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Dwarven Fortress Upgrades

Resource Cost: 500
Shortcut: N
Reduces the cost and time for gaining units and grants an experience bonus to nearby units.
imageOil Casks
Resource Cost: 1500
Shortcut: I
Dwarves will drop oil casks over the sides of your fortress, and ignite them.
imageMasterwork Munitions
Resource Cost: 1500
Shortcut: M
Upgrades fortress catapults with flaming projectiles and increases the damage done by the fortress axe towers.
imageSiege Kegs
Resource Cost: 1000
Shortcut: K
Heals troops in Dwarven Halls.
imageDwarven Stonework
Resource Cost: 2000
Shortcut: T
This upgrade strengthens the walls of the fortress so it can withstand an attack longer. Prerequisite to the Mighty Catapult.
imageMighty Catapult
Resource Cost: 2500
FShortcut: C
Throws flaming boulders at the enemy.