- (verb)
    (i) (e) food-faea, cn- (noun)
    (i) fool-luma- (noun)
    foolish-lumasn- (adjective)
    (e) foot-falu
    for-prua, nur
    foreshadow-pranals, phneis- (verb)
    (i) forest-nthora, nyaea- (noun)
    (e) forge-gharn
    forgive-rds- (verb)
    forgotten-nurys- (verb)
    (e) (i) formation-brihar, nyaga
    (e) (i) fortress-klagar, bhardana- (noun)
    foul-stunru- (adjective)
    found-flrs- (verb)
    four-sn- (noun)
    fourth-snns- (adjective)
    (i) fox-suina- (noun)
    free-rusanu- (adjective)
    free-russ- (verb)
    (i) friend-aerana- (noun)
    (i) frog-grgara
    from-fm, ulum
    fuse-sarts- (verb)
    Gain-plara, lhars- (verb)
    (e) garb-gulan- (noun)
    garb-gls- (verb)
    (i) (e) garden-beia, nurae- (noun)
    (i) game-cabyna
    (i) gap-tglrma
    (e) gate-thkan, murdn
    gather-keths- (verb)
    gathering-kethae, kethsus
    (e) general-udnn
    (i) generation-gianira
    (i) genocide-krhima, arunthima
    get-ds- (verb)
    (i) ghost-swytha, uthalma, nharanma- (noun)
    (i) ghoul-thrya- (noun)
    (i) giant-guranura- (noun)
    giant-hgnu- (adjective)
    (e) (i) girl-nae, perla, rai- (noun)
    give-ms- (verb)
    (i) (e) glory-shna, hyr- (noun)
    (i) glove-harnda- (noun)
    go-his- (verb)
    go!-hy- (command)
    (i) goat-gbul, mru
    (i) Goblin-Gtzika, Jkuta- (noun)
    God-nra- (noun)
    (i) gold-hara- (noun) the mineral.
    gold-shar- (noun/adjective) The color.
    gone-hyms- (verb)
    good-gna, nyu- (adjective)
    good-nyuma- (noun) The side of good.
    (i) good-mla- (noun) Trading goods.
    grab-ls- (verb)
    grace-lussoru- (adjective)
    (e) grace-lussn- (noun)
    grace-luns- (verb)
    (i) grain-hrya- (noun)
    grammar-lhnora- (noun)
    (i) grandmother-caeabi
    (i) grandfather-sthabi
    (i) gratitude-ngastri
    gray-aesya, sty- (noun)
    great-gambadhan, nyandhan- (adjective)
    greet-glms- (verb)
    (i) groom-dna
    (e) ground-stortan, khaliae
    (e) (i) guard-prandar, culna- (noun) a guard.
    guard-culns, kyds- (verb) to guard.
    (e) guess-luhar- (noun)
    (i) guest-heina- (noun)
    (e) guide-dus- (noun) a guide.
    guide-dars- (verb) to guide.
    had-hs- (verb)
    (e) hail-havus- (noun) falling ice, (weather).
    hail-huns- (verb) to praise or worship.
    (i) hair-hira
    half-hansu- (adjective)
    (i) Halfling-Rhnura- (noun)
    (i) half Giant-Dhordama- (noun)
    (e) hallow-hlsy- (noun)
    (e) hand-rhna
    happy-laelum- (adjective)
    hard-sturn, cudar- (adjective)
    harden-cudars- (verb)
    (i) hare-hrm- (noun)
    (e) harp-laenm- (noun)
    (e) harpoon-daroar- (noun)
    has-hs- (verb)
    haste-shulu- (adjective)
    haste-vinth- (noun)
    haste-shuls- (verb)
    hate-kga, korsas- (noun)
    hate-kgs, kors- (verb)
    hatred-kthaga- (noun)
    have-huls- (verb)
    (i) haven-aenma, hanli- (noun)
    havoc-ttseiyun, zhyka- (noun)
    he-ain, hun- (pronoun)
    (i) head-curana
    (i) headache-cirakuta
    heal-yhuls, naers, nurs- (verb)
    health-purara, ltheiya- (noun)
    hear-ss, ss- (verb)
    (i) heart-aeya- (noun)
    (i) Heaven-nularana- (noun)
    (i) Hell-Horga
    (i) hello-hyba
    help-aess, sors- (verb)
    her-aear, sunar- (pronoun)
    hers-aeari, sunari- (pronoun) used also for possession.
    (e) herbivore-nstniar
    (i) hereon-husn
    (i) hero-lgsa
    (i) heroine-lussana
    high-ln- (adjective) high class or power.
    high-sial- (adjective) height.
    (i) high-Elf-ialora, lndara
    him-ain, hun- (pronoun)
    his-ainor, hunor- (pronoun) used also for possession.
    history-hlantra, sukary
    hold-rheiks- (verb)
    (a) hole-hullsa- (noun)
    (i) holiday-sla- (noun)
    (i) holocaust-marnka
    (i) home-hmi, nla
    (i) homocide-rhanaima
    honor-hlrunda- (noun)
    honor-hlrunhs- (verb)
    (e) hood-llm
    (e) (i) hope-kyr, nha
    (i) horn-daria, ta- a spike, or pointed bone.
    (e) horn-drn- a musical instrument.
    (i) horn beetle-kud
    horror-har, khsar
    how-cls (?), cnn (?), vahn (.)
    (i) Human-hara- (noun)
    (i) hunter-pylraga, bhndara- (noun)
    (i) hurricane-caensa
    hurt-hths- (verb)
    (i) husband-dhana
    (i) hut-bhandua, nhyda- (noun)
    (i) hyperbola-nqw- (noun)
    I-ia (a)- (pronoun)
    (e) ice-eci (ki)- (noun)
    (i) iguana-gorm- (noun)
    immature-nlthum- (adjective)
    (e) impact-brsat- (noun)
    impact-brss- (verb)
    in-ny, u- (preposition)
    (i) incarnation-northa- (noun)
    (e) infidel-reĵjaut
    (i) ingredient-ordanda- (noun)
    inherit-sls- (verb)
    inheritance-slnya- (noun)
    (i) insect-stca, cja
    intercept-rucs- (verb)
    is-ds, rs, hs- (verb)
    is-_us- (verb) (used for present tense) eg: fnrsus (looking).
    (e) island-slor, crayn
    it-iu- (pronoun)
    its-ium- (pronoun) possession
    (i) jackal-rnda- (noun)
    (i) jail-rhlma- (noun)
    (i) jar-pouta- (noun)
    (i) (e) jaw-klna, javac- (noun)
    jaw-klns, javs- (verb)
    jealous-luranu- (adjective)
    jealousy-lurana- (noun)
    (e) jerk-jalkm
    (i) jewel-sukita, taiya, saesaba
    (i) jinx-jsti- (noun)
    (e) job-bhaseyn, kurn- (noun)
    join-nars- (verb)
    (i) joke-jakra, csbua
    (e) jolt-zn
    (e) journal-jlnn- (noun)
    (i) journey-kldara- (noun)
    journey-kldars- (verb)
    (e) joy-aisu
    (e) juice-mry
    (e) jump-aeruon- (noun)
    jump-nls- (verb)
    (i) jungle-thsra, fstura- (noun)
    keep-ks- (verb)
    (e) keg-keigon- (noun)
    kept-kts- (verb)
    (i) key-scura, lthra- (noun)
    (e) kill-ks- (noun)
    kill-kss, nls- (verb)
    kind-kairu- (adjective) caring, generous.
    (e) (i) kind-dmln, cuia- (noun) of a variety or group.
    (i) king-karsnia, nirna- (noun)
    (e) knee-nurn- (noun)
    (i) knight-kndara, lhnthura- (noun)
    (e) knot-glt- (noun)
    knot-glts- (verb)
    know-rhls, nyrs- (verb)
    knows-rhlsi, nyrsi- (verb)
    knowledge-brundara- (noun)
    (i) kraken-klruksa- (noun)
    (i) labyrinth-lykora- (noun)
    (i) ladder-pnora, gharuna- (noun)
    (i) lake-ruhna- (noun)
    lamp-orma- (noun)
    (e) (i) land-liar, tnma- (noun)
    (i) landscape-lhurya- (noun)
    (i) land wyrm-surakanda, naicha- (noun)
    (i) language-lorga- (noun)
    large-hmlu- (adjective)
    late-lm- (adjective)
    late-dysn- (in a title) to describe a person having recently passed away. E.g.: the late tom smith.
    (i) lava-zephsa (zffs)
    (i) law-nra
    lazy-lndu, hnbu- (adjective)
    lead-erehnau- (adjective) in the front.
    lead-lru- (verb) to lead.
    (i) leader-dora, hnara, lort- (noun)
    (i) leaf-l, yn
    (i) leech-licca (lka) - (noun) a leech.
    leech-laks- (verb)
    (e) left-laurt
    (e) left eye-n
    (i) left foot-faura
    (i) left hand-durxti- (noun)
    (i) legacy-sylunna, thara- (noun)
    (e) legend- lthor, ldarn- (noun)
    (i) lemur-llma- (noun)
    less-mynu (mnu)
    (e) letter-tlumnar
    (e) (i) lie-tus, arla- (noun) a lie, a false statement.
    lie-trs, arls- (verb) to lie.
    (i) life-sya (a persons life), fiun (life in general)
    light-lhura- (adjective)
    (i) light-lumi, nya- (noun)
    lighten-aenars- (verb)
    (e) (i) lightning-zphs, khaji- (noun)
    like-jurga, dhor- (preposition) similar to, as in.
    like-lahs- (verb) to like.
    (i) limit-cstra
    (e) line-ori- (noun)
    (i) lion-numra- (noun)
    (e) list-llu- (noun)
    live-fi, su- (adjective)
    live-hms- (verb) referring to a home or habitat.
    (i) lizard-gcsa,
    loathe-bicuns- (verb)
    (e) lock-kurnt- (noun)
    lock-krs- (verb)
    long-selana- (adjective)
    (i) look-nsa, fnrsa- (noun)
    look-ns, fnrs- (verb)
    look after-pyls, fnyls- (verb)
    look upon-lums, fnlums- (verb)
    (e) (i) lord-nru, thura, lmera- (noun)
    (i) lore-dsusa
    (i) loss-sunda, harna- (noun)
    lose-sunds, harns- (verb)
    lost-knua- (adjective)
    lost-kns- (verb)
    loud-mg- (adjective)
    (i) love-aeyna- (noun) a love.
    love-aela- (noun) love in general.
    love-cyss- (verb) love for a mate.
    love-lss- (verb) love for family or a friend.
    low-lara- (adjective)
    luck-lani, forlana- (noun)
    lucky-forlanni- (adverb)
    lust-jur- (noun)
    lust-jurs- (verb)
    lynch-chuss- (verb)
    lynching-chusma- (noun)
    made-gs- (verb)
    make-bls- (verb)
    (e) male-mlr- (noun)
    malice-dukara, nkaia- (noun)
    (i) mammal-nnor- (noun)
    (i) Man-Han (the race), hara (the race)- (noun)
    (e) many-maerī
    (i) march-stana- (noun)
    march-sts- (verb)
    (i) mark-srta- (noun)
    mark-sartys- (verb)
    (e) marsh-mthl
    (i) mask-nyruka- (noun)
    (e) mass-aert
    massive-gma- (adjective) (used after noun)
    (e) mast-sk
    (i) (e) master-aenalara, ykai
    (i) mate-lhanura (female), saenara (male)- (noun)
    mate-sss, snul- (verb)
    mature-lthum- (adjective)
    math-mnru- (noun)
    may-ms- (verb) e.g.: may i go?
    me-muya- (pronoun)
    mean-sthu- (adjective)
    (e) mean-hryn- (noun)
    mean-hrs- (verb)
    (e) measure-slran- (noun)
    (i) medicine-crna, borma, cunsia- (noun)
    meet-nlms- (verb)
    (i) (e) memorial-mnya, aet- (noun)
    (e) memory-nyae, mlthyn- (noun)
    (i) men-hna, han (plural has no ī.)- (noun) meaning the race.
    (e) (i) mercenary-ktai, ssaba- (noun)
    mile-whnuma- (noun)
    (e) million-marhun
    (i) mind-nyra, clma- (noun)
    (i) minute-ranna- (noun)
    (i) miss-aetta- (noun)
    miss-aets- (verb) to not hit.
    miss-faens- (verb) to long for something not present.
    (i) mist-stra- (noun)
    (i) mole-nmur- (noun)
    (i) money-arla- (noun)
    (i) monkey-synuma, jnyuna
    (e) monster-maeakahd, kundarn
    (e) (i) moon-lu, lariha- (noun)
    (e) moral-nylath
    (i) morning-ynya- (noun)
    moron-nhabuku- (adjective)
    (i) moron-nhabuki- (noun)
    (e) mortal-neiya
    (i) moth-nmm
    (i) mother-naima- (noun)
    motivate-cndals- (verb)
    (e) motivation-cdaladsu
    (e) (i) mountain-mgl, hndradl, mlla- (noun)
    (i) (e) mouth-thara, nyamar- (noun)
    (i) move-hna- (noun)
    move-haes- (verb)
    (i) mule-nc
    (i) music-snlla- (noun)
    must-jarv, nth
    my-mi- (pronoun) used to show possession.
    (i) myth-hyorta
    (i) name-hyna, hrna
    (i) nature-nlya
    navigate-nsats- (verb)
    (e) necromancer-sthanar- (noun)
    (e) nectar-ngun- (noun)
    (e) need-vlurn- (noun)
    need-lmais, rhns- (verb)
    negate-mssals- (verb)
    neuter-nmis, sths- (verb)
    neutral-sthoru- (adjective)
    new-nar- (adjective)
    news-ni- (noun) the news. no change for plural.
    (i) newt-mlusna- (noun)
    next-lhan- (adjective) the next one.
    next-arvs- (verb) forward.
    nice-sriu- (adjective)
    (i) night-rhusna, mharuka, mhorha- (noun)
    (e) (i) nightmare-mra (mra), stha- (noun)
    nimble-nambu- (adjective)
    (i) ninja-nkuzi (nkuz)
    no-mlu- (adjective/adverb) e.g.: no one.
    no-sor- opposite of yes.
    noble-corthul- (adjective)
    north-nam (nm)- (noun)
    northern-namayu- (adjective)
    (e) nose-nasum (nsum)
    nothing-plu, lar, yama
    notice-jruvs, hnsys- (verb)
    (i) (e) nova-juvana, nhmaku- (noun)
    now-nn (nn), tami
    (e) nudge-p- (noun)
    nudge-pvs- (verb)
    (e) number-haitn- (noun) a number. E.g.: 1, 2, 3 etc.
    (e) number-lur- (adjective) used often in the following way: their numbers are too great.
    (e) (i) nut-nuku, kachi (ktch)
    (i) obelisk-blrcka, nhundaiuma- (noun)
    (i) oblivion-balaku, nharkhada- (noun)
    obscure-kwei- (adjective)
    obscure-lks- (verb)
    obsess-bsts- (verb)
    (i) ocean-upsta
    (i) octopus-onarva
    of-fi, n
    off-nurnur, sal
    (i) oil-laena
    old-eyda (da)- (adjective)
    omit-tais- (verb)
    (e) omnivore-ffliar
    on-lori- (preposition)
    once-iinanus (nanus)
    one-iina- (noun) 1.
    (i) one-ndra- used when saying something like, that one seems small.
    (e) onomatopoeia-tmru
    open-nyr- (adjective)
    open-nyrs- (verb)
    or-ryn (rn), na- (conj)
    oracle-mara- (noun)
    orange-cra- (noun) color.
    (e) orange-sarussa- (noun) an orange.
    (i) Orc-Zagha, Nairka- (noun)
    (e) other-n
    (i) our-msae- (pronoun) genative plural of i.
    out-volia, whar
    (i) outlaw-wharuka, fluna- (noun)
    outlaw-wharuks, frtan- (verb)
    oval-lsu- (adjective)
    (e) oval-lsa- (noun)
    over-mbanc- (preposition)
    over-thru- (adjective/adverb)
    over-thns- (verb)
    (i) owl-orthana, luwna, mtha- (noun)
    (i) oxymoron-zukiata
    (e) (i) pain-pasnia, rykna, kain- (noun)
    pain-rykns, kains- (verb)
    (i) paint-plma- (noun)
    (e) paper-pysus
    paradox-krla, zmbaru
    (e) (i) parent-nmy, nyra
    (e) parry-eukra- (noun)
    parry-eukrs, nats- (verb)
    (e) part-kntu- (noun)
    part-psls- (verb)
    (i) party-taruei- (noun)
    party-tru, nntars- (verb)
    (e) pass-arnula- (noun) a pass.
    pass-arps, arls- (verb) to pass by something.
    pass-uts- (verb) to pass from one to another.
    (i) path-sma- (noun)
    patient-oarnu, hsaiu- (adjective)
    peace-yn, lhoryma- (noun)
    (i) peasant-pruna, dhnara- (noun)
    (i) pendant-naima, lyra, prucla- (noun)
    (i) people-ruma, maena, lhusala- (noun)
    perfect-rhatumu- (adjective)
    peril-cryuka- (noun)
    perilous-cryukn- (adjective)
    (i) person-ruha, mana- (noun)
    persistant-thoramu- (adjective)
    perverted-ssuka- (adjective)
    (e) pervert-ssuyar, rhasukar- (noun)
    (e) philosopher-ltuvuar- (noun)
    (e) philosophy-ltarni- (noun)
    physical-tau, dou (d)
    (e) pick-tanu- (noun)
    pick-tans, nuss- (verb)
    (i) pie-nma- (noun)
    (i) pig-kara- (noun)
    (i) (e) pike-pska, jnar- (noun)
    (i) pikeman-junara- (noun)
    (i) pipe-flaetha- (noun)
    (i) pirate-myrtha, usntara- (noun)
    pirate-nerths, mhyths- (verb)
    (i) pit-snka- (noun)
    (e) place-ru
    (i) plague-chamba, glcrsa- (noun)
    plain-yheihu, bhurn- (adjective)
    (i) plain-fina, serna- (noun)
    (i) planet-bhlma- (noun)
    (i) plant-heina, saina- (noun)
    (i) plateau-garga- (noun)
    please-aetsa- (adverb)
    please-nuls- (verb)
    (i) pledge-brssa- (noun)
    pledge-brsss- (verb)
    (i) poison-thkya, durthama- (noun)
    poison-thks- (verb)
    (e) port-rhlu, yursla- (noun)
    port-rhls- (verb)
    (e) post-dn- (noun)
    post-dns- (verb)
    pour-rnds- (verb)
    (e) (i) power-ra, deagor, rhaga- (noun)
    (e) (i) practice-jhantun, hmada- (noun)
    practice-hmads, jhants- (verb)
    pray-prns, hrs- (verb)
    (i) prayer-hra- (noun) a prayer.
    prepare-lms, hars- (verb)
    (i) prophecy-salya, nuthara- (noun)
    (i) (e) prophet-orlana, lmala, nhaiph- (noun)
    (i) protagonist-lhaena- (noun)
    provide-lmars- (verb)
    (e) prince-daur, narad- (noun)
    (e) (i) princess-lauru, laeana- (noun)
    (e) prison-ghlm- (noun)
    (i) psalm-hyaru meia- (noun) a sacred song (plural is hyaru meiī )
    pulverize-thns, nys- (verb)
    (i) puppet-tamra, nyhara- (noun)
    (i) python-oracha- (noun)
    (i) queen-cusnia- (noun)
    quench-nlls- (verb)
    quick-rhein- (adjective)
    quiet-sutaiu- (adjective)
    (e) quill-hurl- (noun)
    (i) quiver-oranta- (noun)
    (i) quote-cusra- (noun)
    quote-cusqs- (verb)
    (i) rabbit-hnira- (noun)
    (i) race-aerana- (noun) a race of beings.
    (e) race-ys- (noun) e.g.: the race didnt last long.
    (e) (i) rain-rnl, saenya- (noun)
    (i) rainbow-csumala- (noun)
    raise-mr- (verb)
    random-nthur- (adjective)
    (i) rat-ssuma- (noun)
    raze-ssks, zurt- (verb)
    reach-prns- (verb)
    read-lns, ns- (verb)
    realm-lsa- (noun)
    (e) rear-pryda- (noun)
    (e) reason-hmaru, brcu- (noun)
    reform-mars- (verb)
    reign-rhudans- (verb)
    (i) reincarnation-bnortha- (noun)
    reinforce-kaburns- (verb)
    (i) reinforcement-likaia
    (i) rejuvenate-jvvi
    relative-rsu- (adjective)
    relative-thyrn- (noun)
    (e) release-xltum
    remade-gughars- (verb)
    (i) reptile-lapa
    repulse-sns, jnurs- (verb)
    require-rns- (verb)
    respect-kyda- (noun)
    respect-kyads- (verb)
    rest-lmns- (verb)
    (i) (e) retreat-pnara, daisu- (noun)
    retreat-pnars, daiss- (verb)
    return-laru- (adjective)
    (i) return-larna, larmba- (noun)
    return-lars- (verb)
    revenge-ru, sssura- (noun)
    revenge-vlvags, rs, ssurs- (verb)
    (e) review-nur
    review-nurs- (verb)
    revive-haens- (verb)
    (i) rice-kurani- (noun)
    (i) ride-rhena- (noun)
    ride-rhans- (verb)
    (e) rider-rhus
    (e) ridge-man
    (i) right-cikra
    (e) right eye-en
    (e) right foot-fuara
    (i) right hand-dauxta
    rise-tahns- (verb)
    (e) ritual-tsn
    (i) rival-tvia, tarth- (noun)
    (e) rivalry-tarnth
    (i) river-lnura, muiana, uthora- (noun)
    (e) road-rsn
    (i) robe-namara
    roll-bhds- (verb)
    (e) root-clor
    (i) rope-fhra, rhy
    (i) (e) rose-cphya, nhnra,lzan- (noun)
    rough-ghargun, rggm
    (i) ruby-nya
    run-r, ns- (verb)
    rune-nlna- (noun)
    sacred-nariun, mharmlu- (adjective)
    sad-soru, dpaenu- (adjective)
    safe-sefasu- (adjective)
    (e) saliva-rhnsur
    (i) salute-reiya- (noun)
    same-wae- (adjective)
    (i) (e) sand-suda, hdai
    (e) sapphire-ssor
    say-ds- (verb)
    (e) scapegoat-hussu
    (i) scare-mhrana, kwi- (noun)
    scare-mars- (verb)
    (i) scent-nyua, nurada (foul scent), sylia (good scent)
    (i) schedule-meianya
    (e) science-sorkn
    (i) scorpion-khakora
    (e) scout-harm- (noun)
    (i) sea-upsa- (noun)
    (i) seal-lar- (animal)
    (e) seal-slum, chark- (noun) used to complete or finish something.
    seal-sais, chars- (verb)
    second-utrans- (adjective)
    secret-mnthu, baernu- (adjective)
    (i) secret-mnthora, nrula, baerna- (noun)
    see-rs- (verb)
    seem-ulors- (verb)
    (i) self-sulu, rhtha- (pronoun)
    separate-nmnars- (verb)
    (i) (e) sequel-yutara, pnuml- (noun)
    set-teils- (verb)
    set up-feinls- (verb)
    settle-sudns- (verb)
    seven-cararta- (noun)
    sever-nuns, chs- (verb)
    (i) (e) shadow-nurca, lmran, rhunei- (noun)
    shadow-lmrs, rhuns- (verb)
    (i) shark-gyorga, kdarga
    she-aea, sun- (pronoun)
    (i) shed-sulma- (noun)
    shed-sals- (verb)
    (i) sheep-cbae
    (i) shelter-taena- (noun)
    (i) shield-dhurda, mhudna- (noun)
    shine-syths, suls- (verb)
    shiny-sythulani- (adverb)
    (e) shore-shurna
    shout-lss- (verb)
    (i) shovel-payei
    (e) shred-hfn- (noun)
    shred-hfs- (verb)
    (e) shrine-halrae
    (e) shrub-shuni
    sick-dsuns- (verb)
    (e) sickness-dsu- (noun)
    (i) side-beirna- (noun)
    (e) siege-rhnars- (verb)
    silence-yulth, yuntus
    silent-yun, yoru, myaralu- (adjective)
    silver-nustan- (noun) the mineral.
    silver-lhnvar- (adjective/noun) the color.
    (i) sin-hura- (noun)
    sincerely-cnrun- used before a signature at the end of a note or letter.
    sing-sls- (verb)
    (e) sister-rai- (noun)
    sit-sns, nars- (verb)
    (e) (i) skeleton-cskor, scypha (skiffa)
    (i) skirmisher-kusvar- (noun)
    (i) skull-kska, kstsa- (noun)
    sky-aerula- (noun)
    (i) (e) slash-csya, taith- (noun)
    slash-csys, sads- (verb)
    slay-sls, kds, rls- (verb)
    sleep-tns- (verb)
    slow-tardun- (adjective)
    (i) slug-sllma- (noun)
    smell-fs- (verb)
    smite-kurits- (verb)
    (e) smoke-smugu- (noun)
    smooth-smln- (adjective)
    (i) snail-sllla- (noun)
    (i) snake-sprana, nduada, ng, ngiara (rattlesnake), ngurhn (venomous snake), ngaiya (non-venomous snake)- (noun)
    (i) snot-gurda- (noun)
    (i) (e) snow-sa, ns- (noun)
    so-soth, y, nra (when so is used similar to too)
    soak-ss- (verb)
    soil-lthum- (noun)
    (e) (i) soldier-pslar, sudar, dana- (noun)
    some-spru, vm, rth
    (e) (i) son-san, rhala- (noun)
    (i) song-rnaeya- (noun)
    (e) (i) sorrow-dvasun, ulara- (noun)
    sorry-sulra, ser
    (e) soul-aean- (noun)
    (i) sound-rnua
    soundly-hyuran- (adverb) peacefully, calmly.
    (i) soup-hnra- (noun)
    sour-aisu- (adjective) the taste.
    South-Sia- (noun)
    Southern-Siayu- (adjective)
    (i) space-nataea
    speak-ms, drs- (verb)
    (i) (e) speech-mnara, dus- (noun)
    (i) sphere-thmna- (noun)
    (i) spider-nhaku, nhabiyu (venomous), kuyei (non-venomous), khabinhaku (large spider)
    (i) (e) spike-carra, rhudna, hajai- (noun)
    (e) spill-sulan- (irreg. noun)
    spill-suls, orns- (noun)
    (i) spine-sartha- (noun)
    (i) spiral-vxa, whna- (noun)
    (i) spirit-aelara, hthrana, unarda- (noun)
    (i) spring-aenya- (noun)
    (e) spy-vatu- (irreg. noun)
    (i) staff-hyrnha- (noun)
    (e) staff (bladed)-mxamu- (noun)
    stag beetle-kudaiya- (noun)
    stale-sku- (adjective)
    stand-sars- (verb)
    (i) star-stna- (noun)
    start-syts- (verb)
    (e) statue-dyudar- (noun)
    steal-sculs, bhars- (verb)
    (e) step-sln- (noun)
    (i) steward-knsa
    (e) stick-bcru
    still-nybar (standing still), nra (still standing), ghan (still standing)
    stoic-sssulyn, narn
    stolen-scryan- (adjective)
    (e) stomach-chorkor- (noun)
    stone-tarh- (adjective)
    (i) stone-tartura- (noun)
    stop-jnra- (command)
    (i) stop-kata- (noun)
    stop-kats, lns- (verb)
    (i) story-narassa, nmya- (noun)
    streak-syphs- (verb)
    (i) stream-rhysa
    strength-hrn- (noun)
    (a) strike-ttha
    strike-tass- (verb)
    strive-thars- (verb)
    strong-ltas, rhad- (adjective)
    (i) stub-Elf (small elf)-iusi- (noun)
    stubborn-mulatum- (adjective)
    (i) study-haera, hunara- (noun)
    study-haers- (verb)
    stun-zurs- (verb)
    stunning-caesulu- (adjective) beautiful, dazzling, amazing.
    stupid-tyrlu, mharu- (adjective)
    sturdy-ghamu- (adjective)
    sturdy-ghamgs- (verb) (to make sturdy)
    succeed-nars, naems- (verb)
    (i) suicide-taiuhima- (noun)
    (e) summer-runah- (noun)
    summon-russars- (verb)
    (e) summoner-russrsar
    (i) sun-numa- (noun)
    superior-slpy- (adjective)
    surpass-tnrs, sguyeins- (verb)
    survive-lvrs- (verb)
    (e) swamp-slun, kych- (noun)
    sweet-nailu (the taste), haelu (cute)- (adjective)
    swim-whaiss, lrs, prs- (verb)
    (i) sword-namiyana, kajua- (noun)
    (e) symbol-kaebu
    (i) tackle-nda- (noun)
    tackle-nds- (verb)
    (i) talent-lusara- (noun)
    take-nms, tuls- (verb)
    talk-ars, ds- (verb)
    (i) tail-naraa
    (e) tale-naratan
    (e) task-larnu
    taste-nss- (verb)
    (i) tattoo-taja
    (e) tavern-ntornum
    (e) tea-sng- (noun)
    (i) teacher-hnia, harnlma- (noun)
    (i) tear-tua, la- (noun)
    teleport-lors- (verb)
    tell-faes, dar- (verb)
    (i) temple-ulora, lurnna- (noun)
    ten-xanna (zna)
    thanks-kitna- (noun)
    thank-kits- (verb)
    that-hla, ts
    the-tai, th (usually used at the beginning of a sentence)
    then-hul, tan, nui
    these-ts- (no ī for plural)
    (i) thesis-naisa- (noun)
    they-thy (masculine), thya (feminine), thyu (neuter) (no plural ī )- (pronoun)
    thick-ordu- (adjective)
    (e) thing-rsu- (noun)
    think-rhhs, tuvs- (verb)
    third-frans- (adjective)
    (e) third eye-an
    this-snma, tas
    (e) thorn-thurn
    (i) thought-nyeira- (noun)
    thought-rhnska- (verb)
    (e) threat-tkurana, tamuln- (noun)
    (i) threshold-murhana
    through-mydn, jorla
    throw-tns- (verb)
    (e) thunder-khal- (noun)
    thunder-khals- (verb)
    (i) thunderstorm-khagra
    thus-j, nurha
    tiger-hthura- (noun)
    (i) time-hoona- (noun)
    to-ti, hu (used as in go to him)- (preposition)
    (i) toad-hmu
    (e) toilet-rcuban
    (e) tongue-talth
    (e) (i) tool-tlm, fnra, srucha (sruka)- (noun)
    (i) (e) torch-kaiga (hand torch), kaivar (wall torch)
    (i) tortoise-turpthan, hngn- (noun)
    (e) torture-jurala- (noun)
    torture-jurals- (verb)
    (i) tornado-waisa
    (e) torso-san
    total-paru- (adjective)
    (e) (i) total-ml, parva- (noun)
    total-mls- (verb)
    touch-rnu- (noun)
    touch-rns- (verb)
    (i) tournament-haiatama, nuratha- (noun)
    (i) (e) town-cnaria, tyn
    (i) trade-csntha- (noun)
    trade-csns- (verb)
    (e) trait-suti, nthara- (noun)
    (e) (i) traitor-zothrad, zthraga- (noun)
    (e) translation-rucarndsu- (noun)
    translate-rucars- (verb)
    (e) trash-gaibsu- (noun)
    (e) travel-tthur- (noun)
    travel-tkturs- (verb)
    (i) treasure-tspya, nsurada- (noun)
    (e) tree-syar, bl, snya, nya, nbaiy (oak), nord (oak), tmnan (birch), lhru (elm), cara (apple), nlra (maple), nudei (ash), niai (wart), keia (wart), nurhal (willow), wheia (nut), csyn (pine), nreina (evergreen), nareina (yew)- (noun)
    (e) (i) trial-taur, nara- (noun)
    (i) troll-ghandama- (noun)
    true-rnu- (adjective)
    (e) (i) truth-rnth, nhamyna- (noun)
    (e) try-tu- (noun)
    try-ts, dors- (verb)
    (i) tundra-sasya
    (i) turn-rea- (noun)
    turn-rs- (verb)
    (i) turtle-nydun
    (e) twilight-laera, mius
    (i) (e) tyrant-kurada, darsan- (noun)
    (i) undead-zetha- (noun)
    under-lsu- (adjective/adverb)
    under-lsa- (preposition)
    undertake-krs- (verb)
    undo-dails- (verb)
    unlock-krnms- (verb)
    unknown-qar, nhairanu- (adjective)
    until-hnat, ulsa
    (i) up-a
    upon-ynar, lum- (preposition)
    (i) Uruk-Nhandora- (noun)
    us-smu- (pronoun) objective plural case of i.
    use-ns, cs- (verb)
    valor-hurna- (noun)
    (e) value-mssal- (noun)
    value-ms- (verb)
    (e) vault-vakn- (noun)
    (i) (e) vegetable-hertha, gwilash- (noun)
    (i) vein-rytha- (noun)
    (e) vengeance-vculanu- (noun)
    (i) version-ny- (noun)
    versus-ucsai (usai)
    (e) view-sn- (noun)
    view-sns- (verb)
    vigilance-vahlnus- (noun)
    (i) village-rhnma, cynlatia- (noun)
    (e) vine-vyla- (noun)
    (i) virtue-saina- (noun)
    visual-snmu- (adjective)
    vital-symu- (adjective)
    (i) voice-nhari, vela- (noun)
    (e) (i) volcano-mgm, saghra- (noun)
    wait-nhars- (verb)
    wake-heis- (verb)
    walk-nms, sors- (verb)
    (i) (e) wall-vhatla, canrhn
    (i) want-rma
    want-nms- (verb)
    (e) war-borlat, sthyu- (noun)
    (i) war chariot-kyatu
    (i) warship-dlkya
    was-_anu- (verb) (used for past tense)
    (i) wasteland-nhnkhala, znukna
    watch-nus- (verb)
    (i) water-kuri (drinking water), myrna- (noun)
    (e) waterfall-rnuaba, lumb- (noun)
    (e) way-var, sui
    we-nn- (pronoun)
    weak-utari- (adjective)
    (e) weakness-byn
    (e) (i) weapon-lr, hnrana- (noun)
    weather-wsa- (noun)
    weather-ws- (verb)
    (e) (i) web-ubn, bara- (noun)
    wed-lhns- (verb)
    (e) wedding-llrohn
    (e) wedge-grnd- (noun)
    wedge-grs- (verb)
    (e) welcome-kanu
    (e) well-nurm, wnu- (noun)
    well-cuun, nai- (adjective)
    West-Wla- (noun)
    Western-Wlayu- (adjective)
    wet-nrei- (adjective)
    wet-nrs- (verb)
    (i) whale-vussum, rhmwa
    what-cusan (?), vu (.)
    (i) wheel-rila
    when-cll (?), va (.)
    where-cr (?), vewn (.)
    which-curm- (adjective/pronoun)
    while-rhula, vorla
    white-rnt, orla
    who-cus (?), var (.)
    whom-cus (?), var (.)
    why-cai (?), vm (.)
    (i) wife-rarya- (noun)
    wild-juga- (adjective)
    will-narsa- (noun) determination.
    will-nars- (verb) to be determined.
    will-vna, ma- represents the future tense.
    (i) win-nlma- (noun)
    win-nlms, rhnls- (verb)
    (i) wind-ayla- (noun)
    (i) wing-orei (feathered wing), scaetha (scaled wing)
    (i) (e) winter-lhurna, ll- (noun)
    wisdom-saelnya- (noun)
    (i) wish-la, yua- (noun)
    wish-ls- (verb)
    with-wur, cae
    (i) wolf-lupnsa- (noun)
    (e) wonder-yumar- (noun)
    wonder-yums- (verb)
    (e) wood-burkad
    (i) wood Elf-Iyor- (noun)
    (e) woodland-bhar- (noun)
    (i) word-rta, nsa- (noun)
    (i) work-habna- (noun)
    (i) worker-bhasaina- (noun)
    (e) world-rant- (noun)
    worry-yuhs- (verb)
    worth-heihara, nnyha
    would-sln, vessaut
    (e) (i) wound-orpoh, hmra
    wraith-thura- (noun)
    wrath-vurg, tchtharu, ji- (noun)
    write-suls, lurs- (verb)
    (i) Xerunī-Xrunra- (noun)
    (i) Yarunī-Yarunra- (noun)
    (i) year-yarei- (noun)
    yell-ys- (verb)
    yet-ei- (conj)
    yield-ianns- (verb)
    you-yam, ulei- (pronoun)
    you-ynī, ulnī - (pl. Pronoun)
    young-iuan- (adjective)
    (i) Zarunī-Zarunra- (noun)
    zero-ruta- (noun)
    (i) zyk-zyka- (noun)

    Words by Definition/Phrases

    3-headed snake-sprahydran
    act of friendship-kei
    act of heaven-criae
    among whom-xul
    angel of death-kykuzu
    animated puppet-zukimd
    Arunian duel-rukaja
    as gathered by-kethae bei
    as of late-nulm
    as written by-kura bei
    attack! (command)-clru dal!
    [a] bag for travel-hdarrn
    beat/rhythm-tnatya, lba
    be gone!-jartta!
    best friend-paitn- (noun)
    blood thirsty-ssulu
    body fluids-krudai
    body oils-khazlavra
    by me-b
    by the right of-rkm
    cage of a lantern-nram
    cause of an event-dosk
    cloud break-jurannn
    come forth unto-crntikausm
    come her-doiy
    coming through/come along-cumatias
    crop field-kordn
    Crunian ale-cys (normal ale), slka (ale with a smoky after taste)
    Crunian battle sword-knuaja (knuj)
    cursed being-deinuzha
    dark demon-ngton
    day of birth-meiks
    death cage-kmrga
    death date-dskturu
    departed soul-nuraina, naithora
    domination of a whole-kazi
    dont hold it against me-cuiam
    doom approaches/doom is approaching-grihm
    earth demon-tntorton
    eating ware (utensils)-suspea
    [an] essence/ a feel/ a presence-rhama
    family heirloom-laeth
    fatal illness-zhgui
    [a] fell/vile/evil act-ngma
    fell wind-ckru
    fire demon-gherton
    fishing boat-ykaeyar
    fishing hook-kur
    fishing net-mu
    fist combat-sdru
    five-sided shape-binth
    flee for life-mytu
    flying machine-aileor
    for example-lla
    for me-bu
    foul beast-gsjul
    from me-bi
    funeral carrying board-bllac
    fur child-heils
    get away-coiy
    giant moose-hgna, hgan (original larn)
    good bye-iymnu, knara
    good day-bnd, rhnamar
    good God!-dguma
    good luck!-kainu
    grand hall-palushia
    grand warrior-kuragg
    grassy plains/fields-suneiru
    ground machine-storteor
    guardian angel-keiuanra, numrya
    head band/cloth-diadn
    hence forth-thasan
    high angel-aelana
    high demon-dakudn
    high judge-jlon
    high lord-nlora
    high spirit (Deity)-durlsa
    hired assassin warrior-kkoraki
    horrid/creepy landscape-mlkurya (a)
    horse stable-nbal nastuī
    hot spring-lharudu
    ice demon-jisttn
    in the event of-crpm
    insect demon-klhada
    it is nothing-iyama (yma)
    jail keeper-drdnlarch
    keeper, guardian-larch (lark)
    large cat-mnra
    large horn-rhaldurn
    large tree-brnts
    lesser angel-salla
    lesser demon-zthurga
    lesser spirit-sthla
    light demon-luyaton
    lightning demon-kytzuton
    lord help me-caenu
    lunar eclipse-lurn
    merchant boat-sudakaeyar
    mid-class angel-lussla
    mid-class demon-jucruthar
    mid-class spirit-laruna
    mine cart-stuna
    Mortal World-Rhnna
    multi horned/spiked-ryx
    my thanks-gaisum
    natural shelter-dnrakisu
    nature demon-nllorton
    nonetheless-mlu mynu (no less)
    of me-ba
    overhanging cliff-dkar (slight hang), dkharon (large hang)
    pool of water/spring-nanril
    royal building-cnurn
    passenger boat-rikaeyar
    peasant food (a plain porridge)-gwl
    poison demon-dostrton
    priest/priestesss staff-snutha
    ragged clothes-larm
    ready, aim, fire!-shind, trm, lruna!
    reason of being-brehncu
    regal furniture-rhlcor
    religious robe-dhar
    rhetorical question-hunkai
    ritual ground-tznosu
    river boat-thyt
    sea/ocean/river master-nkai
    ruler by blood-csakuna
    sand demon-lnndlaton
    sea machine-swleor
    seal of approval-diamra
    seal of disapproval-nlamra
    shadow demon-mnulaton
    show it-cnu km
    slate, flat rock-baent
    small army/ battalion-grntugm
    small bird-piara
    small boat/canoe-sanr
    small harp-laenmur
    smith master-slughn
    spider web-suriabi
    Spirit World-larys, Aelarnor
    spiritual lamp-aelorma
    stone brick-tagan
    strong person/thing-taraghun
    subliminal thought-nara- (noun) (subconscious thoughts)
    sun shower-fnaiu
    swinging bridge-slar, snma
    sword duel-nhariaga
    tale master (writer/story teller)-naratadnma, nartha
    the end of the world/apocalypse-zpothynox
    The Middle Zone/Ethereal world-strx
    the fault is-kharahd
    thank God-kitsanya
    think helm-dlrma
    to me-bi
    tomb stone-daiba, rhukyama
    tongue of the serpent (bc=to corrupt through words) (gu= to persuade through words)-bcsls, gusls
    tortoise shell-khabynari
    tree rings-myu
    tree root-vorma
    true love-cssarya
    villain/ high evil being-zfl
    voice masker (one who can mimic voices)-nllkar
    voice thrower (ventriloquist)-aelntar
    walking stick-slsyu
    war boat-bkaeyar
    warrior bandages-deiara
    water demon-ogton
    wedding flower-yupla
    well done!-getae!
    what?! / what the?!-ghavon, kaem
    wind demon-llaton
    wispy clouds-csunya
    with me-b
    wrinkles of age-mrei
    Year of Darkness-Rhuyarei- 5th year of the Csurnian Calendar.
    Year of Earth-Ghayarei- 1st year of the Csurnian Calendar.
    Year of Fire-Kaiyarei- 3rd year of the Csurnian Calendar.
    Year of Light-Aenyarei- 6th year of the Csurnian Calendar.
    Year of Water-yarei- 2nd year of the Csurnian Calendar.
    Year of Wind-Seiyarei- 4th year of the Csurnian Calendar.

    Arunian Terms

    aesura-The three days it takes a soul to become a spirit.
    lnhrna-Last name. This is chosen when a new couple weds.
    sulia- Modifier letter circumflex.
    lma-ˉ Macron.
    blabu-A table that is not traditionally used to eat from.
    bhmia- Acute accent.
    cys-A Crunian ale.
    daiphia- Diaeresis.
    dynphcei-A spiritual Crunian sword or weapon said to possess immense spiritual power (in Mainsh spelled Dynephce).
    nmia-` Grave accent.
    numai Oil-Oil from a moderate sized forest plant that is often used to protect against heat. It can also be used to either keep heat trapped in side what it is coating or keep heat out.
    haidna-A finale or ultimate end.
    Harnpa-A Crunian term that refers to the avian class.
    stca-A Crunian term that refers to the insect class.
    strx-The Middle Zone, the Ethereal plane, the world in which ghosts and wraiths live, not to be confused with the Spirit world.
    Nnora-A Crunian term that refers to the mammalian class.
    nmihara n aelarī-Festival of spirits.
    nhakuda-A demon possessed item. A Hellish relic.
    nurhrna-Clan name. It is often passed down generations much like a last name is for Humans. It is decided between the new couple which clan name they will adopt for their family.
    hrna-First name. The name given to a child when he/she is born.
    lrkn-Meaning Dynephce.
    mignku-A duel between two spirits or Arunī (later includes Zarunī ).
    Psora-A Crunian term that refers to the aquatic class.
    ryx-A word that describes when something has many horns, spikes, or thorns.
    slka-A Crunian ale that possesses a light smoky aftertaste and is actually good for a Dragon or Dragon Crunīs fire breath.
    lara-A Crunian term that refers to the reptilian class.
    utranhrna-A second name. Used much like a Humans middle name. However, the child will choose their own second name once they come of age.


    cursed thing-hxatu
    curse your kind-ejal cui
    dumb ass/retard/idiot-harjuka, dakuda
    extreme misfortune-bsta
    life killer-narkth, rnthla
    meaningless being-corant
    monster (demon)- maeakahd
    rightian-cikralsa (to a berunī means that they are right brained, which to them is an insult)
    slow death to you-tardyssam


    When using then name of a number (such as two compared to 2) from ten and beyond the first few letters of certain numbers and then the rest of the secondary numbers. The letters used from the numbers are underlined.
    2-utra (uta)
    101-iiyann iina
    111-iiyann ina
    154-iiyann bisn
    999-nuyann nunun
    1001-iizdu iina
    1011-iizdu ina
    1111-iizdu iiyann ina
    9999-nuzdu nuyann Nunun

    Grammar Notes

    Result Clauses In the common speech, a result clause sets a limit on a situation or condition. Ex. Kyr is so strong that he can fight demons. The combination of so and that are shown by limiting Kyrs strength to such a degree that the result is that he can fight demons. In an Arunmarslar sentence the so would be ln, and that would be hnl.


    _s (plural) _ ī (if the last letter sounds like a or i at then it sounds like i and if not it sounds like e.)
    _s/_of_ - _-_ (kethae-lthorī ), _lor
    _ing - _us (see is)
    _ed - _ka
    _er - _ar (e.g.: Slayer)
    _er - _ari (e.g.: Faster) (1st intensifier)
    _est - _aru (3rd intensifier)
    _er/_est - _dhan ( 2nd intensifier), _kn (4th intensifier)
    _en - _rn
    _ly - _ui
    _y - _ni
    _ful - _ ()lu
    _less - _dun
    _ish - _sn, _kum
    _ism - _maus
    _ist - _utai
    _ic - _cai
    _tion/_sion - _ira or _dsu
    _ence/_ance - _tun
    _dom - _kn
    _ize - _iga (if previous letter is a consonant) / _riga (if previous letter is a vowel)
    _ian - _lar
    _al - _mu
    _ous - _rus
    _ity - _isi
    _hood - _dn
    _ate - _tum
    _ite - _tl
    _st/_nd/_rd/_th - _ns (when used with a number)
    _s (not plural) - _i ((pronoun/noun) does (verb): he does hold, he holds) ()
    anti_ - nla_
    brother figure - (name)_()nalma
    boyfriend - (name)_ ()sai
    command (verb)_
    dont/do not - mucor()_
    elder - (name)_ (/a)mru
    eye - uba_
    friend - (name)_ (/a)nailu
    girlfriend - (name)_ (a)rai
    master - (name)_ (/a)dnma
    parental figure - (name)_ (/a)numai
    pupil/underling - (name)_ (/a)nyhu
    re_ - bm_
    sister figure - (name)_ (a)nlma
    spouse - (name)_ (/a)nae
    sub_ - lori_
    superior - (name)_ (/a)dlu
    to know how - _i (to know how to swim. ti rhlsi lrs.)
    un_ - nm_

    _.,-=~+"^'`:Kyr Nlnar:`'^"+~=-,._
    "n rans Helara" - "Live Well Friend"
    "krnai Scar-lu" --- "krnai of Thirteen"
    Remember Kids: "Kyr" rhymes with fire...
    Sometimes your imagination inspires other people to use theirs.-Sir Hugh-

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    You got your copyright, then?

    I haven't read it yet, but I'm going to.

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    How is a copyright acquired? Anyway, well done on getting one.

    I'm with Gandalf. I have it saved to a Word document for reading at my leisure.

    Also, I nominate a sticky.

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    *cough*Unfortunately this is temporary...*cough*

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    "krnai Scar-lu" --- "krnai of Thirteen"
    Remember Kids: "Kyr" rhymes with fire...
    Sometimes your imagination inspires other people to use theirs.-Sir Hugh-
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    Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness.
    Oh, I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life...
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    I am just doing a 'semi-finale' thing... But I am trying to get an official after I'm at least done with the first Act...

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    "krnai Scar-lu" --- "krnai of Thirteen"
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    Wink-wink, nudge-nudge type o' thing, eh? Eh, eh?

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    Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness.
    Oh, I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life...
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    *nudge* *nudge* ...

    (5) Some might take that the wrong way...

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    "krnai Scar-lu" --- "krnai of Thirteen"
    Remember Kids: "Kyr" rhymes with fire...
    Sometimes your imagination inspires other people to use theirs.-Sir Hugh-

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    Tomorrow brings soundtrack music (real music with a soundtrack name) and maybe Chapter 5...

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    Music is here.. part of it anyway...

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    "krnai Scar-lu" --- "krnai of Thirteen"
    Remember Kids: "Kyr" rhymes with fire...
    Sometimes your imagination inspires other people to use theirs.-Sir Hugh-
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    More music...

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    "n rans Helara" - "Live Well Friend"
    "krnai Scar-lu" --- "krnai of Thirteen"
    Remember Kids: "Kyr" rhymes with fire...
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    Chapter 5 plus the last of the music...

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    Chibi Characters 2 is here...

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    Chibi Characters 3...

    BTW.. don't think that this is a 'discussion post free' thread, I don't mind any discussion...

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    Hey, want this stickied?

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    "krnai Scar-lu" --- "krnai of Thirteen"
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    Sticky please ...

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    I will celebrate by posting(later today because I have work) a few new languages (a hellova lot shorter than Arunian)...

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    In celebration of the sticky I will now post 4 new (mini) languages... I will not be posting Arunian due to its now excessive length...


    Language Note

    Even though larn is a Dwarven language, it is also spoken and commonly used by Half Giants.

    Arunī-kura- (n )
    Berunī-Bruka- (n )
    Chief-Haar- (n )
    Crunī-Caruka- (n )
    Dwarf-hara- (n )
    Elf-gaea- (n )
    Enemy-Ni, Nmara- (n )
    Friend-ma- (n )
    Gift-Dhan- (n )
    Half Crunī-Ghacaru- (n )
    Half Elf-gharu- (n )
    Half Giant-Hrugha- (n )
    Half Orc/Uruk-Ghakharu- (n )
    Halfling-nr- (n )
    Halt-Kurei, Bthor- (v)
    He-Drua- (pro)
    Human-Ghara- (n )
    I-lu- (n )
    In-Tul- (prep)
    It-Ts- (pro)
    Jump-Lhn- (v)
    King-Norda- (n )
    On-Cru- (prep)
    Orc-Khar- (n )
    Run-Snra- (v)
    She-Hyu- (pro)
    Uruk-Ghkhar- (n )
    Walk-Dhl- (v)
    Xerunī-Xakun- (n )
    Yarunī-Yarukun- (n )
    Zarunī-Zkun- (n )


    _ing - _la
    _ed - _nm
    _s/plural - _su
    Re_ - Nn_
    Un_ - Rh_

    Dwarven Terms

    Ghatn-A giant sword used by Half Giants.
    Ghtar-A giant weapon used by Half Giants.
    Ghsn-A giant scythe used by Half Giants.
    Ghgn-A giant hammer used by Half Giants.
    Ghtn-A giant axe used by Half Giants.


    Arunī-Arunra- (n )
    Autumn-lumrn- (n )
    Berunī-Brunra- (n )
    Boy-Caeb- (n )
    Bronze-Minuend- (adj/n) The color.
    Brother-Caer- (n )
    Crunī-Crunra- (n )
    Daughter-Aenya- (n )
    Dwarf-Rhadn- (n )
    Earth-Dnru, mnura- (n )
    Elf-ldra, nlra (wood Elf), lura (high Elf)- (n )
    Fire-lmra- (n )
    Friend-Lhyr, naena- (n )
    Girl-nra- (n )
    Gold-Mlna- (adj/n) The color.
    Hair-Mur- (n )
    Happy-Llya- (adj)
    Men-laru- (n ) (race)
    Moss-Snm- (n )
    Myth-Lmyra- (n )
    Orc-Hurgn- (n )
    Port-lsa- (n )
    Shell-Csna- (n )
    Silver-ln- (adj/n) The color.
    Sister-Cnya- (n )
    Son-r- (n )
    Spring-lora- (n )
    Summer-myrn- (n )
    Uruk-Nurhai- (n )
    Water-Mu- (n )
    Wind-run, lmya- (n )
    Winter-Nmnar- (n )

    Words by Definition/

    Good Day-Nmyan
    Good Night-myan
    How so?-Nmbae
    Thank You-Cmbai


    _s (plural) - sae
    _s (not plural) - ra
    _ed - nn
    _ing - su
    _er - sn
    _est - slu
    _en - fae
    _friend - ln (used when using the name of a close friend)


    Dark-Mlnar, Mlka- (adj)
    Dark-Rhucyn- (n )
    Day-dk- (n )
    Dwarf-Rhgan- (n )
    Earth-Rdhan- (n )
    Elf-Nnl- (n )
    Enemy-Mnsa, Khshaug- (n )
    Fat-Zhambhala- (adj)
    Fight-Khada- (v)
    Filth-Churga*- (n )
    Fire-Khazn- (n )
    Half Giant-Ghuruda- (n )
    He-Mhur- (pro)
    Human-nar- (n )
    I-Rei- (pro)
    In-lm- (prep)
    It-r- (pro)
    Light-Lhar- (adj)
    Light-Yhna- (n )
    Lightning-Zakn- (n )
    Lost-Kj- (adj)
    Lost-Unn- (v)
    Mercenary-Khazard- (n )
    Night-Corhada- (n )
    On-Gm (hard g)- (prep)
    Orc-Gthka- (n )
    Reign-Zhl- (v)
    Scum-Sjaga*- (n )
    Shadow-Mur- (n )
    Shadow-Rhudn- (v)
    She-Nhor- (pro)
    Siege-Zhu- (v)
    Twilight-Nharya- (n )
    Uruk-Zghan- (n )
    War-Hlua, Nnma- (n )
    Water-d- (n )
    Wind-Rny- (n )
    You-Coul- (pro)



    Words by Definition/

    A large amount-Xgl
    Be Gone-Nhuhada

    Orcish Terms

    Bzaiakhad-The death command. Used at executions.
    Zaa-What? This is used when in a shocked and confused state.


    _ing - _kus
    _ed - _k
    _ness - _ta
    _s/plural - _su
    Re_ - Nn_
    Un_ - Rh_

    Dark Elven
    English-Dark Elven

    Arunī-lna- (n )
    Berunī-Blsa- (n )
    Brother-ln- (n )
    Crunī-Culara- (n )
    Dark-Karda- (adj)
    Dark-Nlma, lnda- (n )
    Daughter-lyra- (n )
    Day-nma- (n )
    Dwarf-Glda- (n )
    Earth-Dounmar- (n )
    Elf-lora- (n )
    Enemy-kru- (n )
    Family-Thlya- (n )
    Father-nhamu- (n )
    Fire-Slra- (n )
    Forest-lmun- (n )
    Friend-Nhnmu- (n )
    Guest-nhnma- (n )
    Halfling-lura- (n )
    Half Giant-Dhagna- (n )
    Human-nara- (n )
    Light-lmn- (adj)
    Light-numa- (n )
    Lord-Murnu- (n )
    Moon-lhu- (n )
    Mother-nhamu- (n )
    Necromancer-Ntaruga- (n )
    Night-Lhyru- (n )
    Orc-ngn- (n )
    Shadow/Dark Elf-Nluna- (n )
    Sister-Rhyn- (n )
    Son-Bhulyra- (n )
    Sun-mora- (n )
    Uruk-nga- (n )
    Water-Myru- (n )
    Wind-luth- (n )
    You-Lar- (pro)

    Words by Definition/

    Thank You-Nmu lar

    Dark Elven Terms

    Dourthya- This means Earth Style (or Mountain Style) and refers usually to the sword style that uses strong offensive and defensive techniques.
    lrthya- This means Nature Style (or Forest Style) and refers usually to the sword style that uses strong defensive techniques.
    lurthya- This means Wind Style (or Cloud Style) and refers usually to the sword style that uses swift offensive and defensive techniques.
    Khrthya- This means Lightning Style (or Storm Style) and refers usually to the sword style that uses swift offensive techniques.
    Slrthya-This means Fire Style (or Sun Style) and refers usually to the sword style that uses strong and swift offensive techniques.
    Zukn- This means Sword Technique. It is often used after the sword styles.


    _ing - _ln
    _ed - _na
    _s/plural - _n

    _.,-=~+"^'`:Kyr Nlnar:`'^"+~=-,._
    "n rans Helara" - "Live Well Friend"
    "krnai Scar-lu" --- "krnai of Thirteen"
    Remember Kids: "Kyr" rhymes with fire...
    Sometimes your imagination inspires other people to use theirs.-Sir Hugh-
    posted 08-31-07 06:24 PM EDT (US)     21 / 90  
    *Gasp* Finally, a sticky!

    World in Conflict Heaven Cherub
    Battle For Middle-earth II Heaven Replay Reviewer and Ledgend

    Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness.
    Oh, I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life...
    posted 08-31-07 06:28 PM EDT (US)     22 / 90  
    luharī!... [Congradulations!...] Smeagol is the first (besides me) to post when the thread was a sticky!...

    _.,-=~+"^'`:Kyr Nlnar:`'^"+~=-,._
    "n rans Helara" - "Live Well Friend"
    "krnai Scar-lu" --- "krnai of Thirteen"
    Remember Kids: "Kyr" rhymes with fire...
    Sometimes your imagination inspires other people to use theirs.-Sir Hugh-
    posted 09-01-07 04:38 AM EDT (US)     23 / 90  
    Isn't that German? Or german influenced?

    And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
    posted 09-01-07 01:02 PM EDT (US)     24 / 90  
    With all honesty I try not to be influenced by other languages... And if it is German than it is just a coincidence...

    _.,-=~+"^'`:Kyr Nlnar:`'^"+~=-,._
    "n rans Helara" - "Live Well Friend"
    "krnai Scar-lu" --- "krnai of Thirteen"
    Remember Kids: "Kyr" rhymes with fire...
    Sometimes your imagination inspires other people to use theirs.-Sir Hugh-
    posted 09-01-07 02:18 PM EDT (US)     25 / 90  
    Just noticed the Copyright, did you register it?

    World in Conflict Heaven Cherub
    Battle For Middle-earth II Heaven Replay Reviewer and Ledgend

    Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness.
    Oh, I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life...
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