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Units of the Dwarves

Cost: first 2 free, 500 each additional
Hotkey: L
This unit can create buildings and can extinguish fire. You always start out with two of these.
Cost: 300
Command Points Required: 70
Damage: 80
Health: 300
Levels: 1-5
Hotkey: G
Guardians are the basic infantrymen of the Dwarves. They carry huge axes into battle and are the strongest basic infantry unit in the game. They have a special charge ability when they have reached level 2. They storm in on enemy troops with meta impact and it gives them 50% extra attack and 50% extra defence. Their drawback is their slow speed.
Cost: 350
Command Points Required: 60
Damage: 60
Health: 325
Levels: 1-5
Hotkey: P
Phalanxes are the pikemen of the Dwarves. They are heavily armored and stand a good chance versus enemy cavalry and monsters like Trolls. They can use the porcipine formation, which is a protective circle.
Cost: 1500
Command Points Required: 120
Damage: 200
Health: 1000
Levels: 1-10
Hotkey: D

The surprisingly quick Zealots are a good addition to the Dwarven lineup. Or rather, they would be, but their weakness to arrows and low number of soldiers in a unit lessen their usefulness on the battlefield by a significant amount. Their Axe Throw and Beserker Frenzy abilities help, but don't quite make up for it.

N.B. Zealots are only available in the Rise of the Witch-King expansion pack, not in the original BFME2 game.
imageAxe Throwers
Cost: 250
Command Points Required: 60
Damage: 75
Health: 140
Levels: 1-5
Hotkey: X
Axe Throwers are the main ranged unit from the Dwarves. They don't have a great range but they do tremendous damage versus units and buildings, and especially Ents of course. They are best used from a short distance.
imageMen of Dale
Cost: 500
Command Points Required: 72
Damage: 75
Health: 250
Levels: 1-5
Hotkey: L
Men of Dale are archers from the streets of Dale, a city of Men near Erebor. They can be equipped with the Flaming Arrows upgrade, which is a must when dealing with the many monsters you can encounter in BFME2. They have a special ability called 'Black Arrows' which deals triple damage and causes fear to the enemy.
imageBattle Wagon
Cost: 400
Command Points Required: 40
Damage: 300
Health: 3000
Levels: 1-5
Hotkey: W
This chariot is driven by a Dwarf. It functions as a cavalry unit, and can trample units just like Rohirrim do. The Battle Wagon can be upgraded with various attachments, including Men of Dale, Axe Throwers, a Banner Carrier or a Hearth.
Cost: 600
Command Points Required: 25
Damage: 1000
Health: 4000
Levels: 1-5
Hotkey: R
The Demolisher is a new sort of ram developed by the Dwarves. It does tremendous damage to buildings and can deploy itself, increasing its armor but making it immobile.
Cost: 800
Command Points Required: 25
Damage: 300
Health: 2000
Levels: 1-5
Hotkey: C
This slow catapult differs a lot from the already known Isengard Ballista, trebuchet and the Mordor catapult. It fires two shots at once, and can be upgraded with flaming munition. Also, it can be equipped with barrels which explode on the battlefield.