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Monster and Banner Regen Mod

Author File Description
Troll Buddy
File Details
Code Modification: Yes
Monster & Banner Regen Mod by Troll Buddy:

-Mountain Troll, Drummer Troll, Attack Troll, Mumakil, Cave Troll, Mountain Giant, Fire Drake, Berserker and Ent now auto-heal.

-All hordes gain auto-heal ability with Banner Carriers/level 2 rank (like Elves).

To my great disappointment, I noticed that EA left out in BFME2 the auto-heal that monsters got when they attained a level 2 rank in the original. Great units such as Attack Trolls and the new Mountain Giants just seemed too 'disposable'. This mod corrects that. Also, I added the auto-heal to Berserkers and Ents.

In general, BFME 2 is a real 'Meat Grinder' RTS - constant losing and churning out units. Hordes/Battalions of units seem especially weak in BFME 2 compared to Heroes or Monsters . If you are like me and are sick of constantly looking at yellow or red health bars, especially when using the evil sides, then this mod is for you. If you have a squad that can auto-heal, then there is a real incentive to micro-manage it. This mod really does not add anything new or ground breaking; I made it for myself and decided to share it in case others might be interested.


1. Monsters start with auto-heal at level 1. All Hordes gain auto-heal with the Banner Carrier upgrade/level 2 rank.

2. The auto-heal kicks in only when not in battle. You'll notice that Hordes with Heavy Armor heal much slower.

3. Wild Monsters or Siege Weapons do not auto-heal.

4. This mod includes my previous mod 'Monster Regen Mod' and now includes Banner Carrier auto-healing.


In your \Program files\Electronic Arts\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II directory make a folder titled BACKUP. Cut and paste the file 'ini.big' into that folder.

After unzipping this download, paste 'Monster & Banner Regen.big' file in its place (into the above directory).


Delete 'Monster & Banner Regen.big' and paste ini.big from the BACKUP folder you made back into your main game directory.

Hope this enhances your BFME2 experience!
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jbv3737 if you look in the bfme2 ini.file, u can see how the elfs auto heal at rank 2, so u can change the monsters auto heal to rank 2. only of u want, you need a
; add module or replace if u are changing the a maps ini.file.which ur arnt lol.
Addmodule (Or Replacemodule moduletag_*name*)
Behavior = AutoHealBehavior
StartsActive = Yes
HealingDelay = 1000
StartHealingDelay = 30000;MONSTER_HEAL_DELAY
HealOnlyIfNotInCombat = Yes
TriggeredBy = Upgrade_LegolasKnifeFighter;(Then anupgrade u grant them at a level.)
End ; for the add module or replace module.

If You dont know how to grant an upgrade do somthing like this

ExperienceLevel NameLevel2
TargetNames = name
RequiredExperience = EOMER_LVL2_EXP_NEEDED
ExperienceAward = EOMER_LVL2_EXP_AWARD
AttributeModifiers = HeroLevelUpDamage1
Rank = 2
LevelUpFx = FX:GandalfLevelUp1FX
;LevelUpOCL = OCL_GandalfLevelUp1OCL
Upgrades = Upgrade_LegolasKnifeFighter
Texture = decal_hero_good
OpacityMin = 50%
OpacityMax = 100%
MinRadius = 40 ;16
MaxRadius = 200 ;16
MaxSelectedUnits = 40 ;1

This should work to make the auto heal, heal at difrent levels, im pritty sure u can make a better auto heal with bfme2, like heals 10 ever 1 sec at level 1, and heals hmm 100 every second at rank 10 lol... maybe to insane but thats what i am about.

[Edited on 03/26/06 @ 02:06 AM]

marksman19 will this mod work for ROTWK

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