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Goblin Heroes

Resource Cost: 2000
Health: 4000
Command Points Required: 50
Shelob was a malevolent spider living in the mountains of Mordor. Frodo, Sam and Gollum passed her way on their quest to Mount Doom, Gollum with the idea of allowing Shelob to kill Frodo and then later take the Ring for himself. Shelob stung Frodo, who fell into a coma. Sam battled the creature, who was injured on Frodo's sword as she tried to crush him. Sam took the Ring and left Frodo for dead. Orcs came upon Frodo and Sam realized that the Ring Bearer was only in a deep sleep, not dead.
Shelob's Levels and Powers
Power Required Level Shortcut Duration Recharge
Instill Terror - Causes fear in nearby enemies 3 I Instant 60 seconds
Poisoned Stinger - Poisons the enemy causing damage over time 6 R Instant 60 seconds
Tunnel - Allows Shelob to tunnel under the ground and emerge at any unshrouded location 10 T Instant 90 seconds

imageGorkil the Goblin King
Resource Cost: 1100
Health: 2200
Command Points Required: 20
The Goblin King's character is introduced in the game. He has a scorpion that he rides, and can summon fire drakes.
Gorkil's Levels and Powers
Power Required Level Shortcut Duration Recharge
Skull Totem - Places a skull totem which will remain on the map until destroyed; Reveals the nearby shroud and detects stealth 2 T Until destroyed 120 seconds
Mount/Dismount - Mount and dismount his scorpion 3 M Instant 2 seconds
Battle Frenzy - Targeted units gain +50% damage, +50% armor and earn experience twice as fast; Does not stack 4 Y Instant Passive ability
Poisoned Stinger - Targeted enemy becomes stunned and takes damage over time; Can only use when mounted 6 R 30 seconds 60 seconds
Call from the Deep - Summons 3 Fire Drakes under the caster's control 7 C 90 seconds 180 seconds

imageDrogoth the Dragon Lord
Resource Cost: 5000
Command Points Required: 100
This formidable hero can breathe fire or send fireballs hurling at the enemy.
Drogoth's Levels and Powers
Power Required Level Shortcut Duration Recharge
Fireball - Sends a fireball at selected target 1 R Instant 60 seconds
Wing Blast - Shoots a shockwave of force below him, causing meta damage to enemies 3 W 20 seconds 90 seconds
Fire Flight - Sends a fiery dragon missile at selected target 6 T Instant 120 Seconds
Incinerate - Breathes fire over a selected area 10 C Instant 120 seconds