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Elven Fortress Upgrades

imageEnchanted Anvil
Resource Cost: 500
Shortcut: N
Reduces the cost of unit upgrades by 10% each.
imageEncasing Vines
Resource Cost: 1600
Shortcut: V
This upgrade strengthens the walls of the fortress so it can withstand a siege longer. It is also a prerequisite to the Eagle's Nest upgrade.
imageMystic Fountains
Resource Cost: 750
Shortcut: M
Provides healing to nearby troops.
imageBlessed Mist
Resource Cost: 1000
Shortcut: T
Creates a mist which camouflages nearby troops.
imageCrystal Moat
Resource Cost: 1000
Shortcut: M
Creates a moat around the fortress which greatly reduces damage from melee attacks.
imageEagle's Nest
Resource Cost: 2000
Shortcut: C
After creating the Eagle's Nest, a Giant Eagle can be recruited. Encasing Vines are a prerequisite.