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Men of the West Fortress Upgrades

Resource Cost: 650
Shortcut: N
Allies near fortress gain +25% armor and earn experience 25% faster; Reduces hero cost by 10%; Reduces hero recruit time by 10%; Reduces the cost of builders by 20%.
imageHouse of Healing
Resource Cost: 800
Shortcut: G
Provides healing to nearby troops; Reduces hero revival cost and time by 20%.
imageIvory Tower
Resource Cost: 1200
Shortcut: V
Provides Palantir Vision Power; Increases fortress vision range.
imageBoiling Oil
Resource Cost: 1500
Shortcut: I
Pours boiling oil on attacking troops.
imageNumenor Stonework
Resource Cost: 1600
Shortcut: T
Increases fortress and wall armor; Prerequisite for Flaming Munitions.
imageFlaming Munitions
Resource Cost: 1500
Shortcut: F
Equips the towers with flaming arrows; Requires Stonework upgrade.