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Battle for Middle Earth 2 Heaven Staff

Sir Hugh

Co-Seraph - Site Director
sirhugh15 at gmail dot com


Co-Seraph - Site Director
EoJup at hotmail dot uk dot co

Lady Arcola

Seraph - Lord of the Rings Lore, Fan Art and Fiction
arcola at heavengames dot com


Angel - Forum Moderator
atzy at heavengames dot com


Cherub - Forum Moderator
the.tminator at yahoo dot com


Thank you to the other HeavenGames staff members who have helped to make this site possible: Zen, Pecunia, Jayhawk, Spineman, Kester, EJay, Cassius Allanus, One Dead Angel, FD2, Bendak, Blood Phoenix, Aeneas 2, Foamy, Pulkit, and GillB!