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ROTWK Map: Yes
Number of Players: 1
One Ring: No
AI: Yes
Dwarrowdelf map started as an extension of the first mission map from BFME campaign (Moria) and ended as a huge modification project that took me about 1500 hours to do (no kidding !).

The action follows The Fellowship of the Ring from The Council of Elrond, through all the beautiful places of middle earth and finishes on the shores of Anduin with the departure of The Fellowship from Lothlorien.

There are 3 ways you can achieve this, the book-like way - through the mines of Moria, but you can also pass Charadras or The Gap of Rohan (through Isengard and then Fangorn).

After you reach the city of Caras Galadhon you can finish the map victoriuos or you can play the bonus missions.

This map could get a little bit lagy because i recommend you to play it on ultra high level of details and it's dimensions are huge (biggest possible), and also because when i made it i wanted huge epic battles, with lots of enemy units, so... that's what i did.

This being said, enjoy !

regards, seemann


As some friends reported me a bug in the intro cinematic i have made some small modifications. The downloadable file is the new version.
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File Author
anyone cares to venture a review?
File Author
Hey guys, i have just finished a trailer for this map. See it here:
or here:
File Author
Duke what would you have liked to see more so you could give it 5 to the review? I am asking cause i am still working to improve it.
Also i am curious, have you finished it in all 3 scenarios? Did you play the bonus missions?
Duke Of Gondor The 4.5 for playability is because the map would be more exiting (not that it isn't exiting already) if there were some more battles along the roads (for example Caradhas has only 2 Snow Trolls). The 4.5 for Map Design and Creativity is because of Isengard. I think it's just too small and another water texture would fit more. Still, it's a great map :) I finished all three roads and tried the Lorien Bonus Mission.
File Author
For a bigger Isengard i didn't have the place :). If you noticed the map's dimensions are the biggest and there are no unfilled places left .. every spot is occupied. I wanted so bad to make more room for Rivendell but as you could see i only had space for half of it.
About the water - i know, i am working on that, it will be better when i finish.
Here's a thing i bet you didn't know: If you get to Lothlorien by Caradhras or Isengard you can still go back inside Moria and release the Balrog. Only this time you will fight him for real! (but you will have Galadriel and the other elven units).

Btw have you met any bugs? this would really help.
snuper1234 Perfect .. Just perfect.
I loved the idea that u can choose Elrond in Rivendell and use the skill "Rivendell story".
Best map i played so far.
File Author
TY, i am still working on it. But the changes will be mainly cosmetic ... no big differences in the action. I could really use some bug reports from you guys
File Author
TY Kahmu.
About originality - the map started as an expansion of bfme 1 first mission so i don't mind it looking bfme 1 like. In fact this is what i wanted - to recapture the feel from that map(cause playing that i fell in love with lotr).
About the little mistakes ... i am still working on some small changes but only cosmetic ones - the action and battles won't be affected. And i will make a small change to Caradhras as you are not the only one to ask this. I will make a small group of mountain giants
Khamul777 well Mines of Moria map is very exciting. it was a great job. if you wanted to do a very extensive expansion you should have used 1 map for the 3 paths and moria, other map for amon hen and stuff like a little campaing.
1.- you save the stress of waiting for the fans lol
2.- is a bit easier deal with bugs
3.-fans are waiting for the next map like OMG I WANT THE NEXT MAP

consider that for further campaing-maps.
it makes job easier and cooler ;)
Khamul777 Seeman are you the seeman of yore? i had a friend from the3rdage forums or mevault or here... i dont remember but are you that seeman? it would be great to salute an old friend hehe
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