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A look at the RJ mod for RotWK

Morning all. You-know-who has made another set of videos, looking at the RJ mod for Return of the Witch King. Give Warbyd a quick look here.

Warbyd plays out a custom map for RotWK

Just a quick one from me today (I'm rushed off my feet) but a few videos from Warbyd, which you can see here.

More Warbyd analysis.

Warbyd is back with a detailed analysis of a 2v2 Buckland map. In it, he explains what he's doing and why- something that could be very useful to someone who needs a bit of a brush up on their tactics. Have a look!

Warbyd checks out the AI for the Special Extended Edition mod

A mod is all well and good, but you still have to play the game! As Warbyd says in his opening narration, he's been showing off units when he's been surprised by the AI, taking him by surprise. Thus, he's decided to see what a Brutal AI in the SEE mod can *really* do, and he's uploaded another video, this one an hour long, dedicated to seeing how well it plays. Worth a look.

Warbyd takes a look at the BFME2 Special Extended Editon Mod

Well, he's certainly quick with the videos this one. This time, Warbyd has a play through the popular mod BFME2 Special Extended Edition. This adds all sorts of things to the main game, but if you're unsure if it's for you, have a wee look in his second video thread here.

Videos and commentry

Someone who makes mysterious moving pictures called Warbyd has joined our forums, and is intending to show us videos of games he and his friends play complete with commentary.

Have a look here, there should be more in the coming weeks...

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