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BFME Patch 2.1

Author File Description
Lord Of Chaos201
File Details
ROTWK Modification: No
Code Modification: Yes
This is a patch i came up a pone from the net and thought is was worth being shared.
It was not created by me but by the professionals of patch 1.6 and they have redeemed there former efforts.

//// Battletest2 "Director's Cut" for Battle for Middle-Earth2 (version 2.0)

- To install it, make sure you first delete any former version (eg.: _BT2DC-v1.7.big) from your main BfME2 installation folder - generally C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II - , then simply unpack the .zip file to this same folder.

- To uninstall, rename the extension (not the main name, won't work) or move away the _BT2DC-v2.0.big file.

- Have fun, and report all bugs and exploits you find at www.gamereplays.org, BfME2 general discussion forum, BT2:DC subforum.
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snapperfish101 Does anyone know what this patch does?
I would be interested to know what it did - it would certainly help if you put it in the description!
Lord Of Chaos201
File Author
Battletest2 DC Changelog
Version 2.1 - 08/25/07

Changes from previous Version (2.0):

*- Interface Improvement: All fortress upgrades and hero recruit/revival buttons are now available in the palantir as well
*- Gandalf Istari light weapon bonus vs heroes no longer affect summoned units like the Balrog
*- Non-hero Hobbits arrow dodge rate removed
*- Hobbit summon power recharge now 6m30s (was 5m)
*- Mordor Barricade power recharge now 5m (was 4m)
*- Freezing Rain no longer debuffs heroes, just disable their leadership
*- Fire Drake now takes 25% from crush (was 100%), and 5% from magic (was 20%), shockwave resistance now 74 (was 1), revival time 45s (was 30s)
*- Ent summon duration reduced to 1m30s (was 2m), now summon two ents (was three)
*- Elven Warrior cost now 400 (was 350), health 220 (was 350)
*- Mirkwood no longer has a minimum attack range while contained (garrisoned)
*- Rain of Fire damage reduced by 35% against fortresses
*- Wildmen base weapon now deal +10% damage to resource buildings, and +20% to defensive towers
*- Balrog ignited whip now only one-shots an unleveled full-health Drogoth
*- Mordor and Isengard battering rams now take 15% from flame (was 30%) and 10% from structural (was 25%)
*- Isengard Explosive Mine now takes 1% from pierce and cavalry-ranged (was 25%), 15% from siege and logical-fire (was 100%) and 1% from structural (was 10%)
*- Isengard Siege Works level 3 upgrade cost 500 (was 1000) and time 40s (was 60s)
*- Isengard Mine Launcher expansion weapon no longer hurts allies

*- All heroes now properly damage the warg sentry structure
*- Lurtz carnage no longer damages friendly units
*- Sharku and Shelob attacks no longer damages friendly units
*- Fire Drake now has a proper hero icon, level stars no longer displayed
*- Fixed summoned ents being able to attack before summoning animation completes
*- Haradrim Archers (12), Lurtz (330), Shelob (600) and MotW Fortress (1250) bounty value - cash reward for being killed - fixed
*- Multiple heroes attack animation and damage dealing synchronized


2.0 Changes (from 1.7) - 08/14/07

*- Freezing Rain now cancels High Level leadership on top of the -25% armor -25% damage debuff to all enemy units; doesn't affect hero abilities
*- All artillery weapons (except for Trolls' ranged weapons) now have a 17% longer range
*- All swordsmen crush revenge now slash, Lorien Warriors and Uruk-hai crush revenge damage 40 (from 10), Gondor Soldier and Elven Warrior 60 (from 20)
*- Inn Corsairs cost 250 (was 200), starting level 2 (was 3)
*- Hobbit speed reduced from 62 to 54, health 160 (was 200), -30% attack penalty vs unit production buildings.
*- Elven Warrior commandpoint cost 60 (from 40), buildtime 47s (was 40s)
*- Balrog summon explosion now deals 100% damage on center (60% radius) and 60% damage on perimeter
*- Wildmen torch weapon flame damage now 40 (was 60), 8 vs cavalry

*- Gloin level 10 Shatterhammer area of effect radius 210 (from 250), recharge time now 2m45s (from 2m).
*- Battlewagon Men of Dale weapon now has a -10% damage penalty vs Cave Trolls.
*- Dwarven Guardian now takes 67/37% damage from poison (was 60/30%)

*- Gondor Soldier Banner Carrier upgrade cost now 350 (was 400)
*- Faramir bow pre-attack delay now 350 ms (from 1170 ms), wounding arrow recharge time now 35s (from 40s)
- Gandalf Wizard Blast bonus against infantry +50% (was +150%); Istari light damage 30% weaker against fliers, 50% higher against ground heroes, and no more damage bonus against Faramir, Legolas, King Dain, Mouth of Sauron, WormTongue and Shelob
*- Ivory Tower recharge time now 5m15s (from 6m)
*- Ent melee and ranged weapons damage reduced by 25% against forts, now takes 33% damage from siege (was 100%), population cost now 30 (was 50)
*- Summoned Rangers now have the longshot ability available
*- Marketplace cost 500 (was 1500), Grand Harvest production bonus +15% (was +10%), Iron Ore reduces heavy armor and forged blades upgrade costs by 33% (was 25%).

*- Sunflare recharge time 11m (from 12m)
*- Mithlond Sentry now takes 45% from poison unarmored (was 50%), buildtime 40s (was 42s).
*- Mirkwoods pierce damage reduced by 20% vs all non-hero cavalry units, now have a 60-unit radius minimum attack range
*- Legolas knife fighter now gives +50% armor (was +20%).
*- Arwen damage penalty vs buildings -20% (was -30%).
*- Haldir Golden arrow damage halved vs air units, recharge increased to 2m30s (from 1m30s)
*- Thranduil bow attacks can no longer be dodged
*- Giant Eagle plow attack now 40% weaker vs heroes

*- Saruman wizard blast damage reduced to 650 from 750 (originally 500), health 2400 (was 2000), lightnight bolt bonus vs heroes reduced to 2.5x damage (was 3.5x)
*- Crossbowmen base armor now takes 77% (was 85%) from pierce, 45% (was 50%) from poison, unupgraded weapon now has a +25% damage bonus against fellbeasts
*- Isengard summon dragon +75% damage scalar vs heros
*- Warg sentry cost 400 (was 350), comes with two wargs (only one can be unleashed/rebuilt) and wargs now uses the trample attack much more often
*- Uruk warrior unarmored now takes 105% (was 110%) from poison damage
*- Wormtongue venemous words recharge now 1m50s (was 1m30s)

*- Orc Archer unupgraded weapon damage bonus vs Uruks reduced to 20% (was 40%)
*- Nazgul now has a -25% damage penalty to structures, and takes 90% damage from structural (was 100%)
*- Mountain troll rock damage reduced by 20% vs structures, 13% (was 15%) from slash, 30% (was 50%) from cavalry, and 43% (was 50%) from structural, 50% (was 55%) from pierce
*- Soldier of Rhun now takes 175/45% (was 100/25%) from Uruk type dmg.
*- Fellbeast health 7000 (from 6000), plow damage against structures 500 (from 375)
*- Witchking on Fellbeast plow damage against structures 500 (from 375)
*- Corsairs now takes 85% (was 75%) from crush and cavalry, price decrease bonus from multiple taverns reduced (minimum cost now 300 instead of 240)
*- Barrow Wight now drains 35% health from the damage dealt (was 50%)

*- Fissure tier3 upgrade cost now 1000 (from 1500), buildtime now 40s (from 35s)
*- Shelob now takes 10% from pierce (was 15%), Stinger poison now deals 200 damage along 30s (was 300 damage / 30s). Total damage 6000 from 9000.
*- Goblin Warrior horde experience award reduced by 25%
*- Goblin cave health 1900 (was 1500)
*- Goblin King Stinger poison now deals 80 damage along 25s (was 100 damage / 30s). Total damage 2000 from 3000.
*- Cave Troll now takes 18% (was 25%) from cavalry ranged, 49% (was 52%) from pierce and 90% (was 100%) vs flame/magic
*- Fire Drake can no longer trample, crush revenge damage now 250 specialist (only trample-able by Mumakil still)

*- Fissure level2 upgrade buildtime now properly 20s (from 30s)
*- Isengard Furnaces now properly have the population bonuses on levels 2 and 3
*- Crossbows firing-lag bug vs fast moving units fixed
*- Fixed bug with Mirkwood and Lancers horde healing, now properly 3 health per 2s pulse (instead of 10 health)
*- Mordor Fortress repair rate fixed
*- Spider Riders venom sword friendly damage fixed
*- Warg Sentry and Dwarven Lone Tower no longer has to be destroyed for victory
*- Freezing Rain FX fixed
*- Fire Drake default attack not being usable on maximum range fixed

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