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Isengard Heroes

Resource Cost: 3000
Shortcut: S
Saruman the White lost his place as the leader of the Istari in the book The Two Towers. He urged the other Wizards not to challenge Sauron's growing power, and used the Palantír of Orthanc which weakened him and enslaved him to Sauron. By 2953 he turned Isengard into a dark generator of Uruk-hai, and he used them to fight in his attempt to defeat Rohan. When the Ents overthrew Isengard he was defeated and cast out of the Wizards by Gandalf. After the defeat, Fangorn the Ent let him go and he set out to wreak destruction in the Shire. Saruman was defeated on Frodo's return and finally slain in 3019 by Gríma Wormtongue.
Saruman's Levels and Powers
Power Required Level Shortcut Duration Recharge
Wizard Blast - Blasts nearby enemies into the air 1 W Instant 30 seconds
Fireball - Sends a fireball which does 400% damage to the target and 300% damage to the Nazgul, the Witch-king and the Giant Eagles 2 R Instant 60 seconds
Speech Craft - Targeted allies gain 50 experience points 5 C Instant 120 seconds
Dominate - Takes control of enemy units 8 N 30 seconds 1.2 seconds
Thunderbolt - Delivers a large amount of damage 10 T Instant 120 seconds

Resource Cost: 800
Shortcut: W
Wormtongue, aka Gríma, was chief advisor to King Théoden of Rohan, while also being secretly in the employ of Saruman. He gave Saruman information about Rohan and slowly enfeebled Théoden, in the expectation that Éowyn would become his. Wormtongue fled Rohan after Gandalf restored Théoden to his full senses. He went to Saruman in Isengard, finally following his master to the Shire, where he slit his throat. Wormtongue was killed by the Hobbits in 3019 of the Third Age.
Wormtongue's Levels and Powers
Power Required Level Shortcut Duration Recharge
Venomous Words - Removes leadership bonuses from targeted enemies for 30 seconds; also affects heroes 1 V 30 seconds 90 seconds
Escape - Allows him to become stealthed for 15 seconds to escape attack 3 C 40 seconds 150 seconds
Backstab - Delivers a high-damage melee attack to selected target; victim units are also poisoned for 20 seconds 6 T 20 seconds 60 seconds
Corrode Allegiance - Gains control of any targeted hero for 30 seconds 10 R 30 seconds 180 seconds

Resource Cost: 1200
IShortcut: L
Lurtz, a character from the film version of The Lord of the Rings, was one of the Uruk-Hai created by Saruman in Isengard. He had the "White Hand of Saruman" on his forehead, and led his fellow Uruk-Hai as they pursued the members of the Fellowship of the Ring.
Lurtz's Levels and Powers
Power Required Level Shortcut Duration Recharge
Toggle Weapon - Switch between melee and ranged weapons 1 T Instant 2 seconds
Carnage - +10% armor and +200% damage 2 R 15 seconds 130 seconds
Cripple - Targets a hero for 30 seconds and holds him in place 4 C 30 seconds 30 seconds
Leadership - Nearby units gain +50% armor boost and damage output; doubles their experience gain rate 5 Instant Passive ability
Pillage - He and nearby allies gain resources for each kill 6 Instant Passive ability

Resource Cost: 1200
Health: 3000
Shortcut: K
Sharku's Levels and Powers
Power Required Level Shortcut Duration Recharge
Tame the Beast - Allows Sharku to control any wargs within his reach for 30 seconds 2 T 60 seconds 120 seconds
Blood Hunt - Nearby warg units gain a leadership boost and a +50% boost to armor and damage output 4 Instant Passive ability
Man Eater - An attack on an infantry battalion; his warg eats them, his health is restored, and he gains a 20 second boost 8 R 20 seconds 60 seconds