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Goblin Units

Resource Cost: first 2 free, 500 each additional
Command Points Required: none
This unit can create buildings and can extinguish fire. You always start out with two of these.
imageGoblin Warriors
Resource Cost: 75
Health: 50
Command Points Required: 40
Goblin Warriors are strong against pikemen.
imageGoblin Archers
Resource Cost: 350
Command Points Required: 60
Goblin Archers are strong against swordsmen.
Resource Cost: 300
Command Points Required: 60
Spiderlings are strong against swordsmen.
imageGoblin Spider Riders
Resource Cost: 600
Health: 700
Command Points Required: 60
Available from a Level 2 Spider Pit, the Goblin Spider Riders can switch between bow and spear. They are strong against archers.
imageHalf-Troll Marauders
Resource Cost: 450
Command Points Required: 64
Half-Troll Marauders are strong against cavalry.
imageCave Troll
Resource Cost: 500 each
Command Points Required: 25
Available from a Level 2 Fissure, Cave Trolls are strong against swordsmen and structures.
imageMountain Giant
Resource Cost: 1300 each
Command Points Required: 75
Available from a Level 3 Fissure, Mountain Giants are strong against swordsmen and structures.
imageFire Drake
Resource Cost: 2000 each
Command Points Required: 50
Fire Drakes begin at Level 5. Dragon's Nest Monument is required before Fortress Fire Drakes can be purchased, but they begin at Level 10.