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Elven Buildings

These buildings are all built by the Elven Builder.

imageMallorn Tree
Resource Cost: 300
Health: 940
Shortcut: R
Generates resources based on available terrain; Increases command point limit by 50.
imageElven Barracks
Resource Cost: 400
Health: 3000
Shortcut: C
Trains Elven infantry units: Lorien Warriors, Lorien Archers, Mithlond Sentries, and Mirkwood Archers (at level 2).
imageGreen Pasture
Resource Cost: 600
Health: 3000
Shortcut: A
Trains Rivendell Lancers, the cavalry of the Elves.
imageEnt Moot
Resource Cost: 700
Health: 6000
Shortcut: M
Recruits Ents for battle and the Hero Treebeard.
imageHeroic Statue
Resource Cost: 350
Health: 1000
Shortcut: I
Nearby units receive an increase to their armor's defenses and in their damage output; Increases Command Point limit by 10.
imageBattle Tower
Resource Cost: 400
Health: 1050
Shortcut: L
A defensive tower that can be garrisoned with Elven archers.
imageMirror of Galadriel
Resource Cost: 300
Health: 1000
Shortcut: D
Heals nearby troops.
imageEregion Forge
Resource Cost: 1000
Health: 3000
Shortcut: G
Allows the research of Elven troop upgrades: Elven Armor, Forged Blades, and Silverthorne Arrows.
imageWall Hub
Resource Cost: 900
Health: 1500
Shortcut: W
Allows the expansion of walls.
Resource Cost: 5000
Health: 7500
Shortcut: F
Recruits builders and heroes; Can be upgraded with expansions and improvements.

Pictures by Maximus Decimus