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Men of the West Units

Resource Cost: first 2 free, 500 each additional
Command Points Required: none
Health: 500
Shortcut: L
This unit can create buildings and can extinguish fire. You always start out with two of these.
imageGondor Soldier
Resource Cost: 200 for 15
Command Points Required: 60
Levels: 1-5
Health: 200
Shortcut: D
Gondor Soldier is the main infantry of Men. They are fast, tough and cheap to create and they can be used in many situations especially during the early game. Their Shield Wall ability combined with Defensive stance can make a G.S battalion a very good defensive force.
imageGondor Tower Guard
Resource Cost: 350 for 15
Command Points Required: 60
Levels: 1-5
Health: 320
Shortcut: T
Tower Guards are Men's pikemen. They can be used at countering the enemy cavalry and Monsters (like Trolls). Usually Tower Guards are not the first units a MotW player create but there is an exception in the matches against Isengard. Their Porcupine formation is one of the best ways to defend or hold important locations like Outposts or Inns. Most MotW players are using them to protect Rangers or destroying enemy buildings.
imageGondor Archer
Resource Cost: 200 for 15
Command Points Required: 60
Levels: 1-5
Health: 100
Flame Damage: 32
Speed: 42
Shortcut: C
Gondor Archers are the starting archers of the MotW army. They are pretty weak and most MotW players do not use them. They prefer to update their Archery Range to level 2 and make Rangers.
imageGondor Knight
Resource Cost: 550
Command Points Required: 60
Levels: 1-5
Health: 600
Shortcut: K
Gondor Knights are the starting cavalry of the Men. Usually MotW players are updating their stables for the most advanced Rohirrim. They haven't many uses. Rarely some MoTW players use them for rush purposes.
imageIthilien Ranger
Resource Cost: 600
Command Points Required: 70
Levels: 1-5
Health: 300
Pierce Damage: 65
Flame Damage: 18
Attack Bonus against Monsters: 35%
Shortcut: R
Ithilien Rangers are available from a Level 2 Archery Range. They are the most powerful archers of MotW and they can wipe infantry battalions in seconds. They are invisible in wooded areas but their most powerful ability is their infamous longshot (available at Level 2) which can massively kill enemy troops from a long distance! When they are upgraded with fire arrows they are even more powerful. Their longshot ability combined with Boromir's horn is a super combo.
Resource Cost: 750
Command Points Required: 60
Levels: 1-5
Health: 450
Shortcut: R
Rohirrim are the elite cavalry of the game. They are excellent harassers, very good fighters, super fast units and they can even toggle their weapons from spear to bow! Plus if you use King Theoden's Glorious Charge ability they're becoming completely invisible as they are able to destroy even enemy Pikes. Rohirrim are the ultimate MotW unit!
Resource Cost: 700
Command Points Required: 25
Health: 2000
Speed: 37
Shortcut: R
Trebuchet is MoTW siege unit. It doesn't have many uses though. MotW players rarely use them to break the enemy's defense.

Descriptions by Revan