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Downloads Home » Player Created Maps » The Siege of the Fellowship - The Elven Isle

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The Siege of the Fellowship - The Elven Isle

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Map: Yes
Number of Players: 2
One Ring: No
AI: No
The Siege of the Fellowship - The Elven Isle is the first of several maps in The Siege of the Fellowship map series.

Background Info: Legolas has gone to the Elven Isle to seek help from Elrond. Saruman has heard this and is attempting to kill Legolas before he can reunite with the rest of the Fellowship.

The map is pretty straight forward. You shouldn't have any trouble. The main objective is to just wait/survive long enough to win.

Hint: There are a few bombs in the last 2 waves, use them to your advantage.

Tip: If you find the beginning army is to hard, notice that Elrond is level 7.

!!!NOTE!!! This map has a map.str file. If your World Builder hates you like mine hates me and won't open a map with a map.str file, just move the map.str file to someplace you can find it (i.e. your desktop). Open World Builder, Save the map, and then move the map.str file into the folder you saved the map in.

Next Map: The Siege of the Fellowship - The Capture of Isengard

Please comment, let me know what you think! And Finally... ENJOY!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Of Chaos201
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4.5
(Insert Playability analysis here)
My game keeps freezing but im not sure if thats just because theres so many enermys!!!
Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)
I love the fact thats its so difficult to win it makes this so interesting, but i would realy like it if you could build units intime before the attack
Creativity: 4.5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)
not much at all you only realy get attaced by one type of enermy factor
Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)
the map design is crazy but for a first its not bad
Story/Instructions: 4.5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)
Very good story idea it makes you think
Additional Comments:
This is the most difficult of maps to play thats y i absolutely love it its a real test of strategy and wit. the only part of the game i dont like is the end where theres still more to kill before you win

[Edited on 09/02/10 @ 12:40 PM]

File Author
I am gald that you enjoyed the map and thank you for leaving your comments.

Try playing the map on a lower graphic setting. I think mine is on medium maybe low...

about building units in time before the attack... im not sure if you mean the beginning battle or the second battle. yeah there is only 1 minute before the first attack starts. but I always use Elrond's Tornado, it whiped out almost all of the first army.

The second army you have 6 minutes and 30 seconds before the attack. I mannaged to make a decent amount of troops before a major attack... The first wave was fairly easy.

for the fact that there weren't many types of enemies. THat is what the story allowed. But as the story continues, It will allow several different types.

And srry that I made you wait to win at the end. I thought it would add the allusion that you give the Heros time to escape.

Again, thank you for your comments and I hope you will enjoy the next maps in the series.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(finaly a more dificult map)

Balance: 5
(the heve numbers but we have whirlwind)

Creativity: 5
(the first map that i have played more then 10 timmes)

Map Design: 5
(just great)

Story/Instructions: 5
(no Story/Instruction needed you now what to do)

Additional Comments:
just great

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Map Design4.5
Favorites: [Who?]1
Size:144.41 KB