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Dwarven Buildings

These buildings are all built by the Dwarf Builder.

imageMine Shaft
Resource Cost: 300
Shortcut: T
Generates resources based on available terrain; Provides access to the tunnel network; Increases command point limit by 50.
imageHall of Warriors
Resource Cost: 400
Shortcut: R
Trains Guardians and Phalanxes; Researches Banner Carrier upgrade.
imageArchery Range
Resource Cost: 350
Shortcut: Y
Trains Axe Throwers and Men of Dale; Researches fire arrows upgrade at Level 3.
imageForge Works
Resource Cost: 500
Shortcut: G
Constructs battlewagons, demolishers, and catapults; Researches Dwarven unit upgrades.
imageBattle Tower
Resource Cost: 450
Shortcut: L
Fires axes at nearby enemy units; Can be garrisoned with ranged units for increased damage output.
Resource Cost: 300
Shortcut: A
Nearby allies will heal if not under attack.
imageHeroic Statue
Resource Cost: 300
Shortcut: I
Allies near the Statue gain +50% damage, +50% armor, and earn experience twice as fast; Reduces the cost of infantry; Increases command point limit by 10.
imageWall Hub
Resource Cost: 120
Shortcut: W
Allows the construction of walls.
Resource Cost: 5000
Shortcut: F
Recruits builders and heroes; Can be upgraded with expansions and improvements.