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Angmar Buildings

These buildings are all built by the Angmar Builder.

Resource Cost: 300
Shortcut: M
Generates resources based on available terrain; Increases command point limit by 50.
imageHall of the King's Men
Resource Cost: 400
Health: 3000
Shortcut: K
Trains Thrall Masters, Black Numenoreans and Dark Rangers.
imageTroll and Wolf Den
Resource Cost: 450
Health: 1500
Shortcut: D
Trains Dire Wolves, Snow and Hill Trolls.
imageTemple of Twilight
Resource Cost: 600
Health: 3000
Shortcut: L
Recruit and upgrade Angmar sorcerers.
imageDark Iron Forge
Resource Cost: 600
Health: 3000
Shortcut: I
Provides siege units and unit upgrades.
imageBattle Tower
Resource Cost: 500
Health: 3000
Shortcut: T
Fires arrows at nearby enemy units.
imageWall Hub
Resource Cost: 200
Shortcut: W
Allows the construction of walls.
Resource Cost: 5000
Health: 7500
Shortcut: F
Recruits builders and heroes.