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Angmar Fortress Upgrades

imageFlames of Darkness
Resource Cost: 500
Shortcut: F
Provides additional experience to nearby troops; Reduces hero cost and recruit time by 10%; Reduces the cost of builders by 20%.
imageSpike Moat
Resource Cost: 1000
Shortcut: P
Damages enemy units adjacent to the fortress.
imageIce Munitions
Resource Cost: 1500
Shortcut: M
Adds frost damage to all attached towers and stone throwers.
imageHouse of Lamentation
Resource Cost: 1000
Shortcut: L
Reduces armor and damage of hostile units around the fortress.
imageIce Walls
Resource Cost: 2000
Shortcut: W
Provides additional armor to the fortress and walls; Prerequisite for the Witch-king's Sanctum.
imageWitch-king's Sanctum
Resource Cost: 2500
Shortcut: C
Constructs the Witch-king's Sanctum and Winter's Wrath, which launches chunks of ice.