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Strategy Section

Coming soon - overviews, tips, and tricks. If you have a guide, please send to EnemyofJupitor or Blatant7.

Faction Overviews
Tip of the Week
Campaign Walkthroughs
Other Guides

Faction Overviews

Overviews of factions from a strategic perspective.

  • Men 1.06 by Blatant7
  • Elves 1.06 by Blatant7
  • Dwarves 1.06 by Blatant7
  • Mordor 1.06 by Catabre
  • Isengard 1.06 by Blatant7
  • Men 2.01 (ROTWK) by Nacht Jaeger
  • Strategies

    Guides focused on the winning of a skirmish, including rushes.

  • Fords of Isen II by algis1992
  • Tip of the Week

    Tips submitted by our forumers.

    Campaign Walkthroughs

    Guides focusing on guiding a player through the campaigns.

    Other Guides

    These guides don't fit into the above categories.

  • Cheap Elf Hero Rush (ROTWK) by Catabre
  • Cheap Troll Hero Rush (ROTWK) by Catabre
  • A Beginner's Guide to Effectively Using Heroes by Blatant7
  • A Look at Mini-Heroes by Smeagolfan24