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Isengard Fortress Upgrades

imageMurder of Crows
Resource Cost: 500
Shortcut: C
Increases the vision range of the fortress and provides stealth detection.
imageBurning Forges
Resource Cost: 750
Shortcut: N
Reduces the cost of unit upgrades.
Resource Cost: 750
Shortcut: X
Reduces the cost of Isengard structures and walls.
imageOrcfire Munitions
Resource Cost: 1500
Shortcut: F
Arms defensive towers with fire arrows.
imageIron Plating
Resource Cost: 1600
Shortcut: I
Increases fortress and wall armor; pre-requisite to Wizard's Tower.
imageWizard's Tower
Resource Cost: 1000
Shortcut: W
Requires the Iron Plating upgrade; The Wizard's Tower can shoot several lightning bolts at an area surrounding the fortress.