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BFME2 360 Community Summit

In summer 2005 EA LA held a Summit for The Battle for Middle Earth II, and three HeavenGames staff members were able to attend. From the pictures they took it looked like they had a blast, so when Aaron "APOC" Kaufman emailed me to see whether I would attend one for the new 360 version of the game, I jumped at the chance! The BFME2 360 Community Summit was held at the Microsoft Xbox campus in Redmond from June 7th to 9th. Eight of us attended, all from a variety of sites: gaming fansites, BFME2-specific fansites, 360 sites, and podcasting sites. We were the first people to get the chance to play this new game!

Group photo of Summit attendees
Attendees from left to right:
Jason Ferguson from
Matthew Gerlach, aka Mastaglach820 from Xbox Forums
Danny Pena, aka Godfree from Gamertag Radio
Raj Joshi from EA
Ameritz Lay from EA
Michael Halford, aka Coola from Xbox365
Chris Paladino from
Stephen Glicker from
Nathan Kramer, aka Arctic Aurora from GameReplays
Tony Hynes - Xbox Community PR Manager
Kester from BFME2H
Aaron Kaufman, aka APOC, from EA, in front

What follows are my impressions of the 360 version of BFME2, interviews with Louis Castle and Peter Moore, a description of the Summit, and a gallery of photographs. Click on one of the links to go directly to a section, or start below!

Breakdown of the Summit
Meet and Greet <-- start here!
Discussions with Peter Moore and Louis Castle
Tour of Xbox Live
Lunch at Microsoft
The Gaming Room
General Impressions of the Game
New Multiplayer Features
2v2 Tournament!
Final Evening

Photo Gallery

Interview with Louis Castle by Kester
Louis Castle - 7MB MP3
Peter Moore - 7MB MP3

Also check out coverage of the Summit from other attendees!
Gamertag Radio
   Episode #54 - Roundtable Discussion feat Chris & Coola
   Episode #55 - Peter Moore Q&A
   Episode #56 - Louis Castle "The History Of RTS Games"

Gaming Gaming Steve Episode 56

Xbox Forums: Questions from the community and & answers from the Summit

EA's Official 360 BFME2 Site